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261 L-Drago Destroy BD145CF
262 Phantom Orion 145WD
263 Gravity Destroyer WA130WD
264 Ray Lacerta 105D
265 Storm Kerbecs 105HF
266 Ray Capricorn 85HF
267 Flame Sagittario 230D

Good balance and stamina

268 Gravity Perseus 125HF

High attack not so high stamina

269 Hell Pegasus (Galaxy) BD145EWD

High stamina my best bey but its low on defense

Good stamina my best bey low defense

270 Basalt Fox WD145WD

Great defense and attack

271 Diablo Cetus 130 WD

Great defense and attack not so high stamina

272 Flame Virgo 90 DS
273 Killer Scorpio UW145 D
274 Thermal Orion AD145 JB
275 Earth Pegasus (Storm) W105 ES

Good attack stamina and defense

276 Rock Gasher 145 D
277 Counter Eagle Wa130 SF

High attack it's tip spins it and the metal wheel hits hard

278 MF Infinity Libra 85 WD

Good defense and balance it has a low track so when its dying it uses up less stamina cause it never touches the ground

279 Earth Bull 100 CS

It is really good. At the beginning, it acts like an attack type, capable of knocking opponents out of the stadium, then once it loses spin power, it acts like a stamina/defense type, deflecting most attacks.

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280 Twisted Nemesis C145 EWD

It has really good defense and stamina, plus the spin track helps defend from low attackers. It can withstand most attacks and even deflected a Cosmic Striker W105 RF smash attack.

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