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1 Meteo L Drago Meteo L Drago Product Image

It really has spin steal AND DOESN'T EVEN HAVE ANY BALANCE ISSUES, SO IT KEEPS GETTING FASTER THE more it dashes the opponent, IT KILLS EARTH EAGLE, and that's why it's the #1!

I bought meteo L drago and it was a really cool bey it kept on attacking my ray unicorno like hell until it was crushed.


I bought it recolored with twisted befall bd145 RSF and I got the pack for a few reasons and I tried meteo l Drago first and it looked really cool and made an really cool noise because of the LF tip (my other LF that came with l Drago destructor got worn out so I traded it to a friend for a used WD). The twisted befall had low stamina because the bd145 was stuck in attack mode (on purpose) but it looked cool with the Spintrack being wider than the fusion wheel then I made them battle each other and meteo l Drago own and then I did a bunch of battles between them while I put my other beys back together and meteo l Drago won all of them except 1 and in that one I accidentally did a mislaunch but the battle was really close because of the spin steal (it's way better than the spin steal of l Drago destructor) and then I had it battle every single one of my other Beyblades and it won 8 and a half out of ten times, losing to my trained phantom Orion and tying against my diablo nemesis. You ...more

2 Earth Eagle Earth Eagle Product Image

Earth eagle never lost to my beyblades and I have lightning l Drago, storm aquario, dark bull, ? Libra, storm pegasus, and some other ones and I think earth eagle should be #1! BECAUSE HE RULES!

Earth Eagle (Aquila) is the best, beside he has defense he also has stamina and it will make him unbeatable. And also eagle (Aquila) also has a counter attack. You should buy it. Beside earth eagle so not too expensive.

No joke, Earth Eagle beat 2 Meteo L Drago's 2 Rock Leon's and Pegasus. I don't know why Dark Libra is not on the list though. My favourite's are Earth Eagle, Meteo L Drago, Rock Leon and Dark Libra.

He is 10 times better than Meteo and Earth wolf is the same thing its ridiculous and this guy I can always put my trust in him to win!

3 Rock Leone Rock Leone Product Image

He is really good because he has high defense but acts and attacks like he is an attack type! Rock Leone for the win! VOTE FOR LEONE!

Rock leone is the best right next to burn pheonix and flame libra

This guy rocks, at first I thought this guy was attack but he is defense! This guy helped me defeat Dark Wolf! HE IS SO AWESOME

I've seen it do a lot of damage. It is a very strong battler. It hits hard and still has a lot of stamina and defense thanks to it's WB tip. Its cool.

4 Gravity Perseus Gravity Perseus Product Image


Gravity Perseus is the best because he has those two modes. Plus he looks very good because of the details put on him. Why he is good because Perseus in Greek mythology he slayed Medusa.

Really good bey in my opinion before he even can beat Dark Bull, Earth Eagle and my Storm Pegasus

It can beat a lot of Beyblades. I like this one. This one is good and looks really cool. My friends want it and so do I. I think he can beat L Drago... "... Max in Dallas.

5 Phantom Orion

Kills earth eagle! Destroys meteo ldrago! Vote phantom orion! He's the best beyblade ever! GO PHANTOM ORION!

It beat every bey of mine, including basalt horogium (nicknames "The Salted Hoagie"and combined with a light launcher 2, custom launcher grip and angle compass, it is unbeatable! It even beat meteo l-drago with wide defense(works really good) and flame lacerta. Vote now and buy this bey! May be spendy, but totally worth it!

