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21 Little One Little One

A very beautiful song with a lovely acoustic guitar introduction, and a fantastic chorus. Please listen to this, you may like it

22 Beercan Beercan
23 Wow Wow
24 Wave Wave
25 Debra Debra
26 Guess I'm Doing Fine Guess I'm Doing Fine
27 Waking Light Waking Light

Beautiful, beautiful song! What a way to top off Morning Phase! - higgsboson2142

This song should be in top 10 please at least

V 1 Comment
28 Fourteen Rivers, Fourteen Floods Fourteen Rivers, Fourteen Floods
29 Black Tambourine Black Tambourine
30 Tropicalia Tropicalia

Of all the songs why was this one left off the list, listen to it, its amazing! - Andrewgregway

31 Satan Gave Me a Taco Satan Gave Me a Taco
32 Ramona Ramona

Featured frequently in the movie Scott Pilgrim vs the World, this song is truly a masterpiece. I don't believe I've ever heard such a simple chord sequence sound quite as beautiful as it does here. Keep up the good work, Mr. Hansen!

Best song ever made about a girl

33 Soldier Jane Soldier Jane
34 Blackhole Blackhole
35 Heart Is a Drum Heart Is a Drum
36 Turn Away Turn Away V 1 Comment
37 Youthless Youthless
38 Morning Morning V 1 Comment
39 Paper Tiger Paper Tiger

This has to be his best song. I'm shocked it's not even mentioned so far. The String arrangement on this song by his father is absolutely glorious.

40 We Live Again We Live Again

This song is perfection. The lyrics (written about his grandfather) are incredibly meaningful, and can be somewhat related to. Excellent chord progression, too.

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