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121 Diablo Nemesis 85 RF
122 Flash Orion BD145 MB

It broke the energy ring and my do spin track on My winged pegasus

123 Samurai Ifrit W145CF

Samurai Ifrit W145CF is a beyblade, not a combo.

124 Variares SW145WB
125 Evil Sagittario 105WD
126 Burn Gemios 85JB
127 Rock Capricorn D:D

Great mode change from delta drive and pretty good defense from rock and the weight of delta drive. Also good stamina in sharp mode.

128 Hell Cetus GB145WD

It looks really cool and powerful looks to have a strong spin this bey in brilliant lets work hard and make this # 1

129 Scythe Nemesis B:D BB 118

Its sick can not be beaten unbeatable stamina and still loads of power lasts foreva know one has ever beaten it

130 Dark Eagle R145BS
131 Earth Leone 145D

My beys all rock, but this one rules.

Awesome! Beat my Earth Eagle!

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132 Lightning L-drago AD145WD
133 Screw Eagle DF145 MF
134 Spiral Capricorn ED145 WD
135 Flame Tempo 90 WD
136 Flame Befall AD145 EWD
137 Hades Herculeo 105 DS
138 Hades Bull 100 RF
139 Earth Gasher GB145SD
140 MF Twisted Bull GB145 WD
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