It can spin about up to seven minutes and can outlast many beys. It also looks cool. So vote for this bey blade

People really, do your research and get a japanese Phantom Orion. If you do, you will never be the same blader. This beyblade is way too good but no one seems to even care and they think about the beys that stand out of everything. If you think this bey is terrible, then you likely don't have it.
It can beat many beys, it can outspin Earth Eagle and Meteo L-Drago, crush Hell Kerbecs and Rock Leone, overpower Gravity Perseus and Flame Libra, defeat Burn Fireblaze and Storm Pegasus, outclass L-Drago Destroy and Lightning L-Drago, dodge Basalt Horogium and Big Bang Pegasis, destroy Galaxy Pegasis and Cyber Pegasus, and can damage Ray Unicorno until it is fully stopped. This is one of the best Japanese beys I have ever gotten. If you use the fusion wheel in a stamina combo (like Phantom Gasher TH170SD) you can crush almost every combination in the world. Please look and try it before making guesses, you have no proof that your bey is better unless you have tried it. At least look it up ...more

6 Basalt Horogium Basalt Horogium Product Image

L Drago Destroy can't even beat it. I think it is the heaviest bey of all. My L Drago Destroy's bottom cracked into half. The L Drago Destroy's Metal Wheel had eleven cracks in it. It even dismantled my L Drago Destroy. Please vote for it.

It is awesome! Its fusion wheel is awesome and is a really heavy bey and it's very good in general! It is epicly awesome sause stuff! Probably one of the best ever!

Heavy beyblade kill earth eagle Knockout storm Pegasis and fire blaze

Basalt Horogium (twisted tempo) should be number 1 because it is extremely powerful. The performance tip WD keeps it spinning for a long time and has more contact with the surface when it needs to, thus increasing its defense.. Also, the basalt fusion wheel is the heaviest, making it extremely powerful. The spin track isn't too low or too high, making it perfect for this bey. Basalt Horogium can still spin at low speeds and is hard to knock around. This great bey has the ability to slam beys out of the stadium using it's amazing weight advantage! I have now become champion of the neighbourhood just with this bey. Trust me you won't be disappointed!

7 L-Drago Destroy L-Drago Destroy Product Image

L drago destroy is awesome he can beat big bang pegasus meteo L Drago and lightning L Drago

He pretty awesome and he can beat any beyblade really in the stadium where you can knock beyblades out in so I would pick this bey up its worth it

Rapidly circles around the stadium crashing the other bey and the stamina doesn't end until the other bey is defeated. The only defeating L-Drago Destroy does is stadium knockouts!

L drago destroys final survive is epic plus absorb mode is great. If you are facing a stamina type bey than put it in attack mode and it will quickly stadium out it while its still in hf mode. If your facing a bey hard to knock out like twisted tempo or grand cetus put it in absorb mode so when it switches to the sharp tip it will steal all the spin power from its opponent and win. Its power is also boosted with a metal face or zero g stadium

8 Burn Fireblaze


I love my burn fire blaze because it exploded my pegasis

he rocks my friend has one he has a ton of dents in his stadium from the bey

This Beyblade is the best, it has defeated Dark bull, Dark Wolf, Lightning L-drago, Earth Eagle, Poison serpent, Cyber pegasus all at the same time. It was an all on all game. Then once everyone thought I'm the champ, I had a challenge with the best blader- Meteo L-drago. I didn't win by stamina, I won by knocking him out of the stadium! I also cracked Cyber pegasus and it lost it's bolt so the Cyber pegasus can't be used again - I feel sorry for my friend. Burn Fireblaze is one of the Beyblades that has a metal spike tip, but it is exclusive to this Beyblade. Burn fireblaze has 16 stamina in total.

9 Big Bang Pegasis Big Bang Pegasis Product Image

Great, never loses. Even beat meteo l-drago. I love it because it always wins. awesome

It has the final drive tip and it has an extra piece for the energy ring

It's the best. it never loses. it has good balance and very fast spinning

Big Bang Pegasus has a Final Drive tip which is very helpful. It allows it to attack and hit the beys near to the center of the stadium and the outer parts of the stadium. The Final Drive will start off as a Semi-Flat tip. After it loses its speed, it switches to Rubber Flat to attack the beys on the outer parts of the stadium. Although it might have low stamina, due to the great attack of Big Bang Pegasus, it would have probably hit the opponent's bey out of the stadium before it's stamina dies out. It has 4 Modes: Barrage Mode, Omni-directional Mode, Upper Attack Mode and Smash Attack mode. It's Metal Wheel has 3 parts: PC Frame, Metal Frame and Core. It is my favourite Bey and in my opinion one of the best Beyblade.

