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81 Screw Capricorn

This one have a great and fantastic metal wheel, it can Knock out the other bey by once, even its spin has getting slow, its still can knock out my thermal pisces, and dark bull

Screw capricorn is the most powerful bey in the world. It could beat any Beyblade with one hit

82 Legend Counter Leone

My legend counter defeated gravity perseus. Grand cetus and earth eagle. It is the best of all please vote for me.

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83 Big Bang Pegasus DX

Big bang pegasus is the best because pegusus beat nemisis and l drago did not. L drago is VERY strong but it lost. Big bang pegasus is the best.

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84 Earth Goyle V 1 Comment
85 Mercury Anubis
86 Hyper Orso

Best bey blade
It has excellent stamina and mostly K.O. other beyblade

Awesome Beyblade must buy it, strong defense type with best tip, has O. K stamina

87 Burn L Drago

It has great stamina and attack and beats almost all other beys

88 Storm Leone
89 Rock Eagle
90 Fury Capricorn

The fury wheel is unique to this bey it can deflect attacks and can some powerful smash attack

He stops your bey for 3-5 seconds and he's defeated every bay in the book including ledgendary twisted tempo

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91 Poison Pegasus
92 Torch Gemios

It is very good in balance and attack this bey can defeat all of those pegasus it is a goodgood bey it also beating ldrago in an epic battle the bey is also great in stamina it is also beating earth eagle and cyber pegasus

He can defeat earth eagle and by the way dioblo nemasis is at the top he have deafeted big bank pegasis, fang leon, flash sageterrio and many others together

93 Inferno Sagittario

Best bey ever creams all my beys (161 beys) with like 3 minutes

It spins for a very long time and if you remove the tip it will beat storm pegasus easy.

94 Legend Thunder Libra
95 Earth Capricorn

It has won against burn fire blaze, hades kerbecks, gravity destroyer, earth eagle, diablo nemesis, fang leone, flame saggitaro, flash saggitaro, fire fuse dark helm, jade jupiter, thermal lacerate, rock zurafa, because of it's defense power from in a seme flat defense poformence tip

96 Poison Scorpio

This bey blade has a remarkable speed and attack and it is useful against any type.

97 Ray Leone

It beat Pegasus, destroyer, earth eagle, one of my favorite rock leone

98 Dark Wolf DF Red

It is the number 1 Beyblade in history

99 Earth Aquario
100 Earth Zurafa
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