Best Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Flavors

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1 Cookie Dough

I'm eating it right now. If cookie dough was an actual person I would marry it. It is heaven in a tub. Cookie dough is the best ice cream ever to be created. Praise the lord for the person who created this flavor.

Cookie dough sounds kind of good but believe me, If you tried cookies and liked them this flavour is for you. With the finest chunks of cookies and delicious Vanilla Ice cream, you'll L-O-V-E this yummy flavour.

the best
you haven't lived without it!

I love cookie dough, but when you are just eating that gross vanilla ice cream and chocolate chips, what makes it so good? Also, you can get cookie dough just about anywhere else. Try settling on the more unique flavors, like Half Baked and Phish Food.

2 Phish Food

The best flavor of all time. The marshmallow is so gooey and delicious, the fudge fish are amazing, and the caramel is perfect. All in the greatest flavor of any ice cream: chocolate.

Me and my best friend, Grace wanted to know what was the best Ben and Jerry's ice cream so we went on to the internet and we both wanted it to be 'Phish Food' because we both love it. Yum!

So GOOD everyone should try it it's the best ice cream next to cold stone =) The marshmallows chocolate and caramel melt right in your mouth!

You don't even need toppings for this ice cream, unless you're a toppings freak, which could or could not be me. Anyways, Phish Food has an amazing taste, because we all know that Ben & Jerry's make some of the best ice cream available. - SonicAdam

3 Chocolate Fudge Brownie


So so delish. So chocolatey I can't live without it. It tastes like heaven. My house loves it.

if there was one thing I could live on it would be this fliping awesome fav toltaly 10 out of 10 ice cream heven - bloodskull

its totally awesome dude
so good I left wife for it

4 Half Baked

Me and my girlfriend just had a pint of this right after having sex. We're deciding which was better

This should be number 1. it combines cookie dough and brownies, like the 2 best things ever!

Delicious! - Azzyland. lllove it

The most awesome flavor ever invented! Its just so good with all the flavor combinations and every time I eat it, I want more. This should be the top flavor.

5 Chunky Monkey

As a kid, I loved the flavors of banana & chocolate together & this ice cream brings back memories! With the addition of huge raw walnuts to cut the sweetness from the banana ice cream & big chocolate chunks, this ice cream is simply amazing to me.

M... The creamy banana ice cream, great high quality chocolate pieces and crunchy walnuts together can't be beat!

There was a buy two chunky monkeys for the price of one at target and... A person cannot fathom my happiness at that moment. I am eating those chunky monkeys for lunch right now! :) so much joy!

Personally, I would like slightly smaller pieces of chocolate and larger pieces of walnuts... Picky to be sure, but the ultimate combination of flavors none the less. This is the only ice cream I ever eat!

6 Baked Alaska

This is amazing! I love the white chocolate and marshmallow swirls. The best ice cream by far! Congratulations Ben and Jerry on such a fabulous flavour. It is utterly delicious.

I was wondering where this awesome flavour was as I read down the list... Finally to find it at number six, NUMBER SIX? Shocking! Number one any day in my opinion!

I love baked Alaska its packed with yummy mini white choc polar bears I think there cute this flavour is best for the people that have a sweet tooth

Let's bake the whole state of Alaska!

7 Mint Chocolate Chunk

I LOVE Mint chocolate chip ice cream! I am a total sucker for it!


Absolutely delicious.. 10 Across the boards for this one!

The best mint chunk in the world

8 Caramel Chew Chew

How is this #12? This is the best ice cream ever to exist. The ice cream is delicious, I love how they put an extra caramel swirl in there to really help kick off the flavour. And I haven't even mentioned the mouthwatering chocolate cups filled with rich caramel. Honestly, when I first tried this ice cream I felt like I was going to melt. If you haven't tried this ice cream, I would 100% recommend it.

The best, sweetest, most refreshing and satisfying flavour in all of human history, without a question.

Feels like heaven :P

This should be number one on the list!

9 Cherry Garcia

Its basicly saying Jerry Garcia

So Smooth With Bits Of Cherries And Just The Right Amount Of Chocolate Pieces And Not To Sweet But Just Perfect... Love It. I Buy In Single Serve 1/2 Cup Because If I didn't I Would Eat What Ever I buy All At One time

It is the perfect mix of textures from the crunchy chocolate to the soft cherry bites, and the perfect balance of sweetness and creaminess. I could easily eat a whole tub of this!

