Thermal Pisces


My Pisces beat all of my beys easily! And by the way I actually have 12 (including Pisces) beys so that's really good... By the way Pisces really does have a vortex on it's spin track! Pisces beat: Storm Pegasus, Galaxy Pegasus, Rock Pegasus, Flame Sagitario, Thunder Libra, Dark Bull, Electronic L Drago, Earth Virgo, Rock Aries, Storm Aquario, Storm Leone.

This bey has defeated storm aquario, rock aries and rock scorpio so get this bey because it's almost rare to buy but not online only in stores so get it while you can.

Thermal pisces is the best! It could beat Burn fireblaze and earth virgo. Vote for it as it is number ONE!

Oh my god he is the best I got him yesterday and he beat earth eagle it think this Beyblade deserves to be number 1 or at least in the top tens vote for it and buy it

This bey is the best, why? Because I bought every blade that's in top ten. Somehow I got this blade because it looked cool. At first I used it as practice, but thing was this blade kept winningso I made it my main blade and I haven't lost a match. Beat earth eagle every time no sweat. I guarantee it.

This is the best bey ever I beat every single bey I face with it I've never lost and I've been in a lot of battles

My friend has Thermal Pisces and he's bringing it to fight. I'm lucky I don't have a Beyblade because if I did my friend would shred me!

Thermal pisces is the best bey blade I've got it beat five beys in a row including L drago

I have it and its the second best of my beys my first is dark Capricorn

I got pisces and it got long balance

Thermal prices is the best cause it uses magic

You should buy this because it rocks!
It destroys any other beyblade and it has great stamina and balance!