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161 I Want to Tell You

Very beautiful song from Revolver by George Harrison. I melt every time I hear these wonderful harmonies.

, this is so underrated, George always has one of the better tracks on most Beatles albums. - defmay

162 Maggie Mae
163 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)
164 Tell Me Why

Their best upbeat pop song! It's definitely worthy to be in the top ten!

165 The Night Before

Very catchy! This is one of my fave songs on Help! I don't know how it's only #155

This is my second favorite Beatles song. It is underrated but the lyrics mean so much.

160 really?!

166 One After 909
167 Piggies

One of my favourites in The Beatles, I just can't get why this song is not well known. - malamJONES

168 Chains
169 Every Little Thing
170 What You're Doing
171 I Call Your Name
172 What Goes On

One of the best

173 And I Love Her

This is the first Beatles song I have listened, after listening to others over and over again, I still fell this is the best!

I love this song because its a love song and those are the best songs ever! The Beatles this is your best song ever and I hope that I can find more songs like this and my comment helps more people vote for this and we get to find out which song out of the Beatles top ten is the beat thank you a lot for letting me write my opinion about my song bye bye!

A real simple and beautiful ballad, minor key giving it a really sad feel, with a bossa nova rhythm and showcasing Paul at his early best. Already the band was laying down new sounds and sign posting the creativity that was soon to burst out in the studio. Quite amazing it is currently at 96 in the catalogue but then, what a catalogue! - gotlbh

A beautifully simple ballad, showcasing the melancholic style that McCartney would develop throughout the Beatles career (yesterday, for no one etc). Sort of a bosa nova type rhythm with the bongos rather than drums, and a minor key guitar to give it that sad edge. A testimony to this amazing band that it is 103 on the list. Most bands would kill to have a song like this in their repertoire.

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174 Julia

Why is Julia so low, easily my favorite track from the first disc of the white album, I know I can't be the only one who thinks this.

Lennon at his finest

Criminally underrated - defmay

I agree with the first comment. Should be higher

175 Please Please Me

The one song of theirs where I can't (no matter what) listen to it only once. The harmonies are phenomenal. "*****"! - BKAllmighty

Seriously... Their first #1 Single is at 70?!?! This song deserves to be much higher on the list. It has great harmonies and Paul does a great job of singing such a simple song! GO Beatles!

I voted for this although in my list it wouldn't be my first choice (It's much better than any songs from other bands but since The Beatles has so many great songs, this wouldn't even fit to the top 20 in my opinion) but since it's ranked so low, It hink this song really needs votes.

What? - Leofeldman91

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176 Baby, You're a Rich Man

This is 62nd? Unbelievable. This is a great song, and if it's sixty second, I can only imagine how great the songs that have been voted ahead must be. I love this song. Jo

Baby you're a rich man is a cool and funky song. Written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney in the album Magical Mystery Tour.

Great Song. Featured Social Network

This song deserves the place in top 10

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177 Revolution 9

by far the Beatles most sinister and scary song.

Such a scary collage that actually has a great deep meaning. Look it up and you might find out stuffs about it.

Honestly I love it. It's a piece of art, a mystery, and it's fun to listen to and think about.

The best of the worst - Lord28

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178 I'll Follow the Sun

The chords in this song are absolutely magnificent! The song is beautiful and really showcases the early Beatles' spirit. It's a song that should never be overlooked.

This song is amazing; more than wonderful: simply fantastic beautiful!

179 Michelle

you can never repeat something like this song. its so amazing one of their best. people these days even when they listen to something good don't know what to listen.

Even though the lyrics seem simple the guitar play is extraordinary. Great song, one of my fave's

Oh come on! Number 183, with some of their WORST songs? This song is a beautiful masterpiece that deserves more recognition! - kaitlynrad11

Why is this voted as their worst song someone get this way higher on the list - Leofeldman91

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180 Please Mr. Postman

Number 5 for me. One of their top vocal records. Amazing. Stunned to see it so low. I remember that Sunday night so long ago...Feb 1964. I was 6 years old and first came to know the power of the Beatles watching The Ed Sullivan Show. We always watched as a family during Sunday night dinner. That was a life changing moment for me.

Really exciting interpretation with fabulous harmonies and a memorably urgent vocal from John.

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