10 Lightning L-Drago Lightning L-Drago Product Image

My best bey. My friend's bull beat the rest of my beys except L-drago

My l drago faced counter leone and not only did he win he broke the face bolt and is now unusable, now that shows how strong Lightning L Drago Really is.

I have this one and it beat all my others, at once, but of course I customized it, I mixed it with another tip I think it was the defense tip with the wide cone shaped tip, oh and a high preform. Tip.

Lightning L-Drago can beat all Beys except defense types without batting an eye, and when it does blink, it still wins! Its Energy Ring (L-Drago) Fusion Wheel (Lightning) have 2 modes, Upper and Rapid Attack, of which the latter is the best. Its Spin Track (100) gives it a good low profile, and the Performance Tip (HF) gives it good movement and stamina. L-Drago for the win!

The Contenders

11 Flame Libra Flame Libra Product Image

Flame Libra was my first bey. It beat most of my opponents. Flame Libra is a good stamina type. It took out three hell kerbecs in one smash. I was amazed!

I swore that I would Never trade it. Then five weeks later, Flame Libra was Stolen! So I got another bey it was rock leone, then another one and my last one earth eagle I agree that he is good to.

My Flame Libra has knocked out many beys like burn fireblaze, earth virgo, storm pegasus, storm aquiro and rock aries vote for libra

flame libra is my best bey he can beat top beys like earth eagle burn fireblaze earth virgo

I love flame libra I just got him today and my friend to to beat me with all of his beys like gemios pegasus and even burn fireblaze whoever said that dark wolf easily takes out libra is a liar because my flame libra pwned my friends dark wolf today my first day using him he beat like 20 beys that were all my friends HE ROCKS if you love playing Beyblades and you like stamina and attack libra is your bye

12 Ray Unicorno Ray Unicorno Product Image

My opinion is that ray unicorno is the best beyblade and also this last time ray unicorno beat earth eagle, rock leone, storm Pegasus and one more Perseus

Can spin in both directions. (I'm serious just try it). And can beat flame libra in seconds. Also ever defeated five stamina beys at once.

This bey is totally awesome its beaten all of my beys including meteo ldrago

Ray unicorno is awesome! I have even witnessed it beat lightning l-drago in about 2 seconds, sending poor l-drago flying across the bey stadium. The more you hit him, the crazier his attack pattern gets! In a battle royale I had with my cousin, unicorno defeated 6 beys at once! I have seen it beat both L-dragos, galaxy pegasis, counter leone, hyper aquario, and storm saggitario! If you are planning on getting a bey, GET RAY UNICORNO! He is amazing! You won't regret!

13 Galaxy Pegasis

Has really good attack power is really fast faster then storm pegasis this is the highest and strongest beyblade there is but really poor stamina it can easily knock beys out of the stadium and it is rare hard to fine easy to get online like ebay it can beat a lot of beyblades but is not good at 5 battle beyblades it could lose easily that's why I think this is the beyblade there is

Galaxy Pegasus can beat Storm Pegasus and Lightning L Drago at the same time vote for it.

A lot of power but terrible stamina and that would be bad in battles with a heavy bey

Pegasus should be first because because Galaxy Pegasus fast and kicks butt

14 Storm Pegasus Storm Pegasus Product Image

Pegasus is my first beyblade... Totally awesome. It is extremely strong and will win if you get a good start. It has low stamina, so I recommend attacking in the first 25 seconds. It has amazing speed, if you want to be the best, you GOT to have storm Pegasus. GO PEGASUS!

Storm Pegasus is an awesome bey. It can even defeat eagle and galaxy Pegasus. With this bey I have become the strongest blader of our area. At first Pegasus will have less stamina and if we go on training it it will gain some stamina. The flat rubber tip helps it to give an aggressive spin. Its the best bey, Buy it

It is the best Bey I Have in my collection it beat everyone! And trust me I have meteo L drago and beat him should be number 1! Buy it It's way better than that other bay Super cool

I saw storm pegasus videos and it is sooo strong! I wish to have STORM PEGASUS!

