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81 Twisted Kerbecs R145WD

He is a really good defense type and his weight is incredible. Thanks to his spin track: R145 can he absorb hits from low beys and then the damage is like nothing

82 Flame Gemios 100RF

It is a attack type and a defense type it is so awesome it even beat meteo l drago and lightning l drago.

83 Hyper Orso SW145JB

Great defense bey I have even beaten basalt horogium

84 Twisted Byxis 230WD
85 Twisted Lacerta GB145HF

It pushed grand cetos around like it was 1 ounce it can knock every bey off balance like in 30 seconds it was awesome

86 Flame Orso D125B V 2 Comments
87 Dark Pegasus H145ES

The eternal sharp tip gives it stamina, the the horns give it defense/attack, the dark fusion wheel makes it balanced, the cyber/galaxy/storm pegasus clear wheel gives it attack, and the cyber/galaxy/storm pegasus facebolt gives it style. This bey is OUTSTANDING!

88 Twisted Wolf D125WD
89 Twisted Herculeo AD145 HF
90 Flame Tempo 105 D
91 Storm Pegasis SW145HF


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92 Hell Befall AD145 EWD
93 Metal Face Twisted Lacerta AD145 MS
94 Earth Eagle ED145
95 Hades Aqurio 90LW

An awesome attack type and is even better in the Mobile Stadium! Vote and #1!

96 Evil Rex UW145D
97 Hades/Hell Kerbecs BD145WD

An epic Beyblade with great stamina and defense.
Despite being an stamina or balance type (i don't really know)does it have nice attack. Its also nice that he's a large wheel and spin track. Just a few of my Beyblades can beat it!

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98 Death Pegasus 90D

This guy should be number 1 because I made twisted eagle and he crushed him.

This Beyblade is amazing! It crushed twisted eagle and earth eagle.

It's really good! Death is a top tier fusion wheel and Pegasus is perfect for this combo!

99 Earth Pegsus ED105BS V 2 Comments
100 Flame Virgo CH120 D V 2 Comments
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