Best Ben Affleck Movies


The Top Ten

1 Good Will Hunting
2 Armageddon

In the role off A.J. Frost in Michael Bay's popcorn masterpiece - MatrixGuy

3 Pearl Harbor
4 Chasing Amy
5 Argo
6 Dogma
7 Shakespeare in Love
8 Daredevil
9 Gone Girl
10 School Ties

The Contenders

11 The Town

One of the best mob movies of all time

12 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

I hated Ben Affleck in this movie. Worst Batman ever! And Michael Keaton would kick Ben Affleck's ass any day. Tim Burton rules and Snyder sucks.

Great batman, Best onscreen Batman ever


I didnĀ't like that Superman could hear Lois all the time, but couldnĀ't hear his mother... and the movie should have been a little less about politics and all that stuff, but itĀ's an exciting movie with the best on-screen Batman ever! The fights are gold, the story is actually good, aside from some annoying flaws. I actually find the action in this movie cooler than in any Marvel movie, because they are intense, and Batmans fighting is just... amazing to watch... But for now, I agree Marvel makes the best live action movies. I hope Wonder Woman and especially Justice League will make the DCEU greater!

13 Dazed and Confused
14 Hollywoodland
15 State of Play
16 Gone Baby Gone
17 Saving Private Ryan
18 The Accountant
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