Song Legends? {Episode 8} - All You Need Is Love (The Beatles)

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I thought I'd do a mediocre song for a change, hence the question mark. "All You Need Is Love" is a Beatles' single from 1967. It was later released on Magical Mystery Tour.

Ehhhhh. It starts off very good with lyrics which remind me of Strawberry Fields as I think they are very deep and metaphorical which I like. But then you have the chorus which really annoys me like most Beatles' songs about love do nowadays. It's one of those 60s pop "flower power" "LOVE CAN MAKE EVERYTHING BETTER" songs which are so f*cking naïve and honestly I'm growing to really hate them. The world needs more love yes, but love isn't "all you need". Also there isn't a very good connection between verse and chorus, if any. I don't like these lyrics but I do like the verses so I guess I'll give it a 5.

I like the brass orchestral type thing in this song a lot and it's got a surprisingly complex beat with surprisingly complex changes. Copied off Wikipedia:
" The main verse pattern contains a total of 29 beats, split into two 7,4 measures, a single bar of 8,4, followed by a one bar return of 7,4 before repeating the pattern. The chorus, however, maintains a steady 4,4 beat with the exception of the last bar of 6,4 (on the lyric "love is all you need"). "
Hats off to the Beatles, they did like experimenting. Unfortunately the average music listener wouldn't notice that and the complexity of the song slips under the radar a bit.

The vocals are alright I suppose, I find them a bit dull and dreary. Especially the obnoxious "love, love, love"s which are awful in every way. The repeat of "love is all you need" at the end is also awful and out of tune. John's vocals are really not at their best but I guess it's listenable for the most part. I'd much rather have just the instruments.

The structure is alright except the "love, love, love"s and the "love is all you need"s. I cannot stress enough how much I dislike those two repeated lines. They are just awful and drag on way too long. In terms of actual song the verse and chorus is fine. I guess.

There aren't many Beatles' songs more famous than this. It hit number 1 as usual - I don't know where, probably everywhere.

My Opinion:
As a 7 year old Beatles' mega-fan I would love this so much but now it's just way too overly sentimental and annoying for me. I like love songs if they are from the heart but this isn't from the heart. The vocals annoy me as well but the instruments are good so I'll give it a 6 for ok. There are so many better Beatles' songs.

That's 42/60 which leaves it in last. I guess Love Isn't All You Need in this song's case. This song just needs to be better.


I agree with this review. It may sound surprising to many but not to me as I am one of the users who claim this is an overrated band (for which I got hated by many).
Yes, musically their songs are for 7-11 year olds.
Glad to see there are people who can think with their own heads. - Metal_Treasure

Well I wasn't going to think with others people's heads was I? - visitor