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1 Many of Horror

Just... amazing, really. Brilliant chorus.

matts cover doesn't compare to this version, hard choice between all the songs, biffy clyro = amazing

Amazing tune! Really is there best song. Way better than matt cardle's version!

Best, powerful chords, meaningful lyric, and a huge impact in my life. Biffy ruled.

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2 Bubbles

This song simply makes me happy. It reminds me of a part of my life where I took bliss in everything and Biffy helped me with that.

All time favourite Biffy song, it's just so bouncy and happy. I'll sing along every time I hear it played! It really gets everyone going at gigs too

Really good song with catchy lyric and is a really good music

LOVE THIS SONG! Best Biffy song by far...

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3 The Captain

EASILY! This is not only their best song but it's also the one they perform live best, I love the beat in this song. Number 1.

Absolutly love this, one if my all time favourite songs in general

Immense song, makes me think of festivals and live music.

Best Biffy Song!

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4 Black Chandelier

Just an amazing song, should definitely be top 3, if not the top. Such a brilliant song with a fantastic verse and and stunning chorus. This is biffy at their best and even though its off their new album this is all biffy stand for. Biffys number 1 song!

Absolutely beautiful song off their new album opposites. I remember when I first heard it I was just blown away! - wolphert

When you are new to Biffy Clyro, this is all you want to hear for months. Absolutely brilliant.

My favourite Biffy Clyro song so far. Working my way through the rest.

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5 Mountains

Absolutely amazing song "i took a bite out a mountain range, I thought my teeth would break the mountain did" fantastic.

This is the best biffy clyro song ever

The simplicity yet strength of the lyrics - 'nothing lasts forever, except you and me' Mon the Biff!

Strong and sweet at the same time. And I love the video too!

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6 Biblical

First Biffy song I've heard and it's awesome.


Great song. The chorus is so well structured in how it builds. They manage to write arena sized rock anthems without trading in their soul, a rarity in a band these days.

Got the album for Christmas when I'd heard Many of Horror. This is the track I turn up to full blast. Pity it took me so long to hear about such a great Scottish band

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7 That Golden Rule

Great guitar work and intense drumming. The song that brought Biffy to my attention

This is basically the song that really got me into Biffy Clyro. So heavy and the drumming is immense. I absolutely love it. Definitely number one for me.

Everything about this song is just EPIC. There are countless tracks I love by Biffy Clyro, but forced to single one song out...I have to go with this powerful cut. It crushes live too.

The song that introduced me The realms of Biffy. Long live the Biff!

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8 57

Its the song that me and my boyfriend have as a song! When I wassend with him, he and I listend to this song

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9 Living is a Problem Because Everything Dies

This list is a problem 'cause everyone lies

If John Lennon wrote a song in 2007, it would be Living is a Problem.

One of the most creative songs I've ever heard

Love this song! :-)

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10 Questions and Answers

Musically the best song of biffy clyo!

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11 Folding Stars

Most amazing song I have ever ever heard, literally the emotion and reason behind this song gives me goosebumps every time I listen, don't know how its 7th, number 1 for me

This is the song I play when I am thinking of my dying granddad ;( MON THE BIFF

Love this track! It's completely AMAZING!

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12 Justboy

Should be top 5 easily


Seriously powerful tune! Makes you feel incredible every single time you listen to it, and it never gets old or boring.

A bit heavier to their newer stuff but very good.

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13 All the Way Down

Its hard to choose which is the best biffy song, but all the way down is just 6 minutes of unbelievable music. One of the best songs of all time without a shadow of a doubt. Its just a pity that its on their second album, which hardly anybody seems to have heard!

What is this song doing all the way down here. Eh see what I did there - wolphert


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14 A Tragic World Record UListen to Sample
15 Saturday Superhouse UListen to Sample
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17 Opposite

This song is the best off the new Album and the lyrics are beautiful and so strong it should easily be in the top 15 I just absolutely love this song it should be much much higher it is new but its simply beautiful

This is one of the best songs I have heard by a british band and definitely the deepest ballad biffy have ever written, but clearly the most underrated

This song is the best I have ever heard, it's so emotional and sounds beautiful.. I can't believe its not in the top 10!

