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21 I Was Here I Was Here

There was once when I was really hurt, his peaceful and beautiful song reminded me that I'm loved by God and family always Especially the ending she sang her high, her vocals are like a real diva! Love this song!

Beautiful song, cannot believe how low down it is! You should watch her performing this at the united nations humanity thing 2012, makes me cry it is so beautiful and heart felt.

This song has inspirational lyrics and beautiful harmonies. I think it's definitely some of her better work. There is more depth to it than your typical pop song.

One of her all time most emotional songs ever! And one of my favorites, makes me feel like I was here and that not just I but all of us matter!

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22 Smash Into You Smash Into You

My FAV beyonce song - how can anyone beat this piece of beautiful music. VOTE to make this NUMBER 1 - give it a listen and you'll see why I love it so much.

Starts off good and keeps getting better and better - Misskaycee

This song should be at the top! Such a heart touching song..

Love this song this is one of her best ballads

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23 Dance for You Dance for You

How is this not in the top ten?! It's so good

I think that this song is awesome. I am going to sing this for my audition for show choir and I know that I would get in knowing that I am going to sing a awesome song like this. This song should be #3 to be honest

This song is very good its supposed to be in the top 10

This song is so sexy. It brings out the freak woman in you!

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24 Formation

This song just came out at the moment (February 7th 2016), but it's going to be HUGE. It has a lot of meaning and Bey slays hard in the video.

It has so much meaning and power behind it. It sparks conversation, and very iconic.

This is such a powerful song. It has a deep message, which shows that Beyoncé is more than just a singer. She's also an activist.

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25 Baby Boy Baby Boy

This got number 1 for 9 weeks and is not in the top 3!

That sexy beat and the lyrics are awesome

A masterpiece indeed!
Sean paul killed it... timeless beat and catchy rhythm
Instant classic

I Love Love love love this song

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26 Naughty Girl Naughty Girl

My all time favorite Beyonce song. Man, this song definitely rules! A real hit was in 2004, and had nice video clip. M

My favorite. Beyonce song. In my opinion, it should've been in top five

This song makes me want to dance! Anywhere

Love this song

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27 ***Flawless ***Flawless

The remix with Nicki Minaj is truly special! - SammMinajj

This song easily should be ranked among her top 10- it showcases her willingness to take risks in pursuit of her art, with a very positive message to women everywhere.

It's literally the most flawless song of all time.

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28 Ego Ego

I just love the sound of this song!.. I also like the remix version with kanye west.. This song might not be as popular as the other songs but I LOVE it its on baby lets get lost, you don't need to call..

The remix with Kayne West in my opinion, I hate it so bad that I skip it every time it comes on my IPod for sleep. - JaysTop10List

Love this song! Not many people seem to know about it though! But I absolutely LOVE it!

Need to be higher than girls run the world, that song actually sucked but the dancing was neat


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29 Partition Partition

Let me hear you say hay miss carter

Driver roll up the partition please...

This song is just a masterpiece. When you think of Beyoncé, you think of money, power, sex/beauty, and good music. This song has all of those things.

I love this song so much

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30 Video Phone Video Phone

I think Videophone has the best graphics and is the bomb.

Video phone is the best song around the world

I want beyonce on my phone

31 Schoolin' Life

This is the best self-esteem enhancer type of song I have ever listened to. Musically just two chords, but the whole arrangement, the beat, the bits and pieces decorating the song all over the modern, juicy sound perfectly match the lyrics. It's actually the lyrics that provoke to jam with an attitude. Even while writing this, I get chills at the thought of listening to the song once again!

"who needs a degree when you're schoolin' life... " c'mon, beyonce has taught us so much more than very many of our teachers.

the jam of life:) love it! I want it to be played at my funeral and I invite everybody here:P

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32 Blue Blue

This is so inspirational. Blue Ivy has something to be proud of!

This is so beautiful and relates to all types of love.

Wendy Godfrey Kids On The Beach YouTube

33 7/11 7/11

Wave your hands side to side, IN THE AIR! - JaysTop10List

I really love beyonce and her song as well. This song has actually blowed my my mind

This song just makes you wanna go wild

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34 6 Inch 6 Inch

Bey enters her lower vocal range and does it perfectly! She voice fuses with the background music and complements the Weeknd's voice perfectly!

My favorite song from Lemonade. Good lyrics and Queen Bey's voice is so flawless. - BeaM456

35 Ave Maria Ave Maria

She sang it perfectly! She's really amazing!

She sings this song amazingly and perfectly. Beautiful

This is just as marvelous as her contemporary songs. Even though its lesser known to the world I'm pretty sure whoever has heard it on tour has teared upon this lyrical masterpeice and dulcet melody..

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36 1+1 1+1

Beautiful song for loves

This song should be in the firsts positions.

37 Me, Myself and I Me, Myself and I

An anthem for all independent women!

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38 Sorry Sorry

This list needs more lemonade

This song is the BOMB! LOVE IT!..

Middle fingers up!

Love this song

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39 Save the Hero Save the Hero

It's her best song. Her vocals, the arranjement, everything. That song really touch my soul.

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40 Yes Yes

I think this song is such an incredible and unique song. The lyrics is honest and the sound is amazing. One of Beyonce's best songs vocually

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