this song rocks and my class are doing the song in our school show so vote for it people. if you do you rock.

I love "Help! " to be in the top ten because it got number one on the US Billboard Hot 100

The energy and beat surrounded by a simple request for a helping hand is a piercing experience of some moving lyrics and a powerful musical medley

I consider this to be the best constructed and best performed recording the Beatles ever made. It may just be the greatest rock and roll record ever.

This song should be among the top 10! John lennon made a masterpiece out of this song!

I love it for it's up-tempo beat... Fast pace but deep thoughts from John in an all time classic pop/rock tune.

I love the James Bond intro on the Help soundtrack, Fantastic. A must hear

My favourite Beatles song. No. #31 in rolling stone's magazine top 500 best songs ever! (#7 at Beatles). Vote!

I think this song is absolutely amazing! that quick beat sound and everything up to it!

Its good that its this a high but it DEFINITELY should be higher

One of the greatest songs the Beatles have written

Masterpiece; A fine piece of musical composition

I do not like this song. Easily one of the worst Beatles songs ever

This is by far my favourite song by The Beatles.
The tune is just fantastic, can't help but tap my foot to the fabulous song that is 'Help! '.
I'm going to say that this is my favourite song of all time, ever, by any band. It is just that fantastic! =]