Basalt Horogium


Basalt Horogium (twisted tempo) should be number 1 because it is extremely powerful. The performance tip WD keeps it spinning for a long time and has more contact with the surface when it needs to, thus increasing its defense.. Also, the basalt fusion wheel is the heaviest, making it extremely powerful. The spin track isn't too low or too high, making it perfect for this bey. Basalt Horogium can still spin at low speeds and is hard to knock around. This great bey has the ability to slam beys out of the stadium using it's amazing weight advantage! I have now become champion of the neighbourhood just with this bey. Trust me you won't be disappointed!

Basalt Horogium is the biggest threat for any Beyblade specially the 4D ones. It is the king of defense. Eagle, L-Drago, Destroyer and Leone are very good. Orion isn't that good. But Basalt Horogium is better than any other Beyblade in the world. And the best part is it lasts the longest. An old Beyblade can get broken. But I've never seen a broken Basalt Horogium. My friend has a Basalt Horogium which is being used for years. Once my friend wanted to break it for a new one. He launched it from the sixth floor into the ground but the impact wasn't enough to break it. Then he realized that he has the greatest Beyblade in the world. However, Basalt Horogium is the best Beyblade. Please vote for it.

It's so strong no attack type or defense type can beat it. It is the best defense beyblade in the world.

Best Beyblade in my opinion. I have only seen horogium a few times and they were close. It one of the best defense Beyblades and it has good stamina. Please vote for this one

It has the heaviest and the best fusion wheel. It was made so it couldn't ever be beaten. Despite the "stairway to hell" gap it's balance is completely perfect. He defeated Leone, L Drago, Gravity destroyer (several times), pegasus, eagle and hell gasher in 1 single day and lost 1 time against destroyer (score 22-1)

this is my favorite bey. it has amazing defense and can smash attack. it has decent stamina also.

Twisted Tempo is absolutely amazing. It's roman numerals for decoration are cool, plus it is very heavy and has very good defense. It is very hard to knock down. It is a defense type. It just sits there and barely ever moves around, which is fine with me, because when other Beyblades touch it, they bounce right off and sometimes even crash. This is a very good Beyblade, and I highly recommend it to everybody.

Awesome heaviest and best Beyblade in the world you should buy it it's the best defense in metal fusion Beyblade

It is the most stable bey in existence today! It is so heavy, even though not as heavy as Hell Kerbecs. However, it beat Hell Kerbecs 4 to 1 and because it is smaller than HK, that still makes it a smaller target!

Its an great bey... In an attack arena you need LUCK to beat him, he LOOKS like an weak bey but he's an BEAST! He knocks out ANY Beyblade out of the arena... And it spins for like 90 seconds... For me he's almost unbeatable if you're not on an lucky day

You. Are right it cracked 5 beys. In half in one hit no lie one time it it a bey. So hard the bey. Went soaring. Into my kitchen. So please get basalt horogiuim
If you want an awesome. Beyblade

I have this bey and nothing on earth can beat it, meteo l drago bows down to this bey no one can or ever will be able to beat it if they try their hardest with the best bey ever they would be lucky for it to end in a draw.

The heaviest Beyblade in the world meaning it's the strongest defense Beyblade in the world. It has a very good stamina and attack and very few Beyblades even stand a chance such as Hell Kerbecs. This Beyblade was made purposely unbalanced because if it was it would be unstoppable. Every Beyblader should have this in every home.

Best best beyblade ever. I totally recommend buying this bey. The only draw back is its balance. If you can fix the balance problem then you've got the best beyblade in the universe

It murders all my beys and I have all the beys in the top 10, it is practically unbeatable I can't even defeat it with my meteo l drago with my rev up launcher it is that good!

Awesomest bey. You'll never lose to it. It thrashes Meteo L Drago. Please vote for it

It can even beat burn fireblaze. Basalt horogium is so good that they had to take a chunk of metal out of him to make him unbalanced. He beat my friend's flame byxis 230WD, earth eagle 145WD, and meteo l-drago LW105LF.

Basalt is the bomb I have to get him
I also love l drago destroy
But my absolute favorite is hell kerbecs inferno blue
He looks sick plus he spins well
My favorite l drago is l drago destroy gold armor he looks cool and spins well

I saw this bey battle and I wanted it. it was so tough. I have never lost so far. basalt is the heaviest metal wheels and Horogium has very good defense. and WD is probably the best defensive tips so far. please vote for this bey

I saw this Beyblade and I liked it. Didn't know anything about it. Well I bought it and come to find out it's actually the best purchase of Beyblades that I got. Always wins for me and I just liked it for the color and looks. so glade I came across it

It is the heaviest non-4d beyblade and can crush meteo l-drago no problem. If placed on a short track, it can be used as an ultimate defense top-tier. The weight allows it to withstand strong attack force and deflect attack types

Every single video/battle I've seen Basalt Horogium do. It has beaten every Beyblade that I've seen in the world! So I suggest you buy it cause it is the best I've seen! Even Earth Eagle can't beat Basalt Horogium!

My little brother has Basalt Horogium and the ultra heavy fusion wheel smashes my Beyblades to the dust in about 10 seconds. It is super strong, but I can't say I really like it, either (probably because it keeps beating me :(

Haven't tried it yet but I heard the heavyweight or metal (I think it's metal) beys are the one with most balance and if is an attacker I heard they could crack or scratch another bey.

And this is the heaviest bey there is

He wins every time. The Beyblades mentioned above aside from Hell Kerbecs are small, weigh less, and pose no threat of defeating either Basalt or Hell Kerbecs.