While My Guitar Gently Weeps


George Harrison at his very very best. The quiet Beatle they called him. Well, the quiet one gave vent with this astonishing outpouring of creativity. The best song from the Beatles by far... Criminal that its so far down the list.

Picking the top ten Beatle songs is nearly impossible, when you look at their entire body of work. It's why they are the best band of all time. Eventually it comes down to individual taste, and possibly how an individual relates to each song. For me, this is easily the best song on the White Album, and in my top three of all their songs. Thanks for this site, and giving everyone an opportunity to share how this great music touched them. Thanks to everyone who voted. I truly enjoy reading all the thoughtful comments.

In my humble although full hearted opinion, this song should be at the top along with "A Day in the Life". When first listened to it, in my early 30s of age, it shook so strongly my heart and emotions that I started to see and ponder life differently. If only tears could do the job of our alphabet...Thanks George, for ever grateful to you.

If rock music is the genre of the guitar, this song is it's pinnacle. It can only be done once. The guitar solo has always been used to express the emotion of a rock song, but to write a song about it is pure poetic rock genius. Every rock band wishes they wrote this. - gotlbh

George Harrison is in my opinion the best song writer in the band, between this and something it was very tough to choose. The feature of Eric Clapton is excellent, the guitar is just amazing. It's a song that still holds up today, it wouldn't sound out of place if it were played on the radio. An absolute banger.

Personally, I think this is George Harrison's best song he's ever made. He made this song very well, put the pieces together, and made a great song. I wish he could have played most of his guitar solos, but Eric Clapton did a fine job. It is composed very well and a fine piece of work.

Probably the best Beatles song out there. I really can't describe why just this song is the best. It got somethin that the other song just don't. With that, I don't say that the other songs are bad, just that this is the diamond among the jewels

The beautiful solo, creative composition and just all around brilliance from the "fab 5". The fact this is just 6 is terrible. - gemcloben

When I first time listened this song I could not believe that this was a song. It appeared to me more than a song. I believe there is an unfolded mystery in that song. Still when I listen to this song I fell that I am listening it for the first time.

The best Beatles song of all time in my opinion. They have Eric Clapton, the greatest guitarist of all time and the Beatles, the best band of all time both working together in a collaboration to make an epic combo

It's hard for me to pick favourite Beatles songs because they are all so extremely good. I picked this one because it really got to me. I don't know why it just touched my soul. It's beautiful and awesome at the same time. - Beatlesfan9

A Day in the Life is one of the Beatle's most overrated songs ever. This right here is where it's at. This is the reason why I love Harrison's later works. It doesn't have that many lyrics but it doesn't need them that much. You can probably get the very deep and powerful point he's trying to make just through the sheer instrumental. This song NEEDs the be higher on the list. It truly does.

George's chance to outshine the rest. His answer to all the love that John and Paul brought from the summer of love. The magnificent guitar solo was penned by him as well, just it was Clapton playing it.

It is such a beautiful tune and SO relaxing, it should be number ONE! It is so peaceful and does not deserve any lower than number ONE!

While My Guitar Gently Weeps is a nice emotional accoustic strummed song with a great lead guitar part played by Clapton.

Then the solo comes in. The solo is one of, if not the, greatest guitar solo of all time. It's very Clapton, and is played perfectly. Clapton is known for his blues-rock solos, and this is no exception. The solo is similar to Stairway to Heaven, but is maybe better.

The somg is good in the same way as Stairway, and is about equal quality, but that just shows that this song is that good. Very underrated. Should be #2 or #1.

This song is absolutely amazing!
And the 'LOVE' version of it is even better than the 'White Album' version! Bought the album only because of the clean/slow version of this musical masterpiece!

No doubt the best song of the Beatles,. The guitar melody is wonderful and the tune will flow in your ears like a creek in a forrest. I love this song also in the version of Carlos Santana, just great

That melody that lyrics and that epic guitar solo from Eric Clapton this is the best song of the Beatles. George Harrison done an amazing song..

One of their best, George always sounded great in the Beatles. Probably because only his best work made it on albums. Great driving beat, vocal delivery and lyrics.

Notwithstanding John & Paul's obvious credo as the Beatles signature songwriters, George's top 3 songs (Weeps/Something/Sun) are arguably the 3 most beautiful & enduring songs the Beatles ever produced

Lyrics... Guitar... It's so hard to write a review on something that leaves you speechless. How this song is not number one I will never know... And George Harrison is just... Wow...

Amazing guitar solo. First time I heard this song a single tear dropped down from my eye. This song stays with you your whole lifetime and that's pretty great.

It immediately stood out when I first listened to White Album. This is George Harrison at his finest and in my opinion is the crown jewel of White Album.

Powerful song featuring Eric Clapton and George Harrison together, which is never a bad idea, this is the greatest that the Beatles ever put out

This song must be in top 5, I mean... ERIC CLAPTON is playing the guitar. awesome solos and lyrics