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101 Torch Libra

It's spin track has rubber on it and by look at it looks like a stamina but it's balance

102 Grand Crown
103 Thermal Tempo

Thermal Tempo is a made up Beyblade but if you have thermal fusion wheel and twisted tempo make the combonation :D

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104 Basalt Virgo

Its very strong bey. It have a strong defend and powerful attack he beat l drago destroy and hell kerbecs

105 Night Virgo

I think night Virgo should be #1 because I've have trained him when I was five it has the best attacks ever I have 20 beys and night Virgo beat them all I found a special move online called pumble whack and my time tracker bey launcher gives him a boost of power if you keep training him it will be the best bey ever if you keep spinning it across the rug it will help him spin faster he should be the top bey try to look online to try to find ways to train beys or keep ripping it to get it spin really fast or try to find a way to get your arm stronger so you can rip really fast yet again night Virgo should be #1!

Night virgo is the best. I have a special move called Virgo slow driver. While the other bey is burning stamina in the middle of the stadium virgo moves slowly around the stadium and comes in with a crushing blow.
It combines defense and stamina so well It is almost invincible

106 Earth Hourseus
107 Burn Pegasus
108 Earth Leone

It's a great beyblade combination if you want a good stamina & attack bey. I recommend this bey because it beats lightning l Drago and is amazing against Storm Lacerta. Thermal Lacerta vs. Earth Leone is 50/50.

109 Cosmic Pegasus

I have this bey and I'm gonna win the world championships. When you first get it its hard to control but after a while it can defeat any bey.

Cosmic Pegasus is the best bey in the hole wide world with cosmic Pegasus me and him will be the number one bey battlers in the world

Cosmic Should Be Higher My Friend He Has It It Destroyed Rock Zurafra Galaxy Pegasus And Pegasus Jumper But It Can't Defeat My Beys

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110 Burn Wolf

Best bey ever it is way better than earth eagle and can beat all my friends best beys

This Beyblade can beat every metal master I have including Ray Striker.

111 Ultimate Meteo L-Drago Absorb

It's awesome. I launched hades kerbecs with a great launcher and then I spun l drago with my hand and L drago WON! It really does have spin but it's most effective if you spin it with your hand. You can get it at target for about ten dollars

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112 Tornado L-drago

He can beat tornado leon in less than 3min

113 Earth Libra

Best Bey ever! All you need to so is the traditional Libra face bolt, Dark Libra energy ring, Earth eagle fusion wheel, Storm Pegasus spin track, and Earth Eagle performance tip. It is awesome! None of the other Beys can even touch it!

Earth Libra is so cool! All you need to do is: Libra Energy Ring, Earth Fusion Wheel, virgo Spin Track, and any WB Performance Tip. Test it for yourself!

114 Darkus Knight
115 Earth Fireblaze

I love this bey because it has excellent stamina and defense

116 Kreis Cygnus

Knocked all my Beyblades completely out even l drago gaurdian

117 Dark Eagle

It is evolve of earth eagle but stronger it even beat my earth virgo eagle and tornado leone eagle

118 Rock Wolf

5 star, looked it up. Beats all my beys I customized all them, they are all better than they had been. Easily beats evil pixes and also easily beats lightning l drago. Even beat earth eagle like he was nothing.

119 Thermal Gemios

Whoever put Thermal Gemios in nearly last place is a fool. Thermal Gemios is absolutely the-bomb, and his tactics and tributes in his explosive battle action are definitely the greatest! Thermal Gemios is also super strong, and out of my big huge collection, Thermal Gemios is my third best. Because he's so strong, he can make Thermal Lacerta look like garbage in comparison.

120 Thermal Virgo
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