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21 Call Me Maybe

He made this song his own way and yet even though Carly Rae Jepsen wrote the song Ben Howard made it it should be one of the greatest cover songs of all time

22 I Will Be Blessed I Will Be Blessed
23 Empty Corridors Empty Corridors

Why is this song not even in the list! It's the best song ever by ben howard. So meaningful and true and melodious at the same time. Give this song a try everyone!

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24 Conrad Conrad

This song makes me relax and is definitely is my best Ben Howard's song. Great song with excellent temp

One of my favorite Ben Howard songs. Just should definitely be higher up in the list!

Easily one of the best songs I have heard.
The lyrics are magical
Should be way up the list

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25 Follaton Wood

Look this up on YouTube! This one will make you cry about the first ten times you hear it, maybe more :')

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26 Further Away

"The prettiest eyes in the whole world,
The same fool in the same game"

27 Soldiers

This is one of the best songs by him! It's absolutely peaceful and meaningful at the same time. One of the best.

It is my favorite of his songs and the lyrics are so meaningful. I LOVE BEN HOWARD.

28 Keiko
29 White Lights
30 These Waters These Waters

Such a beautiful song. One of the best. Love it.

How is this one not even on a lost of Ben Howard songs. Must be a lot of amateurs to this man. Off "These Waters EP" this song is beautiful and shows where his LP albums got influence from

This song should be up there in number 1! These waters is a fantastic song!

31 Rivers In Your Mouth Rivers In Your Mouth

How is this so low? Come on the beat is great his voice is amazing (but it is in everything) but this song is amazing - RIDDLER2K15

32 Small Things Small Things V 1 Comment
33 All Is Now Harmed All Is Now Harmed

So underrated, one of my all time favourite Ben Howard songs right next to Old Pine

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34 Time Is Dancing Time Is Dancing

Gentle, relaxing and jusy completely perfect with amazing lyrics

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