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141 Dark Gemios
142 Tornado Lacerta
143 Twisted Kerbecs

It is so heavy with GB145 and MB or WD. It can beat meteo l drago, diablo nemesis, and ties with phantom orion. You should make the combanation Twisted Kerbecs Gb145 CS, RS, WD, or MB. You wont regret it against earth eagle, rock leone, hades kerbecs, twisted tempo, galaxy pegasus and l drago destroy. Only duo uranus can beat it if you are EXPERT with the 320WD stratagy. Please make this combo it is number ONE!

144 Midnight Leone

I made it and its strong good stamina and great balance but midnight kinda sucks so if you want change it to basalt (twisted) for more defense or storm or galaxy for agility on the stadium

145 Ultimate Gravity Destroyer Stamina

It has a good stamina and defense it beat all (209) beys including Grand Cetus, Night Cetus, Gravity Destroyer, Flame Byxis, Rock Leone, and Rock Zurafa you have to change the tip on him to a stamina or attack keep the gravity balls on him

This Beyblade has a lot of streght and defeated my ultimate l-drago absorb, flame libra, poison zurafa and storm/galaxy pegasus

146 Burn Bull

This is one of the best beys I've ever made (yes this is a custom Beyblade) it beat all of my beys, even hell kerbecs

147 Galaxy Cancer

It's awesome it is really powerful it could beat any attack type Beyblade

148 Lighting Eagle
149 Rock Uranus

Beat all beys except kreis cygnus and wing pegasis

150 Dark Virgo

Dark virgo230 wd he beat phantom Orion can spin for 2 minutes

151 Vulcan Uranus

He beat scythe Kronos

152 Earth Nemesis
153 Burn Phoenix

It is the most awesome Beyblade

154 Prototype Nemesis

This bey beat my diablo nemesis, fang leone and earth eagle it is so good buy it

155 Samurai Ifrit

This bey has insane attack power and is good against stamina types like saggitario

156 Flame Sagittario
157 Duo Pegasus T125 WD

It is amazing strong attack good defense awesome stamina I would call it a balance type

158 Duo Uranus 230WD

This I one of the best beys, it is a great stamina type, but it definitely can do some damage. Don't under estimate beys that you haven't heard of, because some times they can pack a punch! Not only did it beat Galaxy Pegasus badly, Earth eagle was also beaten! So whether you are with me or not I am sticking with my bey. But if you will, I will take a vote! Lol. ( P.S test it yourself in the end I am pretty sure you will get the same result )

159 Hades

This Beyblade can definitely destroy almost every Beyblade if this does not make it to number 1 seat that is so crazy because it rocks and it has good attack and good stamina and defense

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