Earth Eagle


I think earth eagle is the strongest bey it has a good stamina and his attack and defense powers are unbeatable. Once I fought against six beys flame sagitario, meteo l drago, pheonix, flame libra, earth virgo and evil gemios and my bey, earth eagle, defeated 4 of them by sending them out of the stadium and 2 of them I defeated inside the stadium.

I have an earth eagle. It is so good in balance due to its performance tip and also spin track. I like it so much.

It's the best Beyblade in metal fusion. I have all the Beyblade metal fusion collection and earth eagle has beaten all of them and even the manufactures say that it's the best. Earth eagle is the best Beyblade in the whole Beyblade metal fusion series.

earth eagle is the best bey because this bey have defense and stamina so its really hard to beat him, and beside this bey is not to expensive so I really recommended you all to buy this bey, and this bey can beat many beys, for examples Meteo L Drago, Lightning L Drago and many other beys, and also this bey is pretty cool

Earth Eagle (Aquila) Rocks, He can beat many bey, because this bey has defense and stamina and its really difficult to beat him, and also this bey is not too expensive, if you want unbeatable bey, you can buy this one, its really good,

I think it's performance tip rox and I also feel it's the best real life beyblade. It also looks real cool while it's spinning. And one advice if you tilt the launcher while the beyblade on it it turns out to be an attacking type but if you tilt it backwards it turns out to be a stamina type. Thats why it so cool and powerful...

I have Earth eagle and I have won a royale battle in 1 mintue against storm pegasus, lightning l-drago, evil gemious, Saggitarrio, Ice dragoon and dark bull.

Earth Eagle is the strongest bey ever. It has amazing defense and a lot of stamina. Eagle can last longer in a battle because of its wide defense performance tip that allows it to spin longer at a slower speed. Mine has beaten Flame Byxis, Burn Fireblaze, Gravity Destroyer (Perseus), Earth Virgo, Galaxy Pegasus, Lightning L Drago, Twisted Tempo, Grand Cetus (Blue), Thermal Pisces, and Storm Pegasus.

Earth Eagle is pretty good, but very bad with today's new Zero-G and 4D system parts. The Energy Ring Eagle has good synergy with the Fusion Wheel Earth, causing even weight distrubution and more Stamina and Defense. The 145 Spin Track is good for Attack and Stamina, but still outclassed with today's new parts. WD is top tier for Stamina. Overall this Beyblade is a great buy, but can't measure up to new beys. Be sure to customize it by putting a 100 Spin Track and a Metal Face and you will DESTROY!

I have Earth Wolf but I am getting Earth Eagle soon. My friend has Earth Eagle and I have exactly the same parts but the energy ring and the face bolt. Other wise I have a earth eagle

This beyblade can beat anyone! Right before he dies he always attacks the opponent back! I got this beyblade from a double pack with dark libra! He can beat Burn Fireblaze, Dark Libra, Legend Cyber Pegasus, Rock Giraffe, Counter Leone, Rock Orso, Thermal Pisces, Ray Striker, Flame Byxis, Storm Pegasus, and 20 more!

I believe this is a great beyblade caused by its undefeatable wide defensive performance yip and solid metal fusion wheel. This also makes this bey a all-time unique one.

His is the most amazing bey in one hit I took out a lightning l-drago I also beat a dark bull mad gasher dark wolf storm pegasus rock leone and five others

earth eagle has a very strong attacks it defeated rock leone, gravity perseus, meteo ldrago, ray unicorn, dark bull, hell kerbecs, galaxy peguses and evil gemios which I played with my friends as 10 bey battles

Unfortunately I have most of all of the real beyblades. Earth eagle owns them all! Storm Capricorn is a piece. Eagle broke him! Vote for him

It is best because its performance tip is wide. It beats burn fireblaze also.
It has also beaten storm pegasus, storm aquario, rock scorpio, lighning l drago and even poison giraffe.

earth eagle has broken my friends flame saggitarios wings and broke his brothers flame capricorns part that makes its tip move!

My earth eagle beat two storm pegusis's, one lightning ldrago,1 poison serpant and 1 rock leone. in a six bey battle

I love earth eagle because it has defeated my friends storm pegasus and dark wolf. And it has a really strong balance

earth eagle can beat meatro L drago and earth virgo also and other bays. really buy it and vote for earth eagle

Earth eagle is best bayblade it can beat metro l drago, earth virgo also it can spin 2 minutes 57 seconds.

Earth eagle is the best Beyblade in the world. It has a wide defense tip and it can spin for 3mins 16secs. It is the best for me. If anyone is going to buy a bey, they should definitely buy earth eagle

This bey is EPIC on the show and in real life too! Earth Eagle is on every thing, Top ten strongest, Top ten stamina, and Top ten attack, and just plane Strongest! The only thing he is not on is Top ten worst beys! Earth Eagle literally always wins! VOTE FOR EAGLE AND BUY HIM TOO!

Its just amazing it spins like anything this is the best bey in the world

I don't have, it... but, I've seen it spin. It can take out rock leone!