The absolute best in the world! I crave this ice cream daily. The frozen yogurt is just as good as the regular Cherry Garcia. I need to get me some now...

10 Coconutterly Fair

I do NOT like coconuts. Probably not the flavor for me.

Best ice cream ever!

Absolutely delicious! Chocolatey but not heavy with a sweet, light crunch. And what's better it's (cocon) utterly fair

The Contenders

11 Fossil Fuel

Just so the best the sweet cream ice cream the treacle peace signs the delicious chunks of cookies and a fudge swirl. Just heaven. - cameronbrown

12 Milk & Cookies

Half baked sucks. Mainly because b&j' chocolate ice cream sucks. Now this flavor is the real deal. Real cookies, awesome VANILLA ice cream, and to top it all off a chocolate cookie swirl to fill in the empty spaces. The BEST Ben and Jerry's flavor of all time. (P.s., half baked sucks.)

Mm I love milk and cookies ice cream even more the chocolate which for me is saying a lot - hollyleafforever

Great flavor! Imagine if they made a donut flavor. Wait, do they have one?

Like an orgasm in a pint!

13 New York Super Fudge Chunk

Absolutely delicious dark chocolate ice cream with the kick of chocolate covered almonds is amazing. Also, don't forget the dark and white chocolate chunks! They melt in your mouth and tastes like heaven! All of them mixed together is just the best flavor you could ever taste and dream of. The first scoop of that ice cream just gives you the chills and you just want to eat the whole pint. Well, that is New York Super Fudge Chunk to you!

The Extraordinarily rich Chocolate flavor of the ice cream and the ice creams smoothness are the start. I read recently where New York Super Fudge Chunk was the number two flavor behind Phish Phood. Who knows? I bought Phish Phood tonight just to get the taste of number one. I will try it later. Then comes the slabs of white and dark chocolate and the nuts.
I love to let the white chocolate melt in my mouth, its extra sweet contrasting with the dark chocolate ice cream taste and the dark chocolate chunks melting too. And then the crunch and taste of the nuts. N Y S F C has been my favorite flavor for many years.

At first, I was a bit skeptical about nuts in my ice cream along with chocolate and vanilla but this is BEAUTIFULLY MADE! I had it one time and I cannot wait to try it again

The best. ! I love the nuts along with yummy chocolate! Makes it nutritious! The best by far! From a beautiful in shape 70 year old!

14 Karamel Sutra

It's perfect, superior to all other flavors. This would be #1 if everyone tried it

The most underrated of flavours; I cannot turn down that delicious caramel core, or the caramel ice cream on one side with chocolate chip on the other! Wow!

No way this should be ranked 25th.. Top 5 for sure. Wake up people!

This is so sweet, I love caramel and chocolate in it

15 Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz

Absolutely the best! I am addicted. I drive around store to store when sold out in my local market! Just the right amount of coffee flavor with espresso bean flavor with huge chocolate chunks. Please don't resign this flavor!

Coffee AND Chocolate!? Definitely my favorite flavor!

I don't buy any other flavors besides this one.

Out of this world!

16 Strawberry Cheesecake

My best friend Camilla and I were at a candy kiosk and instead of getting the usual candy, Camilla made us have some ice cream from the mini-fridge. There was Ben & Jerry's in the fridge and my friend said I had to try at least ONE Ben & Jerry's flavor. I was going to grab Cookie Dough but my friend stopped me and said that I should get Strawberry Cheesecake. My friend agreed to pay for the ice cream if I got Strawberry Cheesecake so it was a done deal. I thought it would taste disgusting, because I don't usually get fruity ice cream flavors. I mainly stick with chocolate and vanilla. As soon as I took a bite, I fell in love. It was strawberry ice cream, which I suddenly realized was delicious, and it had chunks of cheesy cheesecake in it. Mainly I hate cheesecake, I just can't stand the flavor... But when I tried this my taste buds were brought to a whole new level. Every time we visit that candy kiosk I forget about my favorite candy and I dive into the mini-fridge hoping that I ...more


I had doubts about what it would taste like but my friends said it was good. When I tried it was really
Surprised that it actually tasted like cheesecake! Its been far my favourite yet! My first impression was that ITS AMAZING! Whenever I get an ice cream in good strait to the strawberry cheesecake. Best invention ever!

