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61 Midnight Bull
62 Cyber Aquario
63 Grand Cetus

Grand Crown is awesome. It has the greatest fusion wheel, spin track, and tip. It is the best. And you thing Galaxy Pegasus is good, well it stinks it spins for less than half of a minute.

Its awesome beyblade. Seriously it can also Earth Eagle. Its rubber tipping so even we can play silently and it spins till 4 minutes.

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64 Death Quetzalcoatl

It has the best defense ever none of my attack beys can make a stadium out. But not best bey. It does not have good stamina

It's the best when I ripped it hit l drago destroy in mid air and knocked out and slid like three feet across the floor

He is so beast. It is almost impossible that he is 63! He is defense and attack he deserves better than 63

65 Wing Pegasus

He's the best beyblade of all time that's not a comment that's a fact
- adrian123

It is best Beyblade it won to every but phantom orian and variares defeat it by the way its cool

This Beyblade is best with eagle and all pegasis and have a stronger in atack mode : 2 is the Beyblade of the comic ultimate bladers

66 Vulcan Horuseus

Great bey beats most of my beys really good defense and attack but string launcher really makes aggressive

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67 Aries

A good bey I used it in a tournament and it got me to the semifinals beaten by a Japanese kid with thermal Pisces but an excellent bey

Its performance tip is good and its energy ring is cool and its good for conbinding them

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68 Dark Leone

This Bey is superb because it defeated my kerbecs, lacarte, basalt and my leone - PRAVEENROCKS

69 Ultimate Aquario
70 Dark Libra

It's a really good bey. I beat my friends six times with it and it rocks! You really need to get it.

71 Ultimate Meteo L Drago
72 Evil Pisces

This beats earth Virgo and knocks it out it's peformance tip is awesome and it's great at defense my favorite blade

73 Flame Capricorn

he could do he's snipper shot so he is power full.

74 Cyber Pegasus

It is awesome at attack he spins around the stadium and attacks every beybladehe isn't the legend he is the red one

This bey is really amazing. When I shoot it, it spins around the arena and it takes out all of the the competition.

I have one... Its about an average Beyblade. I reccommend it at about an average level.

75 Fusion Hades

Fusion hades because it beat twisted tempo and earth eagle

76 Torch Aries

He is awesome his whole bey looks sweet and his defense is unbelievably strong

77 IR Galaxy Pegasus

It's amazing cause last year it had beated 10 of l-Drago destroyer in 2sec!

78 Rock Gasher

Why is this so low? It beat cyber pegasus and was still going strong! Great pt good defense and stamina

79 Thunder Leon

He is so awesome amazing stamina and can beat ray striker, galaxy Pegasus and thermal Pisces

I don't know why they put it no.63 but since I got it I never lost a match and who ever put numbe 63 has something wrong in his/or her brian loovveit!

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80 Poison Virgo

Well first blue is my favorite color and the stamina this beyblade has is amazing, it gets hit and it gets back up. This beyblade has won a friendly tournament with my friends. Its fusion wheal looks awesome better than the earth fusion wheel. And for those people that say this beyblade is bad I challenge you to a beyblade competition...

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