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1 Single Ladies

Directed by jake nava, this video is simple but overflowing with creativity and energy. The choreography is amazing and the song itself very catchy. The black and white setting makes it stand out from most of the other videos being made today.

It has a very simple setting; black and white, addictive choreography, incredible uptempo song! It all works it's self into a masterpiece.

The video speaks for itself

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She is awesome
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2 Crazy In Love

Obviously this is the best video other than beautiful liar, her 2011 new songs and sweet dreams. This was the fist solo hit of her and she rocked it!


3 Sweet Dreams

This is a very graphic and arty video that looks as though you are having a dream just watching it! Although I think If I Were A Boy should be in this list, it is an amazing video! I guess people just don't get it.

I'm a very musically in cline woman an I don't think there is too many that top Beyounce I love all of your songs an videos your. Blessed an the Best

4 Video Phone

So much talent (Beyoncé and Lady Gaga) in the same video.

I love this song (not my fave) but this is my fave video... She has the guys have cameras for heads... She was shooting them... Don't get me started on Lady Gaga.. The snapping and chair dancing is so intense.

5 Beautiful Liar

I love sexy and beautiful woman doing their thang together,no rivary,no jealousy,no fighting,just dancing all the bull away

6 Countdown

This video is so good. Its unique from other beyonce music videos. Also she looks happy in the video and pretty

7 Halo
8 If I Were a Boy

Best song ever... So addictive, so melodic!

Her best video by far.

9 Drunk In Love
10 Ego

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11 Love On Top

Turn the beat around! A simple yet fabulous song! Best Classical RnB ever!

12 Check On It

In this video she's hot and yound, she's dancing like crazy best ever!

13 Best Thing I Never Had

Such a cute music video

UListen to Sample
14 Formation

This music video actually killed it and if u know or not it won lots of mtvs
so let's be logical and vote for it

15 ***Flawless

It's really edgy, fabulous, and of course... ***flawless

16 Hold Up UListen to Sample
17 Deja Vu

Incredible moves in this video clip, I mean fierce moves! ;D

18 Run the World (Girls)
19 Haunted
20 1+1
21 Green Light
22 Why Don't You Love Me?
23 Me, Myself and I
24 Ring the Alarm

She looks so pretty! She does natural. In the beginning her hair is flawless and shes moving all crazy! It's just perfect.

25 Get Me Bodied

I always want to dance whenever this song comes on and that must be a good song cause I don't dance

26 Pretty Hurts

Has a really powerful message, it should be #1. - JustListen

Very meaningful

27 Sorry

Serena Williams + Beyoncé = Magic, Epic, Perfect!

28 Kitty Kat
29 Dance for You

Such a cool vibe - PugsfromMoon

30 Broken-Hearted Girl

I like that song. She even sang that song (same with Halo) when Michael Jackson had sadly passed away. She and Michael Jackson are both iconic legends.

31 Blow
32 Jealous
33 Partition
34 Irreplaceable
35 XO
36 Listen
37 Diva
38 Telephone UListen to Sample
39 Grown Woman
40 Heaven

I think it has the best music video and is also on of her best songs

UListen to Sample
41 Ghost
42 Baby Boy
43 Naughty Girl
44 Upgrade U
45 Flaws and All
46 Freakum Dress
47 Suga Mama
48 Party
49 No Angel
50 Yonce
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