Exquisitely delicious, I finally tried it last night and it was better than I expected. Deserves top 3

17 AmeriCone Dream

AmeriCone Dream is the BEST flavor. If you haven't tried it you have to! It has caramel and fudge covered bits of ice cream cone. In addition to being AMAZING, all the proceeds from this flavor go to charity. The only reason this flavor isn't #1 is not enough people have tried it!

Hands down the best B&J flavor, and I've tried them all! Their vanilla ice cream is amazing, almost like soft serve, and the mix of ingredients is perfect! Like eating a "Drumstick" in a pint container!

This flavor is AMAZING! What is not to love about caramel vanilla icecream full of chocolate covered waffle pieces in almost every bite. Plus who to have represent it none other than Stephen Colbert himself. You just can't say no to the Colbert!

Official ice cream of Breaking Bad

18 Cheesecake Brownie

Tastes exactly like a cheesecake with brownies most realistic flavor by far

19 S'mores

In general, I could easily eat a pint of ice cream, but s'mores REALLY REALLY REALLY makes me want to eat the whole thing. The rich chocolate ice cream, delicious fudge chunks, marshmallows and gooey graham cracker concoction - you really can't ask for anything more...other than another pint.

Probably too sweet for some, but it is my favorite. The graham cracker swirl is the best part. If there are six of these in the grocer's freezer case, six will come home with me.

So delicious. creamy and smooth and makes me feel like it's a treat

The best EVER. Try TODAY.

20 Mint Chocolate Cookie

This is the best!

So so good. The huge cookie chicks are amazing and the mint ice cream isn't too minty. Sometimes you get a whole cookie! My absolute favorite B&J flavor.

The best!

By FAR the best ever...been eating this since the 90s

21 Neapolitan Dynamite
22 Banana Split

It is easier than making a banana split at home. The only thing you need is a spoon. I love banana splits. YUM

The banana really split in My mouth

Its like a party in my mouth

23 Lemonade Sorbet
24 Everything But The...

I love Ben and Jerry's ice cream and I've had lots of different kinds but this one is my favorite. Full peanut butter cups, white chocolate, vanilla and chocolate ice creams, fudge covered almonds... What's not to love!

Best flavor of ALL time. I'm devastated when my market is sold out!

Hands down my favorite!

Love it. The best.

25 Chocolate Therapy

Perfect for chocolate addicts like me! A great go-to for the slight overdose of sinfully indulgent chocolate ice cream!

I think this must be a gateway drug to marijuana.

This Ice Cream taste like a smooth chocolate moose.

26 Turtle Soup

Delicous the chocolate turtles are cool and the caramel chunks and the mint leaves are quality - cameronbrown

27 Clever Cookies

WHY THIS LOW? Vanilla ice cream with lots of cookies

28 Dough-ble Whammy
29 Cinnamon Buns

Cinnamon is delicious in many things, such as buns, but nothing can beat cinnamon ice cream. A true classic

This tastes like heaven! It tastes more like a Snickerdoodle dough in caramel ice-cream than Cinnamon buns - there is absolutely nothing yeasty about it (that's a good thing).

Yes this is my favorite ice cream flavor I have tried it before it's awesome.

This should be closer to the top

30 Coffee Heath Bar Crunch

It just really hits the spot after indulging with some of my favorite herb.

Can't believe this isn't #1

Coffee and Heath Bar, what a great combination. Love it!

A sweet and salty flavor that simply can not be beat!

31 Peanut Butter Cup

BEST FLAVOR EVER! I've tried so many flavors and nothing beats this one! The best part is the peanut butter ice cream! I always hate when the ice cream is just chocolate or vanilla in a peanut butter cup mix. The ice cream is so good it could stand alone and still be my favorite! But the rich peanuts butter cups are out of this world! And there's usually a generous amount which doesn't hurt one bit!

When our time is up on this earth, and the robotic archaeologists of tomorrow research into our lives, this ice cream flavour will be known as the greatest thing we have ever produced.

