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81 Girl

This song is AMAZING! How is it possible it's rated so poorly? It gives me goosebumps... It's unreal!

Perfect The Beatles song. That's it. Salute to this amazing, dreamy, beautiful song!

It's my favorite song of this band, I don't know why it isn't be in the first 10 but anyway. I Love this song Its really great...

Best by the beatles

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82 Blue Jay Way

Amazing atmospheric track.

George is my favorite Beatle

Please don't be long... Please don't be long... Please don't be long... Please don't be long...Please don't be long...Please don't be long...

83 From Me to You

This is the very best Beatles song! I love it.

I love this song but 123

Perhaps the best song of the young Beatles

One of the most favorite song

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84 Do You Want to Know a Secret

Truly brilliant song that you could listen to over and over, never growing tired of it. It's a song you love to sing along to and hum as you're walking home

Captures perfectly the early beatles vocal sound and arranging. Full of life...short and sweet but rings in your head for the rest of the day.

Should Much higher, Comen Guys

85 Lovely Rita

Seriously underrated. One of my favourite Beatles songs

Very hip and cool song regardless of the message

Underrated. The best outro ever. Love the piano!

An underrated classic. Top ten for sure.

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86 Lady Madonna

Paul's voice in this... I love it when he brings this voice out. Like on the fast part of "You Never Give Me Your Money", which should also be in the top ten. I love this song! Should be in the top ten!

87 Free as a Bird

The Beatles wrote this song after their brake up and recorded it after John died.

Jesus! This should be better than the top 20 more than the 100's.

I remember this being the very first Beatle song I heard. Dem memories :D - BeeBlue


88 I'm Happy Just to Dance with You

One of their most underrated songs from an underrated album. Seriously, in my opinion A Hard Day's Night rivals their experimental stuff, don't care what people say.

My favorite Beatles song of all times. George's kills it, his singing is on top.

It is so good and awesome

This is my favorite Beatles song. I listen to it on repeat all the time.

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89 Good Day Sunshine

I think this song is very underrated. There are songs by the Beatles that I like better then this one, but this one is catchy and has a nice rhythm to it. Give it a listen and you'll see what I mean.

Some great instruments in the background give this song a really wonderful, positive sound. Great vocals and lyrics elevate it into a masterpiece.

The FIRST Beatles' song I ever heard: driving on the Siobhan in Germany. Changed my life.

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90 Think for Yourself

Fuzz guitar harmonies think for yourself George government intense emotion keys anger oh boy love it love it

91 Things We Said Today

Wow! Biggest disappointment. Why so high? I think it's the best Beatles song ever written.

92 Your Mother Should Know

You're kidding, right? Number 118? This is one of my favorite Beatles songs! It has great lyrics, melody, and is really catchy. This should really AT LEAST be in the top 50's! - kaitlynrad11

One of their biggest Underrated songs.

Completely underrated in this list!

I agree with the other comments

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93 Rocky Raccoon

I loved this song as a kid, listening to my dad's Beatles CDs and I still listen to it frequently today; it never gets old. -

This is an interesting song. It's different and cool. Written by Paul McCartney in the album The Beatles.

I had a tough decision over rocky racoon and USSR because I really like RR the best but I know most people would probably like USSR better. RR brings out the cowboy in all of us and tells a great story about a man who loses his lady to another guy and Rocky tries too get her back in a showdown. This is a catchy song and fun to sing.

2nd best beatles song this and taxman are so underrated strawberry fields is the best walrus is 3rd.

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94 She's Leaving Home

words and music together convey one of the saddest songs in the beatles archive. Nice use of a harp and strings. Another example of the creativity and varied sound that the beatles were masters at. - gotlbh

Yes... The lyrics are very good, beautiful and evoking of powerful sadness. It is one of the best story-telling songs the Fab Four have ever written. Can't believe it's only at #99. A fantastic song from the best band ever in all of history. 0% votes? Come on! Please patch this up immediately.

The words really do have a poignant meaning. It seemed to happen a lot back in the day

98th seriously?

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95 Sexy Sadie

I can't see this is at 87, a masterpiece by lennon. Should be on much higher number.It should be somewhere at 40

Definitely the best song on the White Album along with Helter Skelter in my opinion. The piano line is amazing. More people need to hear this song.

Probably top 20 song, I can't understand why is here

96 It's All Too Much

"It's All Too Much" is a beautiful song which tragically isn't as appreciated. Its horns, its thrashing guitars, it's messy, but that gives off a raw, emotional feel to the whole thing. I especially love the ending, where the song falls apart, to where it feels like it's breaking down, like it truly is too much.

I don't know what it is about this song, but I could listen to it forever! I don't think I could say that about most other Beatles songs, but this one just never gets old!

Like a chant that expands into forever.


97 I'll Be Back
98 Boys

Love this song with all my heart! Ringo's vocals on it are amazing, and its definitely the best song on Please Please Me - kaitlynrad11

Its guitar solo on the bridge played by George Harrison was super duper fantastic!

99 Two of Us

This is one of the most beautiful Beatles songs. It almost seems to be about the Beatles themselves and their imminent breakup. The harmonies, the guitar, the lyrics - this song is not only a tear-jerker but a relevant masterpiece.

This is an absolutely amazing song and really shows the relationship between Paul and John. It's by far the most underrated song by the Beatles, or possibly ever!

"I dig a pygmy by Charles Hawtrey and the deaf aids. Phase one in which Doris gets her oats. " Oh, John.

This song is beautiful and wonderfully harmonic. One of the only songs not in need of re-recording on Let it Be.

100 Martha My Dear

It's so cute that Paul wrote this for his dog, Martha. Great song!

Complex, delicate and always makes me smile

The production on this song is absolutely impeccable. The transition to the rock section is so good.

,Amazing complex

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