Best Beyblade Bottoms

The top ten beyblade bottoms. Includes amazing 4-D bottoms, and good performance tip and spin track combos.

The Top Ten

1 B:D

B has so much stamina. It can beat F:s and F by a lot! It can also beat X and D. It can defiantly beat any regular bottom. B rules! - Kablooie789

It has the best stamina and balance my phantom Orion bd spun for 6 minutes 54 seconds and it it really good with the basalt/twisted fusion wheel

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2 135MS

This amazing combo can beat every bottom/bottom combo except for B. Personally, I was so mad when I lost my burn fireblaze I was about to hurt someone real hard. Awesome! - Kablooie789

3 F:D

This thing can beat ALL defense Beyblades. It's not very good against really good stamina types like B and 135MS... But other than that it's beast. - Kablooie789

4 F:S

Really good in defense and has somewhat good stamina. Pretty good against anything except for attack and really awesome stamina. Pretty good. - Kablooie789

I love it 😃 it is the best

5 C145S

Pretty good in stamina. When attacked attacks back! - Kablooie789

6 145WD

Nothing like good ol 145wd. Great in balance and defense and some stamina - Kablooie789

7 W105R2F

Super attack! Beat scythe Kronos easy. - Kablooie789

8 X:D

Cool stamina. Ouch! I touched it! - Kablooie789

9 125RDF

It has an ultimate attack- defense and great STAMINA!

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10 R145WB

The Contenders

11 WD

WD is very good it defeated every bottom of mine

12 TH170SD
13 BD145RDF
14 BD145DS
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