Easily the best flavor out there! The Ice Cream is absolutely delicious and the cups only add to the great taste! A must for all peanut butter lovers, I would really recommend this one

Best thing in the history of Ice Cream

32 Chubby Hubby

I really love chubby hubby. Just one thing were I live its hard to find in stores the closet place to find is about 15 miles away. I really want have it again and again and again I've only had it for about 5 or 6 times

Chubby Hubby is sometimes difficult to find in stores, which makes it that much more delicious when you find a pint. My long-time favorite.

Agreed. Just might be one of the best flavors & I'm surprised it's so low with votes..

Peanut butter, chocolate, pretzels and fudge.

Seriously? Do you even have to think about it?

33 Triple Caramel Chunk

It is so good with that creamy caramel texture

34 The Tonight Dough

The cookie swirl is the best damn part

Finally caved in and tried it, loved it. The peanut butter cookie dough was as amazing as I imagined and the cookie swirl tasted just like an Oreo pie crust.

This ice cream is heavenly, all of the different flavors just melt in your mouth and I could honestly eat this every day (if I didn't get too fat).

I love the tonight dough that's one of my favorite ice cream flavors of all time hands doen

35 Red Velvet Cake

This is by far the best flavor of B&J I HAD YET! This should be rated in the top 10! It tastes just like a red velvet cake. A nice creamy texture with chunks of delicious red velvet cake. You need to try it ASAP!

I love this flavor because, well, who doesn't just love red velvet cake? It's a southern favorite- now in the form of a delicious ice-cream flavor!

Mm one the best mixed with red velvet cake so amazing

I'm eating it right now the vote should be higher I'm surprised! They probably haven't tried it ^-^ it's so good

36 Late Night Snack

Simply the best. Fell in love with it while on holiday in the states and an just gutted that I never will get the chance to eat it again. Hate Fallon himself-much prefer Stephen Colbert-but adore Fallon's ice cream-and hate Colbert's ice cream, it tastes like cat droppings, but at least the proceeds go to charity, unlike Fallon's. Long story short, this ice cream is amazing!

YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM! This should be #1! I love the chocolate and the potato chips together!

It's is the best thing ever!

Why was it discontinued?

37 Cake Batter

Can't even believe its in last place! They need to sell it more as it is my absolute #1 flavor!

38 Chocolate Macadamia

The best, only thing to fight with my girl

39 Vanilla Caramel Fudge

Such simple goodness! What more can I say?..

Number one on my list. We buy them up when we see them at the store.
Slice up a banana put some VCF and top it off with whip cream with a cherry on top, ""

40 Cotton Candy

Love this ice cream should be year round flavor

The Best & My Kids Love It... But we can Never Find It! Please Help

Totally addicted! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Favorite flavor EVER!

Amazing! Please make it a year round flavor!

41 Pistachio Pistachio

Took a bite of a friend's and ended up eating half of it. I don't usually like nuts with ice cream, but this worked.

I just finished the whole container and I feel great! I agree 100% it's the best! Very few ingredients!

The best Pistachio ice cream ever. Sweet balanced with salty.

You Don't Even Know! Heaven!

42 Chocolate
43 Oatmeal Cookie Chunk

I can't find this flavor anywhere. I miss it so much. Can't go wrong with a vanilla ice cream cinnamon cookie raisin swirl. Ugh!

BEST FLAVOR EVER - cinnamon, oatmeal cookies and chocolate!

Bring it back

44 Vanilla Heath Bar Crunch

Why muddy up perfection... It's a perfect combo... And timeless

Love it -- but often they don't have it in the store.

45 Blondie Brownie

Absolutely love this ice cream here in Sweden, they should make one with Blondie only!

Best ever! Not too sweet with lovely blondie AND brownie bites! Core - amazing!

The core... Oh my god the core 😋

46 Imagine Whirled Peace

I like the ice cream flavor but hate how Yoko Ono is exploiting John Lennon's memory for money. I feel guilty liking this flavor.

47 Fairly Nuts

Why is this down here? I love nuts!

48 Willie Nelson's Peach Cobbler

Gotta get this local

Mr. Nelson would be pround of this flavor with his namesake. He could 'Go on the Road' with gallons of it.

49 Magic Brownies

You forgot the Dave Matthews Band part. It's "Dave Matthews band magic brownies"

The best ever. Last year, we bought out the remnants from last batch ever from the Vermont store in Waterbury. Fingers crossed that they bring it back some day.

50 Mission to Marzipan

What could be better than marzipan in ice cream?

Most almond-y flavored thing ever!

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