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1 Halo Halo Cover Art

This is the song that I like the most... She is so good in this song. The beats, the tune, her voice all of them just seem to perfect.. This is really a masterpiece... >3 beyonc

This is the best ever song from Beyonce. Although her vocal range is showcased in, the emotions in her song is more dominated. Nobody's going to react negative about it. This is one of her songs that cannot be stolen from her. She owns this masterpiece!

Her voice in halo is so powerful yet delicate. The music complements her voice really well, and it makes it sound almost eerie, but very soothing at the same time. The music is AMAZING, and I think that this song is probably one of her best, vocally.

I had listened to this song a thousand times but I wont get bored. Beyonce is a beautiful soul. She sings, dances and acts. She is a triple threat! This song would be my lifetime favorite. I can't wait for her baby now, I wish it's a girl!

2 Crazy in Love Crazy in Love Cover Art

This song made beyonce, which is why I voted for it, it will be on every list of best songs of the decade and none of her others will be, however my favourite is in this order 1. If I were a boy 2. Halo 3. Crazy in Love. But there is no doubt to the fact that without crazy in love, beyonce would be no where as close to where she is now

I think this song should be number one. Without it Beyonce would be no where near where she is now. Also this song has been extremely successful and it is the best pop song of the decade on the billboard charts

Personally this is the best song by beyonce. The tune is catchy and addictive and the collaboration between her and jay-z is well done. I'm crazy in love with this song!

One of the best of the 21st century. Her gorgeous voice is used as a special kind of instrument to create a beat for the bridges and Jay-Z spits one of his best verses ever.

3 Irreplaceable Irreplaceable Cover Art

Nothing can beat this song baby... It's so much catchy,
And the hook 'to the left' stucks in the mind like
Nothing else. The song is so bold, so independent, so realistic, the way it should be.
A big thanks to beyonce for giving this superb song...

Best break-up song ever to be recorded. Whenever you listen to this song you just think that you deserve more than he was. I am addicted to this song. Even have the live version of the song on my ipod ipad iPhone and T.V..

Changed my life more than any other song. Made me think about my self-worth in a whole new way and helped me get over a bad relationship. Favorite Beyonce Song and favorite song in general

I just really fell in love with this song, and you know it never gets old. I just love how it makes me feel, and everyone I know loves this songs. Even all over the world.

4 Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) Cover Art

My friend just introduced me to her songs and I fell in love with them the first word I heard of this song. She's such a good singer- like the female version of Michael Jackson almost. Her songs have great meanings, lyrics, tunes, rhythms and everything else... LOVE IT!

This songs is just so fun! I love beyonce because some of her songs are like Halo and if I were a boy: deep and meaningful and then some like this and love on top: just fun and cute. And she's so articulate without being too deep to understand with her lyrics.

This song is inviting and really helps woman in the world. The moral is great and it is very catchy. Beyonce never disappoints and she really helps woman feel like they should never change!

No competition. Beyonce proved why she is on top with this record. Highly experimental, highly catchy, very simply in an amazing way. If only all our pop divas would take chances and experiment like this.

5 If I Were a Boy If I Were a Boy Cover Art

Such a great song. You can really hear the emotion she puts behind her voice and I think all of us, women, can realate to this song one way or another. Even though its not one of her most popular songs, it is one of her best and most emotional songs. Broken hearted girl is also another amazing song.

B shows her vocal skills extraordinaire in this one. Her best vocals with a great tune backing her, it's changes are sooo smooth.
She could do hard rock, gospel, house, Big Broadway songs too.
1.Start Over 2.I Was Here 3.Best Thing I Never Had. Her Album 4 is an underrated gem!

This song makes a really valid point about the way that some men treat women. It's message rings absolutely true, and does the feminist cause great justice.

Without a doubt the best song by beyonce so far. It's much better than Halo, because this song has true meaning. It can relate to lots of girls around the world, and is absolutely amazing.

6 Best Thing I Never Had Best Thing I Never Had Cover Art

I love this song! It really shows off her heart and soul. I have never heard such a heartfelt Beyonce song. Her voice is gorgeous in this song. She did a really great film clip to this song. I think her children are lucky to have a great women for their mother

Lets girls with broken heart know the they will find someone better and later in their future they wont even remember the man who broke their heart. This song give great advice and a life lesson.

Amazing song.. Beyonce has an amazing voice and is definitely not credited enough for it.. Vocally I believe she is definitely in the top 10 vocalist of our time.. Hands down

This song is less obvious than the other big ballads but it's a close call with about 5 other songs. This song has a slightly more vicious tone to it. A little spiteful and stronger than the usual love songs

7 Love on Top Love on Top Cover Art

I flipping love this song! Honestly when you're kid everyone has that one song where you stand in front of the mirror with your hairbrush singing and dancing to. This is 100% my hairbrush song! It's such a joyous piece of artistry and Beyonce's insane happiness cannot help but radiate through the vocal, which I have to say are astounding as always!

