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101 Boys

Love this song with all my heart! Ringo's vocals on it are amazing, and its definitely the best song on Please Please Me - kaitlynrad11

Its guitar solo on the bridge played by George Harrison was super duper fantastic!

102 Two of Us

This is one of the most beautiful Beatles songs. It almost seems to be about the Beatles themselves and their imminent breakup. The harmonies, the guitar, the lyrics - this song is not only a tear-jerker but a relevant masterpiece.

This is an absolutely amazing song and really shows the relationship between Paul and John. It's by far the most underrated song by the Beatles, or possibly ever!

"I dig a pygmy by Charles Hawtrey and the deaf aids. Phase one in which Doris gets her oats. " Oh, John.

This song is beautiful and wonderfully harmonic. One of the only songs not in need of re-recording on Let it Be.

103 Martha My Dear

It's so cute that Paul wrote this for his dog, Martha. Great song!

Complex, delicate and always makes me smile

The production on this song is absolutely impeccable. The transition to the rock section is so good.

,Amazing complex

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104 Good Morning, Good Morning
105 I'm So Tired

I don't really like The Beatles that much, but this song is an exception. "I'm So Tired" is a great song.

Lol easily a top 80 song.

I love the gibberish at the end

This is such an ace song love it

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106 When I'm Sixty-Four

I think this is one of the most underrated Beatles songs ever! I think this song is actually one of their best songs in my opinion! This song should be way higher in my opinion.

This is my favorite song of all time. The tune and lyrics go excellent together.

I don't know why some people despise this song, considering it's a rather pleasant song.

This deserves so much more

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107 No Reply

What what what what - ror":{ "message":"(#803)someof

Brilliant song brilliant lyrics Johns voice fantastic

108 Blue Jay Way

Amazing atmospheric track.

George is my favorite Beatle

Please don't be long... Please don't be long... Please don't be long... Please don't be long...Please don't be long...Please don't be long...

109 Birthday

The Beatles have made great masterpieces, and that's because they are the best band
this song is greeaaaaaaaaaat! All the people in the Earth should know it - rock2metal

Best happy birthday song ever.

110 I Wanna Be Your Man

Such was their confidence they gave this throwaway to the Stones!

111 Getting Better

What.. ! This song at 99

I literally dreamt about listening to this song in my sleep. THE SONG IS AMAZING AND IT SHOULD BE HIGHER

Should be top 30 - backflip

Why are all of the sgt pepper songs so low? this one is great - RecklessGreed


112 Good Night
113 I Me Mine

How is this song not even on the list?! Not the best song, but definitely deserves to be on here

So simple yet beautiful melody, I never get tired to listen it.

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114 You Can't Do That

All John... MORE COWBELL! - John09

Guys what. This song is life, I'm literally addicted

Love this but why 101

115 You Won't See Me

Love the drums and harmony in this one.

Paul mccartney's acoustic version is good

One of their best pop songs.

116 Mr. Moonlight

In my opinion, the best song off of Beatles For Sale. Most people hate it, but I just don't see why! I think it should be higher. - MontyPython

Some of these last songs I have never even heard of.

What a voice fantastic

John's vocals in the opening of the song kills me every time❤❤❤

117 Yes It Is

Really showcases the Fab Four as great singers, not just rockers.

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118 I Will

Oh God, this should be in the top ten!

How could this song be rated so low, should be in the top twenty. Beautiful song of a man who hasn't yet met his true love yet

This song is the sweetest song ever!

Brruuuhh this song is beautiful at least TOP TEN

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119 Till There Was You

How is this so low! It should at least be in the top 20.

Why 107 ilthis is a nice song

120 It Won't Be Long

This is a very optimistic song conveying the sense of joy and anticipation of being reunited with the one you love.

I just don't get how the inner light is beter than this

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