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201 Polythene Pam

The percussion in this song is amazing

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202 Kansas City / Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey!
203 Long Tall Sally

This was just a cover song. Though they did do it better than Little Richard

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204 Misery
205 There's a Place

How the HECK is this not higher? This would easily be in my top 30! It's catchy, it's beautiful, and the lyrics are great.

206 Roll Over Beethoven
207 I'll Cry Instead
208 When I Get Home
209 Baby's in Black
210 Words of Love
211 Honey Don't
212 Everybody's Trying to Be My Baby
213 You Like Me Too Much
214 Tell Me What You See
215 Matchbox
216 Slow Down

You gotta give me little loving, give me little loving OOOWWW! If you want our love to last!

217 You Really Got a Hold on Me
218 Devil in Her Heart V 1 Comment
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