Beyonce was good to me before this and now I can not get enough of Love On Top. Oh, I am not a "flighty" teen or young person: I am a vocalist in my 50's that recognizes immediately something like this that brings out the true talent of a person. Love, love, love LOVE ON TOP!

This song made me thinking she really has my love on top. It was just a good video and she really put a lot in it. She getting better each time. You got my love on top this time beyonce.

One of the hardest songs to sing live. I will never forget the live performance where the queen revealed her first pregnancy after singing this song! Beyonce masters it perfectly!

8 Listen Listen Cover Art

Definitely should be number 1! Although all Beyonce's songs are amazing, there's something about Listen that just makes it stand out more to me. Maybe it's the lyrics or the power and emotion in it, not that there's not power or emotion in her other songs&lyrics. Queen Bey never misses a note, and she is always completely in control of her powerful voice. Love her so much.

This song is so moving I just love it so much! It is such a good dong and is very touching. I just love the lyrics and the whole rhythvibe of the song it should definitely be number 1. It is so great you have to love it!

The voice is so movin in this song. I love the way she brings her own message and makes it relate. Every time I here this song I get tears because of how I feel. I am only 14 and I love beyonce she is truly one of a kind artist.

This song is vocally amazing and the instrumentation is interesting and so melodic. The passion with which she delivers the song, using excellent vocal conventions, runs, vibratto simply makes it superpurb! I vote to make this one #1.

9 Sweet Dreams Sweet Dreams Cover Art

Such a dark, bleepy, dance commanding electro groove, flawless vocals and the hook is instantly classic. And the Jessica Sanchez soul ballad version is just ethereal, and hypnotic with harp string intro. Both versions peak at the bridge.

I'd have to say my top 5 are

#1. Sweet Dreams
#2. Beautiful Liar w/ Shakira
#3. Halo
#4. Crazy in Love feat. Jay-Z
#5. Video Phone feat. Lady GaGa

Has to be this. It's easily her best song and she will never make a song better than this. Ever. Not only does she show her good vocals on this but it's also a song you can dance to because of the beat.

Clearly her best song. Catchy, Funky, Straight to the point, and has her best vocals yet, not talking about the production quality. Beyonce @ her sweetest.

Best song by Beyonce EVER. It has an amazing beat, and actually has a nice melody! I love this song very much. By far the best.

10 Run the World (Girls) Run the World (Girls) Cover Art

This sing is like a message to us young girls and ladies... Well I'm only 12 but I jam to this song in my room because I know I rule the world... And now beyonce is saying it too! Yas I love it! And thanks this website is really cool I almost got to comment on every single song... But I know I was talking too much so I just skipped to the very last one. This website is awesome keep it up... Next time though with ALL ariana grande songs... I LOVE HER!

This song is the best song that has ever been made. Girls do run the world. Girls are the strongest, sweetest, best, smartest, funniest.

I love it especially the video she rocks in it! This songs really inspires me to move on and it's so nice for dancing on keep up the good work bouncy

This song is amazing... Who couldn't like it and already at 100 mil views on youtube... Come on really close to halo.

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11 Drunk in Love Drunk in Love Cover Art

This song is her best till yet! The crazy beats of the song really blows off my mind! Amazing... Love ya Bey

This song has some magical feel to it like a girl is singing among the stars...

This song is very great song since I heard the song I wish if I know the lyrics and I now I sing it E. Day

Love, love, LOVE this song! Great beat, great lyrics, great video.

12 Countdown Countdown Cover Art

To me, this represents a more mature Beyonce. Her sound is entirely original, with the funky, African inspired beats and pounding drums. Her vocals are spectacular, and Beyonce has never been better! So worthy of her top 10!

This is Beyonce's best song released. She manages to show off ALL of her artistry and vocals in one song. How this is not top ten amazes me... it's such an underrated song.

Its great. "Lets put this catchy bongo section here, then lets put the horns right here... " Its like a scientist made it.

It's such an awesome song! It had me dancing and singing along the whole song! It really should be higher than 18th.

13 XO XO Cover Art

When I heard this... I just felt... Good. Just good inside. Not like happy, more like relieved. Relieved of all the stress in the world because when you listen to this song it makes you forget about all of that and just want to hold on to someone and never let go.

This song always puts me in a good mood. The lyrics make me feel like I don't have any worries and I can just close my eyes and dream. Love this song along with Beyonce!

Just make you smile and feel happy!

This and Halo is the type of Bey songs I adore!

14 End of Time End of Time Cover Art

I really love this song. But its hard to vote her BEST one. She has no best song... Every song she sings is great! I hear all her songs since she startet on and on again every day!

Amazing song! I absolutely love the dance to go with it... This song is by far the best

It's so catchy! And joyful

Till the end of time is an amazing song and it is a song to remember beyonce is becoming better and better so her are albums I expect greater songs but at the moment I have to say this is one of my favorably songs so fare...

15 Pretty Hurts Pretty Hurts Cover Art

A beautiful song, really! It makes you think about how we kill our soul just to get the beauty that does not even last!

