Best Better Than Ezra Songs


The Top Ten

1 Desperately Wanting Desperately Wanting
2 Sincerely, Me Sincerely, Me
3 At the Stars At the Stars
4 Closer Closer
5 This Time of Year This Time of Year
6 Extra Ordinary Extra Ordinary
7 A Lifetime A Lifetime
8 Good Good
9 King of New Orleans King of New Orleans
10 Rolling Rolling

The Contenders

11 Misunderstood Misunderstood
12 Breathless Breathless
13 In the Blood In the Blood
14 I Do I Do
15 Overcome Overcome
16 Crazy Lucky Crazy Lucky
17 Juicy Juicy
18 Nightclubbing Nightclubbing
19 American Dream American Dream
20 Absolutely Still Absolutely Still
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