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21 Glitter & Trauma Glitter & Trauma

Come on, it's glitter and bloody trauma, this is top 10 material at least

22 A Tragic World Record A Tragic World Record
23 Children's Limbs Children's Limbs
24 Opposite Opposite

This song is the best off the new Album and the lyrics are beautiful and so strong it should easily be in the top 15 I just absolutely love this song it should be much much higher it is new but its simply beautiful

This is one of the best songs I have heard by a british band and definitely the deepest ballad biffy have ever written, but clearly the most underrated

This song is the best I have ever heard, it's so emotional and sounds beautiful.. I can't believe its not in the top 10!

25 Accident Without Emergency Accident Without Emergency
26 Hope for an Angel Hope for an Angel
27 Victory Over the Sun Victory Over the Sun

My number 1 favourite song of all time, it means so much to me, should be top or at least top 3

One of the best on the album, one of the best riffs from Biffy

Guys this song is the best of biffy. It just makes you feel your heart pumpin.

Totally agree, I think it's the best biffy song there is

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28 Stingin' Belle Stingin' Belle

So heavy, and that amazing outro with the bagpipes. Great song - tonirali

29 Saturday Superhouse Saturday Superhouse
30 Eradicate the Doubt Eradicate the Doubt

Love those weird rakes in the intro, VoB is definitely their best album. - tonirali

31 The Conversation Is... The Conversation Is...
32 Modern Magic Formula Modern Magic Formula

The chorus to this song is truly incredible
Deserves to be in the top ten

33 9/15ths 9/15ths V 1 Comment
34 Little Hospitals Little Hospitals

One of their best riffs in the intro, should be in the top 20 definitely. - tonirali

35 Sounds Like Balloons Sounds Like Balloons

Brilliant song, amazing chorus, epic!

36 Fingerhut Fingerhut
37 Diary of Always

The acoustic version brings out the feels.

Beautiful song….. Listen to it.

I wish I would have faltered. I wish I would have changed..

38 Animal Style Animal Style

This song is awesome love how it slows down pre chorus and then just hurls energy and power a time the chorus. Truly amazing

Biffy back to their best. Sounds like it belongs on Puzzles

39 As Dust Dances
40 Joy. Discovery. Invention Joy. Discovery. Invention V 1 Comment
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