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141 MF Diablo Nemesis B:D
142 Flame Zurafa 145D
143 Gravity Destroyer 145WD

It beats all the beys in my neighborhood such as Meteo L-Drago, Thermal Lacerta, and Poison Byxis.

144 Death Pegasus 90D

This guy should be number 1 because I made twisted eagle and he crushed him.

This Beyblade is amazing! It crushed twisted eagle and earth eagle.

It's really good! Death is a top tier fusion wheel and Pegasus is perfect for this combo!

145 Rock Scorpio 145 WD

Good defense and knock lots of beys out great combo

146 Earth Virgo 140wd

Just like earth eagle but people who don't have eagle can make it really good was my best for a month or 2

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147 Duo Aquario 230D
148 Duo Bull TH170RSF
149 Phantom Leone W105D

Can beat Thermal Pisces, Burn Fireblaze, Beat Lynx, Earth Virgo and Lightning L- Drago!

150 Poison Scorpio 145WD
151 Flame Byxis 230 WB
152 Meteo L-Drago Destroy 100 XF

It can beat any bey. It has attack, defense and stamina.

153 Gravity Perseus ED145 WD

Strongest combination. No bey can beat it.

154 Thermal Fireblaze CH120 D
155 M2F Twisted Rex TR145 EWD

It is Able to beat Phantom Orion and Diablo Nemesis

156 Burn Lacerta LW105 MS

Burn lacerta spins for 9 min best stamina bey DF145 for better attack

157 Duo Cygnus W145EWD
158 Twisted Cancer TH170EWD

Great for Stamina and Defense and can beat a numerous amount of Beyblades! Even might be able to beat Twisted Eagle AD145WD!

159 Diablo Cancer D:D
160 Twisted Orion TH170WD

It can demolish Twisted Eagle AD145WD in Less than 30 Seconds!

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