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61 Hey, Bulldog

That piano riff is so catchy! Its just an amazing song, I love paul's barking at the end of the song!

The Song is catchy and has a great bass. What more can you ask from a Beatles song.

Ridiculously catchy bass, distinctive vocals, thoughtful (if a bit cryptic) lyrics... it's /weird/ in the best sense of the term, and it certainly sounds like they're having fun with it. Easily one of their best.

I love Lennon's voice in this song!

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62 Got to Get You Into My Life

I love everything about this song: words, melody, rhythm, horns, the way it builds to the guitar break, it's a perfect pop song. That guitar hook & sound gets me every time & with Paul belting the chorus - I'm always left wanting more.

The trumpet in this song is infectious and Paul's voice is simply amazing

Paul's voice here is very nice and a great song

I love the flow, the horns, and Paul's voice! One of my favorites.

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63 Maxwell's Silver Hammer

Stunning song had an amazing storyline and is underrated. When I herd this song for the first time I was shocked that I hadn't seen it on a top Beatles' songs site!

This song is really interesting and funny. I recommend screaming if you see Max in a dark alley one night

It's a very funny song and plus my name is max


64 Drive My Car

One of the best Paul vocals, one of the best vocal harmonies, one of the best guitar/bass riffs, one of the best sounding drum audios ever put on THE best bands albums, AND ITS IN THE 80'S?!?! This is my favorite Beatles songs!

I agree with myself every time I say that this is the best Beatles song that I've ever heard in my entire life! I I'm going to keep saying it forever!

I visit this website almost every week and I so it just so I can vote for Drive my Car! It's one of my favorite songss and ill vote for it forever

And your bird and this are the best on the album.

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65 I Saw Her Standing There

She was just seventeen, you know what I mean, and the way she looked was way beyond compare, I couldn't dance with another, when I saw her standing there

An Excellent piece by the Beatles. One of their better early songs.

P.S. I love all Beatles songs equally

This song is another classic rock n' roll song created by the Beatles, and it's a great dancing song that will get you singing and dancing. McCartney did a great job singing this and no one else could do it better. Over all, this is a great song and you should dance to it some time.

Great dance song.

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66 I've Just Seen a Face

Simply the best song ever, country, rock and roll the combination is beautiful, indeed, a Beatles song. Only they can do stuff this way!

A far underrated song that always cheers me up :) I stumbled upon it a couple of days ago when I bought the "Help! " album, which is, in my opinion, their greatest. A lovely melody and beautiful lyrics.

Discovered this song not so long ago, and it became one of my favorite songs the first time I listened to it. Tells a lot about how great the beatles are when this song is ranked 67. I do think it should be in the top 20 though. - KurtCocain

Amazing song. Always makes me smile and probably the Beatles song that means most to me personally.

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67 And Your Bird Can Sing

I agree. This is One of the most underrated Beatles in my opinion. My Favorites include:
Revolution and In My Life are probably my personal two Favorite's but
And you Bird Can Sing is definitely in my personal Top 10, maybe top 5.
In My Life - This song usually makes me emotional and think about people no longer in my life.
Hey Jude
Dear Prudence.
A Day in the Life
Here Comes the Sun. This song makes me Happy and my Children know it from Bee Movie.
I never used to think of the Abby Road Medley as "a song" but if you count it, that has to be up there too.
They're the Beatles. How many bands can you name a 100 songs and still miss some of people's favorites? I've named 9 and didn't even include a bunch of their Love Songs like I love her, She loves you, I want to hold your hand. It's tough to do a personal top 10.

Probably the most underrated Beatles song ever. I love the lyrics and the fairly simple melody, and it has some great guitar in it as well! One of my Revolver favorites!

2 minutes of absolute awesomeness. One of my favorites from Revolver.

Best song ever along with day tripper and a day in the life

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68 Love Me Do

It is supposed to be higher in the list because it's nice and catchy

What this is no a good list of songs, this will be the best song of the Beatles

Why is this 72? It must be 1

One of best song com on

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69 Girl

It's my favorite song of this band, I don't know why it isn't be in the first 10 but anyway. I Love this song Its really great...

This song is AMAZING! How is it possible it's rated so poorly? It gives me goosebumps... It's unreal!

Perfect The Beatles song. That's it. Salute to this amazing, dreamy, beautiful song!

