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301 Blitz Striker WA130BSF
302 Crusher Bull

Great attack and stamina

303 M2F Phantom Nemesis B:D

My best stamina bey. Usually just sits in the center of the stadium. It V. S my illegal Beyblade lightning gemios and barely took a hit.

304 Jade Orion X:D

Has incredible balance with tons of defense. One of my best beys. When it's just about to die the balls go to the inside and gives it more speed. Also X can change between attack, defense, and stamina even in attack mode the balls give It more stamina.

305 Diablo Kerbecs BD145 MS

Very powerful. Almost as heavy as Diablo Kerbecs bd145 MB but has better stamina. I also worn down my metal on ms and made it more attack like to give it better power.

306 Duo Phoenix

Very powerful stamina mixed with defense has very strong balance can beat twisted eagle easily so vote for it.

307 Diablo Kerbecs TR145W²D
308 Sythe Destructor SA165WD
309 Diablo Kerbecs F:S

Very strong combo has lots of attack power and I wore down my F:S performance and has strong attack and stamina power. Vote for him he's got amazing strength

310 Gravity Destroyer AD145 WD

It is the best

311 Earth Serpent TR145d
312 Phantom Orion AD145 EWD
313 Earth Eagle DF145 WD

It is one of the best combos created. Defeats all Beyblades including Diablo Nemesis in all modes.

314 Earth Galaxy Perseus AD145WD
315 Earth Zurafa B:D

Good for defense and excellent for stamina

316 Phantom Libra 85ES

Attacks from low and awesome stamina

317 Poison Fox T125XF

Really good attack power with good endurance

318 Earth Fireblaze AD145 WD
319 Omega Gemios T125 WD

It broke my big bang pegasis into 2 pieces and it broke my pc frame also

320 Twisted Gemios FD

It's the best Beyblade.

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