15 Earth Virgo

It has awesome power that other beys does not have

Earth virgo is pretty epic. If you have hyper aquarios spin track and performance tip it can defeat 5 beys at once or 4. But if you can still give it high attack parts it will be even better just keep the 2 other parts

I think earth virgo is the best beyblade if you mix it with rock's wolf tip and bottom peace.

I Love Earth Virgo. What is there to hate about it? It has ultimate Stamina and Defense Power. It Beat Scythe Kronos, Burn FireBlaze, Cosmic Pegasus, (Blue) Galaxy Pegasus, Big Bang Pegasus, SOMETIMES Flash Sagittario sometimes not, Jade Jupiter, L- Drago Guardian, L-Drago Destroyer, Grand Cetus (Dark Blue), Vulcan Huruseaus, Earth Wolf, Beat Lynx, VariAres, VariAres (Hasbro), Twisted Tempo, Fang Leone, and some Customizable Beyblades. A lot of people For-fit when they fight me, because they are going to lose, and some people try stopping my BeyBlade. I am Blader #2 In my NeighborHood. If you try stopping me, I promise, a MIRACLE has to happen. Earth Virgo should be like Number 6.

16 Fang Leone

I used this bey and battled against Big Bang Pegasus and Leone sent h flying. I also beat Kerbecs with Fang Leone, though the only thing that sucks about Fang Leone is" counter mode".

Fang leone is awesome. It hit Variares out of the stadium on the first hit. It also hit screw Lyra out of the stadium and screw Lyra fell apart

He has two modes which is counter mod and defense mode and defense mode is better against attack types FANG LEONE RULES!

All you people should be number 1 forget ldrago fang is strong take it from me fang bet all my beys and friends bey it kills all my bey one of them push fang out the ring and fang jumped right back in that ring fang used his crushing fang and mixed it up with rock leone wild wild wind dance and killed all of the beys and pegues move and it made rock leone flip out the ring

17 Scythe Kronos Scythe Kronos Product Image

Best Bey Ever. Out spins many other Beys. This list isn't right. Scythe Kronos should be at the top!

Better then hell kerbecs
It is an amazing stamina bey it can out spin any other bey by far and is awesome
It is amazing never doubt this bey

It is super good good because he has two energy rings and one of them is really useful and its performance tip is a good defense

He is personally my favorite, I even managed to beat my brothers hell kerbecs!

18 Flame Sagittario

I just got one and it's epic it beat all of my other Beyblade. I got it from walmart in Grand Praiie Texas so buy it. Earlier I beat storm pegasis and midnight bull.

best bey and the claws make it even more awesome

Best bey ever! :) Literally destroyed my earth eagle! It beat my Meteo L-Drago, 2:)! If U take the claws off it is way better! This bey cannot be beat. Do not disrespect this bey!

This bey is amazing! It rarely is ever beat when I use it. I got it as a gift and beat my whole family at once. Once it beat 10 Beyblades at once. Only one Beyblade can put a good fight with it:Burn Fireblaze. But my family never beats me I use Flame Sagittario. You need to get this Beyblade. No matter when or where you get it, you will win!

19 Death Quetzalcoatl Death Quetzalcoatl Product Image

this bey has some insane punch that makes twisted tempo loose stamina at an insane rate while keeping its own.

This bey is strong and can change from attack to defense. WHen I battled my friends with this, their METEO L-DRAGO didn't stand a chance and lost in about 11 seconds.

I have it and you should buy it it is awesome it’s strength is so strong I could bring 10 out of the stadium and
I have it and you should buy it it is awesome it’s trying to so strong it could be in 10 out of the stadium in lines

Its great! Its is a triple threat in defense or attack mode. I would get this Beyblade if I were you. Vote!

20 Cyber Pegasus Cyber Pegasus Product Image

Love this beyblade! It beated all of my beys! Earth Eagle, Rock Leone, Storm Pegasus, and more! So please vote for this bey I'm begging you please vote!