Best by the beatles

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70 Real Love

The fact that McCartney, Harrison and Starr coupled together a song which in its original tape had a lot of static, and low quality of vocals and made it into a Beatles classic is testament to the tenacity of the Beatles as a unit... I never meant this song to be number one... By this has to be ranked higher. The fact that Lennon's voice was very thin in this record.. McCartney ghost voiced him and made it a little clearer... They cleaned up loads of noise... All of this points to the fact that a band like the Beatles is up till now.. Unparalleled.

The last great Beatles record. Brought Lennon back to life for 3:52. Proved The Beatles lost nothing to time or trends and did it with a dead man singing lead.

This song doesn't belong and is nowhere near a classic. I would term it more of a novelty song. Paul, George, and Ringo took a throw away Lennon track and tried to make something of it. John had good reason to leave this weak effort in the vault.

This song is perfect. Maybe it is so low, because it is a song "discovered" in 90's, so many people don't know that it is from The Beatles or maybe don't know this song. I voted because I thing it should be ranked better!

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71 She's Leaving Home

words and music together convey one of the saddest songs in the beatles archive. Nice use of a harp and strings. Another example of the creativity and varied sound that the beatles were masters at. - gotlbh

Yes... The lyrics are very good, beautiful and evoking of powerful sadness. It is one of the best story-telling songs the Fab Four have ever written. Can't believe it's only at #99. A fantastic song from the best band ever in all of history. 0% votes? Come on! Please patch this up immediately.

The words really do have a poignant meaning. It seemed to happen a lot back in the day

98th seriously?

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72 Golden Slumbers

I couldn't choose between this and the long and winding road. Every song Paul puts out is a jem.

Golden Slumbers sweetly opens up the second half of the Abbey Road medley. This song, combined with "Carry That Weight" and " The End, " is a masterpiece.

69!? This song is their best. Should be #1.

Should be in top 10 for sure

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73 Magical Mystery Tour

I believe this song should be #1. Its tune is good, and the lyrics are almost majestic. I can't believe it's this far down on the list.

Almost the last true collaboration

Those harmonies though

74 Long, Long, Long

this is a curious song, with quite a different sound to may of the other beatles tracks. Its another harrison gem from the white album, and it is quite beautiful. In this and the other songs of harrison from 67 to 69 you really hear how he is reflecting on events. It may not be top ten, but it deserves to be heard. Drums are superb. - gotlbh

Everything about this song is raw. The lyrics, the voice, the instruments. It's very beautiful.

Best song ever

75 Being For the Benefit of Mr. Kite!

Very original masterpiece with awesome production. The song is overall very unpredictable with a few bar changes. You can listen to this song over and over again and you will never stop hearing new details and instruments in the sound picture.

The melody, played on one to me unknown instrument, in the middle of the song is incredibly beautiful and still makes me cry.

The end of the song has one of the most impressive organ arrangements ever conceived.
In short: this is some very impressive piece of music.

One more time... Who does this? All John - John09

76 It's Only Love

This song is awesome! This should be in the top 10

It has a rolled r!

77 I've Got a Feeling

The big reason I like this song is because John and Paul each have their own singing solos and then they sing them at the same time. George does a nice job on the guitar and I like how Paul sings in this song.

Their most underrated song. Everyone mentions Let it Be with talking about the title song, Across the Universe, Get Back etc. But none of them mention this song. Truly overlooked.

This song can't be 68th, it just can't.

Makes let it be their best album

78 Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da

Makes me really happy inside. This should be in the top 12 at least! Why is it down here? Come on people, vote vote vote!

By far the best Beatles song I thought this would for sure be in the top 3 - kity21

I LOVE THIS SONG FROM THE Beatles. The up-tempo tune is so catchy, I remember singing along to this when I was a kid. Like a kid can appreciate this song, surely adults can do better! This deserves to be in the top 20 at least!

This is such a great song I would sad it would be at number 9 for me

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79 You're Going to Lose that Girl

This is absolutely, without a doubt, one of the most underrated Beatles song EVER! It's catchy, fun, addictive, etc. This I just an amazing song. Why is it so low? Come on, it deserves a place in the top 20 at least... - xTheMysteriousGoatx

My favourite Beatles song! - Monners55

One of the best. George harrison sounds a bit off, though.

Should be no. 1. Just listen to it! The perfect song!

80 Baby, You're a Rich Man

This is 62nd? Unbelievable. This is a great song, and if it's sixty second, I can only imagine how great the songs that have been voted ahead must be. I love this song. Jo

Baby you're a rich man is a cool and funky song. Written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney in the album Magical Mystery Tour.

Great Song. Featured Social Network

This song deserves the place in top 10

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