Big Bang Pegasus


Its sounds awesome and id love to see it in battle do you know when it comes out I'm definitely going to buy it

Great, it can use sf in f to hit your opponent to the edges of the stadium and kill them with rf after that.


I like Big Bang Pegasus because of it's final drive it could K. O the rarest Beyblades

It's the best bey ever. It defeated by my fang leone, flame sagittario, timer, earth eagle, poison serpent, gravity destroyer and all the other bey I had.

I don't know much about big bang pegasis but lots of people says its strong

I want big bang pegasus 'cause it has 4 modes and its final drive is so cool! - janmarquiecorderotenorio

It is so strong it beaten fang leone, scythe Kronos, Hell kerbecs and all of my beyblade including archer gryph put this at number 1 it destroys earth eagle in 1 second and in battle it can change mode if launch very hard good starter bey if you are gonna buy a bey pick this one out

Big Bang Pegasus is a reall good Beyblade that can beat ANY other Beyblade. It knocked Diablo Nemesis out of the stadium with one powerful hit. When its F.D. activates (Final Drive) it knocks everything out of the stadium.

I have big bang pegasus it rocks! It can beat fang leone, earth eagle etc

It is really cool because I'm getting it soon in gold and I think it should number 1 other than some really really really really really really really really really really stupid earth eagle go big bang pegasus whoo ho

It is the awesomest bey ever...
Every one please vote.

It is the strongest. It can even defeat Diablo Nemesis in reality. It should be on top.

Awesome Threesome Man. Let it Rip

It is awesome beaten all my beys

Big Bang Pegasus it's the best Beyblade! My friend have ldrago destroy and beat him always. Big Bang Pegasus it's good at attack! I think he can beat earth deagle, rock leone and more Beyblades. IT'S THE BEST Beyblade!

I love this bey and by the way my name is hassan ali haydar from Lebanon Asia

I have no idea how the heck big bang pegasus was listed under all of those especialy lightning l-drago
This is only my opinion but I think he should at least be number 5

Beat all my beys like all the metal fusion ones and a few of the matal masters

I love big bang he is so awesome he can beat any bey even diable nemisis

Bigbang pegasus is the best Beyblade. It beats my basalt horogium, lihtingldrago, storm pegasusand more. He has very good defense and attack power.

I have a big bang pegasus it can beat my meteo l drago. The stamina is fine but not camparable to rock leone. Though it does have four modes. And the fd is great. More beys it can beat are dark wolf, rock leone, flame saggetario, ray unicorno, diablo nemisis, flame libra, gravity pereus, basalt horogium, and earth eagle. There's way moe but I can't name all of them. When I go to my friends houses I can destroy all of their beys just with this one.

Big Bang Pegasis has four very good modes, omni mode, barrage mode, smash mode, and upper mode. All four modes have brocken a bey! Big Bang is awesome

I think that Big Bang pegausus is the always gets stadium knock beat l drago destroyer by a slight touch! PLEASE BUY IT.

Big bang pegasus beetz every bey even burn fireblaze and mateo ldrago if you don't believe me go on you tube and check it out it is one of the best bey blades so go on and check burn fireblaze vs big bangpegasus on YouTube big bang pegasus will win! BIG BANG PEGASUS IS THE best B ELIEVE ME VOTE 4 THIS BEY!

Its an legendary bey it have 3 modes. It defeat lightning l drago, meteo l drago rock loene, fang leone and bialbo nemisis and all other bey