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Be'lakor is an Australian Melodic death metal band from Melbourne, Victoria. They have released three studio albums and every albums is a must have for fans of melodic death metal.

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1 Countless Skies

Just listen to the 3 minutes long outro and you will understand what is called be'lakor. It blew my mind so well and is an extremely melodic touch in the reign of death metal. What a song..! Be'lakor proved themselves the best in both progressive and melodic death genre.

Literally, the grestest song ever made. A must listen for any metal fan.

Best melodeath song ever..

This is an absolute masterpice, a song everyone should listen more than once.
This is Be'lakor in a nutshell progressive, melodic, brutal...

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2 Abeyance

This song instrumental and text sound like life

The transition around 2:30 to the riff starting 2:45 is amazing. What a great band.

3 From Scythe to Sceptre

Riff at 2:45 is gorgeous

This is really a great song

4 Neither Shape nor Shadow
5 The Smoke of Many Fires
6 Venator

Very hard to pick just one. If you haven't already buy yourself all 3 of their albums, they are just incredible.

The part starting at 5.53 is AWESOME

7 In Parting

Preceded by a beautiful acoustic interlude "To Stir the Sea", it is a perfection of the band's unique style, continuing on from where the Stone's Reach started!

It's awesome guitar and keyboard riffing, along with several tempo changes, make this an epic masterpiece! - petrucci75hammet

8 Outlive the Hand
9 Remnants

Just amazing song

10 The Dream and the Waking

So Underrated

The Contenders

11 Sun's Delusion

Listen to the riff at 5:41 and then to the epic outro. Wow!

12 Withering Strands

A great song from their latest album

13 Fraught

Best song of the album 'Of Breath and Bone'

14 A Natural Apostacy

Great melodic death metal song.
Their first song I heard, which got me into this band.

15 The Desolation Of Ares

That this song is not in the top 5... let alone not number 1 means some of you people have no idea what good metal is.

How in the #$%^ is Desolation of Ares not even in the list?! - Amazing song and the best of Be'lakor!

15th? you people are nuts... #1

16 Tre'aste
17 An Ember's Arc
18 Sanguinary
19 By Moon and Star
20 Roots to Sever
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