Best Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Flavors

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61 The Gobfather V 1 Comment
62 Peanut Butter World
63 Chocolate Peppermint Crunch
64 Berried Treasure
65 Coconut Seven Layer Bar
66 Oh My Apple Pie!
67 Cannoli

People in S. Jersey and Philly area are buying up the limited batches... Best ice cream I've ever tasted and I don't eat ice cream, till Ben & Jerry's cannoli I f I find it I Bering it to friends and families home as the dessert and it goes over big TIME! My family and friends are always asking where they can get it and we look for places for one another.. Please keep it permanently!

V 1 Comment
68 Wavy Gravy

Absolutely the best flavor... It has been brought out of the flavor graveyard more than any other flavor... Supposedly it cost more to make than they were selling it for

V 1 Comment
69 Brownie Batter

It's the best ever its like I'm baking brownies and picking the bowl and spoon its just good who ever is responsible for discontinuing this awesome flavor owes me a lot of money ( inside joke )

70 Jamaican Me Crazy
71 Berry Nice
72 Core Dough-Ble Whammy
73 Peanut Butter Me Up

Eating this now! It is nice but a bit sickly.. Only eat a small bit! -taliajoy

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74 Coffee Fudge Swirl
75 Liz Lemon

Perfect combo of some favorite light flavors!

So light and refreshing!

76 Mississippi Mud Pie

Why is this not on? Its by far the best best best best ice cream in the world

77 Key Lime Pie

Taste just like Key Lime Pie. I hate to say it, but beats Blue Bell!


78 Dulce Delish
79 Bonnaroo Buzz
80 Hannah Teter's Maple Blondie

So good people underestimate maple ice cream

Best flavor by far!

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