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201 Fixing a Hole

Great lyrics and wonderful fuzz guitar

Awesome song, really underrated!

"I'm taking the time for a number of things/that weren't important yesterday..."

Horrendously underrated.

202 The Ballad of John and Yoko

How in the name of Buddha is this at only 123? It is catchy and has nice lyrics. Should be at least in the top 50

203 I'll Follow the Sun

The chords in this song are absolutely magnificent! The song is beautiful and really showcases the early Beatles' spirit. It's a song that should never be overlooked.

This song is amazing; more than wonderful: simply fantastic beautiful!

204 Yer Blues

Very underrated

This can't be this low. come on I expected more from you people


205 Michelle

you can never repeat something like this song. its so amazing one of their best. people these days even when they listen to something good don't know what to listen.

Even though the lyrics seem simple the guitar play is extraordinary. Great song, one of my fave's

Oh come on! Number 183, with some of their WORST songs? This song is a beautiful masterpiece that deserves more recognition! - kaitlynrad11

The Beatles newer stuff sucks - Thicc_Neeson

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206 Julia

Why is Julia so low, easily my favorite track from the first disc of the white album, I know I can't be the only one who thinks this.

Lennon at his finest

I agree with the first comment. Should be higher

207 When I'm Sixty-Four

I think this is one of the most underrated Beatles songs ever! I think this song is actually one of their best songs in my opinion! This song should be way higher in my opinion.

This is my favorite song of all time. The tune and lyrics go excellent together.

I don't know why some people despise this song, considering it's a rather pleasant song.

This deserves so much more

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208 Doctor Robert

Very solid song. Should not be in the bottom 5.

209 Only a Northern Song

Completely under-rated. This is a real George masterpiece. The song is not only talks about the surrealism of their construction but also how it sells not matteer what they do..."the bands not quite right, but they are, they just play it like that." " It doesn't really matter what chords I play, what words I say or time of day it is...cause its only a northern song..." A brilliant narrative on the Beatles.

A magnificent piss-take of their origins and contract struggles

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210 A Shot of Rhythm and Blues
211 What's the New Mary Jane?
212 Honey Pie
213 Baby, You're a Rich Man

This is 62nd? Unbelievable. This is a great song, and if it's sixty second, I can only imagine how great the songs that have been voted ahead must be. I love this song. Jo

Baby you're a rich man is a cool and funky song. Written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney in the album Magical Mystery Tour.

Great Song. Featured Social Network

This song deserves the place in top 10

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214 Imagine

Not a Beatles song, by john lennon - RecklessGreed

Wrong list. John Lennon solo.

...this isn't even a Beatles song...

B****, Imagine ain't a Beatles song. That's a John Lennon solo career song!

215 Flying

Yo this song is trippy as hell. I love it.

216 Wild Honey Pie

Um this is better than Revolution 9 (which shouldn't even be on this list since we know it's Yoko's song! )

This song is so much better than revolution 9

This song is way better than number 9

THis sing is 1000x better than Revolution 9!

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217 Revolution 9

by far the Beatles most sinister and scary song.

Such a scary collage that actually has a great deep meaning. Look it up and you might find out stuffs about it.

Honestly I love it. It's a piece of art, a mystery, and it's fun to listen to and think about.

Revolution 9 should be in the top 5 - Thebigstrong

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