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41 Country Lanes
42 You'll Never See My Face Again

So many great BEE GEE classics - this is my favourite.

43 Search, Find

Many Bee Gees songs have been my top favorites, but as soon as listened to this one, I was hooked on the elements of this song. This should be in top 25 - MatthewtheMagma

44 Juliet

Of course, this is the best song of Bee Gees, not the most famous one, but the best - just listen to it.

45 Paradise
46 Morning of My Life
47 Lamplight V 1 Comment
48 My World
49 Wind of Change

Love this song! played it constantly on the Bee Gees live album

50 The Woman In You
51 Man In the Middle

Nice song, great to hear Maurice in lead.

V 1 Comment
52 Sun In My Morning

I must admit that I love this song very much it's deep and dark refreshing my memory

53 Mr. Natural
54 Embrace

This is from their 2001 album This is Where I Came In, which seems to be unheard of. It's my favorite album, and this is a great song from it.

55 Kiss of Life
56 World
57 Melody Fair
58 Saved by the Bell
59 Wedding Day
60 Spirits (Having Flown)

Such a moving song, one of the bee gee's most tender tunes

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