Pretty Hurts,
We shine the light on whatever's worst,
Tryna fix something but you can't fix cause you can't see,
It's the soul that needs the Surgery

Pretty Hurts is genuinely amazing.. It's one of her best works.. A reflection of what beauty really is.. And the price of it. The video was enough to reduce me to tears.. Flawless!

This song is amazing. Her vocals are deeply beautiful and it has a meaning in it. Ladies should understand and love this song. Its NEEDs tO BE IN THE TOP 20!

A beautiful and inspirational song every woman should listen to this song.

16 Diva Diva Cover Art

Either between Ego and this one. The way Beyonce sings in this song, it seems as if she's so full of assurity and it's just what the song has. I just love it.

Love the music video and come on not at least top ten, come on people. It's sad her music isn't as good now.

Great song, amazing dancing!

Awesome best song ever

17 Baby Boy Baby Boy Cover Art

A masterpiece indeed!
Sean paul killed it... timeless beat and catchy rhythm
Instant classic

I love the song and the mixed of two differents styles.
"I think about you all the time".

This got number 1 for 9 weeks and is not in the top 3!

This should have been higher, great song!

18 Telephone Telephone Cover Art

the only reason I even took the pain of typing bey... onces name in is because lady gaga features in this song and she is the only singer that can make me cry no the only thing on EARTH that will make me cry. she is the best and the queen of pop and if you read this and agree then tell everyone you know and tell them lady gaga did noy copy bey... once! even if you don't know them just go up to random people in walmart and tell them! GO GAGA!

This is her best song even if just sings a little bit, still, is better than any other of her songs.
Love lady gaga and queen b' so when they get together it's wow so great.

Great song. Beyonce and Lady Gaga are unstoppable together. This song is catchy and actually makes sense. And don't get me started on how good the video was!

It is the best song of Beyonce. Be sure that if you will hear it once, you will listen to it all day! BEST DUO EVER!

19 Beautiful Liar Beautiful Liar Cover Art

This the hottest duet of this or any other decade. Come on people two of the hottest ladies of the world in action and how could you people rate it lower than top ten. Even though shouldn't be 1 thanks to Halo but should easily be inside top 5 for me.

Sexiest song and video ever, how is this not number 1? I was double checking the top 10 because I was expecting this to be there, easily. Please vote this song, Shakira Beyonce = hot.

AMAAZING song. I'm surprised it's not on the top 10. I mean, come on, Shakira and beyonce did a wonderful job with this song - their voices together are just pure magic.

Let's face it... this song is really special. So too is the music video.
Beyoncé AND Shakira in the same video...need I say more?
Catchy, catchy tune and should really be up there in the top 5.
Beyoncé has made some fantastic songs, this one being no exception.
Number 1 for me

20 Formation Formation Cover Art

This song just came out at the moment (February 7th 2016), but it's going to be HUGE. It has a lot of meaning and Bey slays hard in the video.

It has so much meaning and power behind it. It sparks conversation, and very iconic.

This is such a powerful song. It has a deep message, which shows that Beyoncé is more than just a singer. She's also an activist.

Best song ever! It's so empowering

21 I Was Here I Was Here Cover Art

There was once when I was really hurt, his peaceful and beautiful song reminded me that I'm loved by God and family always Especially the ending she sang her high, her vocals are like a real diva! Love this song!

One of the most inspirational songs I have ever heard from Beyonce. Truly captivating, especially her vocals. Love it so much and I believe it deserves a higher place on this list.

Beautiful song, cannot believe how low down it is! You should watch her performing this at the united nations humanity thing 2012, makes me cry it is so beautiful and heart felt.

This song has inspirational lyrics and beautiful harmonies. I think it's definitely some of her better work. There is more depth to it than your typical pop song.

22 Sorry Sorry Cover Art

Middle fingers up!

Middle fingers up

Love this song

23 Naughty Girl Naughty Girl Cover Art

My all time favorite Beyonce song. Man, this song definitely rules! A real hit was in 2004, and had nice video clip. M

My favorite. Beyonce song. In my opinion, it should've been in top five

This song makes me want to dance! Anywhere

I sing "so sexy" 24/7 after hearing this song!

24 Dangerously In Love 2 Dangerously In Love 2 Cover Art

Her first emotional track. Touches the heart, and you can feel the emotion in her voice. It's also a tough song to sing. If you don't believe me, just try singing it yourself. One of the best!

She uses her voice beautifully and expresses her feelings effectivey she sounds Angellic and she captivated the exact feeling of love into this wonderful song I love it!

This is the song in which I feel that her vocals are just amazing while at the same time it's full of hearty emotion.

One of her songs that puts beyonce in the lane of her own when it comes to sing it live... The AOL version of it testifies

25 7/11 7/11 Cover Art

I really love beyonce and her song as well. This song has actually blowed my my mind

One of the best beyonce songs. It's a amazing track from her re issue of the album Beyoncé. Please vote for this track friends.

Tune is good on this?

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