Cyber Pegasus is the coolest beyblade I have seen it destroys counter defense leo

This Beyblade is good in stamina and attack, and also has a nice style for the people that likes the color red.

I am so glad I put the in the list it started last at place 100 ish and now its 7th! I have loads of comments added like at the end "go cyber! " and 2i have voted for this 5 times now"... Please vote with your heart and not just vote for the most popular so I say it again... GO cyber!

21 Burn Phoenix Burn Phoenix Product Image

Burn phoenix beat my best bey which is hyper aquario no joke

Mine and my brothers Bey blades are good my phoenix is the third best out of all my other brother had a phoenix and it beat all my Bey blades I had 42 Bey blades and I sold some and now I'm back in Bey blades so if u don't want your Bey blades any more just give them to me I'm looking for Bey blades for free cause I don't have money and my parents won't bye any thing for me

Burn phoenix is the best bay it beat 15 other bays in my battle royal with my friends and meteo l drago was included

Burn Phoenix is my 2nd best bey and it beat rock orso rock aquario storm Pegasus dark gasher torch Aries and lighting l drago it has epic stamina and is beast

22 Poison Serpent

best beyblade ever in the world and can even beat all beyblades and mostly it can beat earth eagle

This bey is really cool. POISON SERPENT is my top bey because it thrashed burn fireblaze.

Poison serpent is the best bey ever it smashes all the beys it should be rank no. 1 I tell you! I have defeated flame libra, rock orso, rock scorpio, rock leone, dark bull, storm pegasus, sagittario, evil gemios, capricorn, lightning l drago, burn fire blaze, rock aries, earth virgo and aquario. IT'S AWESOME!


23 Mercury Anubis

Mercury Anubis is the rarest beyblade in the whole world. It has the lowest spin track and can under attack any other bey. The XF tip is very good attack better than meteo. This bey beats all my beys (scythe kronos, basalt horogium, rock giraffe, sol blaze, divine chimera and more)

awesome it is the strongest bey I have seen.
i have it and it beat all the beyblades I have.
i have like 20 beys and they where completely destroyed them even my Hell Kerbecs.
And the other bey he beat was Balsalt Horogium I was like "What The"

Mercury anubis is AWESOME, not only is it rare but it can beat heaps of beyblades like galaxy Pegasus, lightning l-drago and even slash riger ms

It has the lowest spin track in the world.
It has a decent attack.
You should buy it if you find it

24 Dark Wolf

How many beys can beat dark wolf. I took out earth virgo and eagle at the same time (:

Dark Wolf is flabbledabbling good owns with hand spinning

Even without changing any of it's pieces, it has every piece in the perfect spot expect it doesn't have a stamina piece. Just change it's performance tip to stamina type and that will leave it with almost no flaw. I honestly think it can beat any Bey.

Dark wolf is pretty beast it can defeat lot of Beyblades except earth eagle that's all. Its bottom tip is good balance type. It deserves number 2 or 3.

25 Thermal Pisces

ITS THE BEST! IT BEAT EARTH EAGLE NO SWEAT! Its infinite times better than flame libra- its the same parts but flame. Thermal is WAY better than flame! Vote for it!

Its actually very good bey and it defeated earth virgo, rock orso and it even defeated meteo l drago many times. And it has a ultimate stamina and its attack is also good. If you see it somewhere buy it and you can defeat any bey with it. Buy and see yourself if it not defeats any bey do not vote.

Why isn't this Beyblade in top 10? My Thermal Pisces is undefeated! It beat every Beyblade like storm pegasus, earth virgo, burn fireblaze and even earth eagle! I am serious! If you have an excellent skill at ripping! You must use this one! No lie!

My Pisces beat all of my beys easily! And by the way I actually have 12 (including Pisces) beys so that's really good... By the way Pisces really does have a vortex on it's spin track! Pisces beat: Storm Pegasus, Galaxy Pegasus, Rock Pegasus, Flame Sagitario, Thunder Libra, Dark Bull, Electronic L Drago, Earth Virgo, Rock Aries, Storm Aquario, Storm Leone.

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