Best Be'lakor Songs

Be'lakor is an Australian Melodic death metal band from Melbourne, Victoria. They have released three studio albums and every albums is a must have for fans of melodic death metal.

The Top Ten

1 Countless Skies

Best outro

Just listen to the 3 minutes long outro and you will understand what is called be'lakor. It blew my mind so well and is an extremely melodic touch in the reign of death metal. What a song..! Be'lakor proved themselves the best in both progressive and melodic death genre.

Best melodeath song ever..

Literally, the grestest song ever made. A must listen for any metal fan.

2 Abeyance

This song instrumental and text sound like life

The transition around 2:30 to the riff starting 2:45 is amazing. What a great band.

3 From Scythe to Sceptre

Wow love it

Riff at 2:45 is gorgeous

This is really a great song

4 The Smoke of Many Fires

This song is insane. Amazing ending to the album.

5 Neither Shape nor Shadow

I circled around too many Belakor songs as my favorites... But this one is truly #1 from an amazing band.

6 In Parting

Preceded by a beautiful acoustic interlude "To Stir the Sea", it is a perfection of the band's unique style, continuing on from where the Stone's Reach started!

It's awesome guitar and keyboard riffing, along with several tempo changes, make this an epic masterpiece! - petrucci75hammet

7 Venator

Very hard to pick just one. If you haven't already buy yourself all 3 of their albums, they are just incredible.

The part starting at 5.53 is AWESOME

8 Outlive the Hand
9 Remnants

Just amazing song

10 Sun's Delusion

Listen to the riff at 5:41 and then to the epic outro. Wow!

The Contenders

11 Withering Strands

A great song from their latest album

12 The Dream and the Waking

So Underrated

13 Held in Hollows

No one added this masterpiece. Why? Only God knows because I'm stunned.

14 The Desolation Of Ares

There is something VERY wrong when this song is not in the top 2... Yeah countless skies has an amazing intro and is a great song, but holy #$@ folks, listen to this song!

That this song is not in the top 5... let alone not number 1 means some of you people have no idea what good metal is.

How in the #$%^ is Desolation of Ares not even in the list?! - Amazing song and the best of Be'lakor!

15th? you people are nuts... #1

15 An Ember's Arc
16 Roots to Sever
17 By Moon and Star

Their most underrated song. So full of emotion. Absolutely beautiful song.

18 Aspect

It is very hard to choose just one song from Be'lakor...

Maybe not everyones pick but this one catched me with its brutal intro.
"Name the aspect of oblivion..."

19 Tre'aste
20 Fraught

Best song of the album 'Of Breath and Bone'

21 A Natural Apostacy

Great melodic death metal song.
Their first song I heard, which got me into this band.

22 Sanguinary

Check out the riff at around 5:20 and a nice outro!

23 Absit Omen

Great song.

24 Grasping Light

I just love this song.

the best

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