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101 Hell Pegasis AD130RF V 1 Comment
102 Grand Byxis 230 Metal MB Tip
103 Gravity Perseus M145 WD
104 Earth Bull 100wd
105 Cyber Striker D125ES

It's a Good Balance Beyblade

106 Burn Jupiter 145ds

I thought bout this in my head


107 Thermal/Flame Pegasus II D125 MB

I know everyone says "my combo is the best" I'm just gonna say my bey is pretty good. It defeated meto ldrago CH120 WD and won and I think that how to you can tell if its good or not.

V 1 Comment
108 Galaxy Pisces T125R2F
109 Meteo L-Drago 85R2F

This Beyblade is a very fast spin stealer and has amazing attack due to the rubber flat tip, the low spin track, the fusion wheel and energy ring.

110 Diablo Kerbecs X:D.

This is just a Diablo Nemesis, with a Kerbecs energy ring.

Looks like it is loosing, but it's not! It can defeat big bang pegasus, IR Spin control Beyblades, and L-drago destroy!

111 Death Quetzalcoatl GB145ES

It's the best Beyblade I have ever seen and I have been playing Beyblades for a LONG TIME!

It is the best Beyblade. It has never been defeated. It has great balance, awesome attack, fantastic defense and great stamina. It can spin for 4 minutes! It has beaten every bey even phantom orion and cosmic pegasis. It is undefeatable

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112 Thermal Kerbecs AD145WD

This bey beat earth eagle

113 Scythe Striker T125FB

Has really good stamina

114 Blitz Striker T125FB

Sounds like a good combination. My combintion for my blitz striker is T125ES. Special moves are lightning sword flash, flash of lightning, lightning cyclone strike

115 Beat Striker T125SF
116 Storm Pegasus 135MS

It is a mix of attack and stamina it's attacks are supreme it's stamina in awesome

117 Phantom Kerbecs 105 FS
118 Burn Pegasus 90 JB
119 Gargoyle Wyvang SA165CS
120 Diablo Nemesis 85 RF
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