This is 2nd best biffy song for me
1st being many of horrors

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18 God & Satan

The lyrics to this is purely amazing. The best song ever. I fell in love with this song and it will always be my favourite.

This song is truly beautiful and one of the first songs I heard from biffy. And it is overall a well written song

This song is beautiful. It really speaks volumes

As a song writer I really hope to write something half this good some day.

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19 Glitter & Trauma

Come on, it's glitter and bloody trauma, this is top 10 material at least

This my ranking of all biff's albums

7. The Vertigo of Bliss (2003)
6. Blackened Sky (2002)
5. Only Revelations (2009) - don't get mad
4. Ellipsis (2016)
3. Opposites (2013)
2. Puzzle (2007)
1. Infinity Land (2004)

and Infinity land can't be Infinity land without Glitter

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20 Machines

One of the best songs I've ever heard

Why isn't this higher!? It's got some of the best lyrics Simon Neil has ever written.

About the death of his mother touching.

Brilliant, very emotional. makes me want my mummy back!

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21 Stingin' Belle

Amazing the bagpipe. Live version at t in the park is great

So heavy, and that amazing outro with the bagpipes. Great song - tonirali

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22 Booooom, Blast & Ruin

I feel like this is a very underrated song, its' really awesome

It's an "eargasm" live

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23 There's No Such Thing as a Jaggy Snake

Possibly the best song ever written

My favourite song ever!

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25 Victory Over the Sun

My number 1 favourite song of all time, it means so much to me, should be top or at least top 3

One of the best on the album, one of the best riffs from Biffy

Guys this song is the best of biffy. It just makes you feel your heart pumpin.

Totally agree, I think it's the best biffy song there is

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26 Who's Got a Match?

Love this song its super catchy!

Awesome song, just creates an intense atmosphere - live or in your living room!

Everyone can sing along with this awesome anthem!

12? SERIOISLY? THIS SONG IS AWESOME, deserves to be at least in the top 5.

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27 Born on a Horse

Coolest, funkiest thing they've ever done!

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28 Whorses

What a song. Builds up more and more as the song goes on. Even better live!

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29 Different People

Just brilliant introduction to a very good album. Has everything I like about Biffy Clyro on it. They really play to their strengths on this one

100% their best, amazing intro

I really love this song, the steady build up and a great way to start an album. we're alive, tonight...


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31 Animal Style

This song is awesome love how it slows down pre chorus and then just hurls energy and power a time the chorus. Truly amazing

Biffy back to their best. Sounds like it belongs on Puzzles

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32 Modern Magic Formula

The chorus to this song is truly incredible
Deserves to be in the top ten

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33 Sounds Like Balloons

Brilliant song, amazing chorus, epic!

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34 Joy. Discovery. Invention

Needs to be top 10

Such a cool song... And what a band.. don't even get me started ;D

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37 Toys, Toys, Toys, Choke, Toys, Toys, Toys

One of my top 3 songs by Biffy Clyro, should be higher. - tonirali

I guess that's the best song. My own creepy world.

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38 Semi Mental

Epic song, simple as.

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39 Kill the Old, Torture Their Young UListen to Sample
40 Cloud of Stink

Such a sick song and so underrated.

This song has such a good riff, I really like his high voice on it too. Its easly one of my favorite Biffy Clyro songs!

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41 Spanish Radio
42 The Thaw

Great finish to disc 1 of a really impressive album

A depressing song with a hint of hope at the end.

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43 Eradicate the Doubt

Love those weird rakes in the intro, VoB is definitely their best album. - tonirali

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44 9/15ths

This is genius!
Love the chorus.

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46 ...And with the Scissorkick Is Victorious

Quite possibly their most insane song. I keep coming back to it, and its loads of fun to play on the geetar.

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47 Accident Without Emergency

My current favorite. Changes every week though as there are so many classics. Someone else wrote a comment on here how they write arena sized rock without trading their soul on.

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48 Liberate the Illiterate

This song is a fine piece of art by biffy clyro the guitar, bass and drums are all amazing and fit together perfectly the lyrics are genius the vocals are great with harmonies from all the band members. This song deserves to at least be in the top 20

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49 Flammable

My favourite song from ellipsis

This song is awesome!

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50 Bodies In Flight UListen to Sample
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