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1 Beyoncé

Lemonade was great but this was even better for me. The fact we didn't have a clue this would drop and then it dropping and becoming one of the best selling albums of the year in 3 weeks and debuting at number one... It's LEGENDARY. Plus it's the first of it's kind... a VISUAL album. Loved it.

If the list was about "the worst" I would've picked this one - mood333

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WHAT?! I Am Sasha is way better. Hint: Check "Top Ten Best Beyonce songs": Most of them from I Am Sasha Fierce album. - mood333

It has a mixture of differant genres and the songs on it are Insperational - EminemIsTheBest

3 I Am...Sasha Fierce

Its all about being sasha fierce - EminemIsTheBest

This is her signature album to me.

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4 Lemonade

No modern mainstream artist in contemporary R&B has ever come close to doing what she did here.

Love it!

5 B'day
6 Dangerously in Love
7 B6
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1. Lemonade
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1. Lemonade
2. Beyoncé
3. I Am...Sasha Fierce
1. I Am...Sasha Fierce
2. Dangerously in Love
3. B'day

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