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41 Wolves of Winter
42 Semi Mental

Epic song, simple as.

43 Sounds Like Balloons

Brilliant song, amazing chorus, epic!

44 Thundermonster
45 Animal Style

This song is awesome love how it slows down pre chorus and then just hurls energy and power a time the chorus. Truly amazing

Biffy back to their best. Sounds like it belongs on Puzzles

46 Joy. Discovery. Invention V 1 Comment
47 Toys, Toys, Toys, Choke, Toys, Toys, Toys

One of my top 3 songs by Biffy Clyro, should be higher. - tonirali

I guess that's the best song. My own creepy world.

48 Kill the Old, Torture Their Young
49 Wave Upon Wave Upon Wave
50 Cloud of Stink

This song has such a good riff, I really like his high voice on it too. Its easly one of my favorite Biffy Clyro songs!

V 1 Comment
51 A Lonely Crowd
52 27
53 ...And with the Scissorkick Is Victorious

Quite possibly their most insane song. I keep coming back to it, and its loads of fun to play on the geetar.

54 Liberate the Illiterate

This song is a fine piece of art by biffy clyro the guitar, bass and drums are all amazing and fit together perfectly the lyrics are genius the vocals are great with harmonies from all the band members. This song deserves to at least be in the top 20

55 The Thaw

A depressing song with a hint of hope at the end.

56 Bodies In Flight
57 Convex Concave
58 Now the Action Is On Fire

How is this not in the top 10! The best Biffy song from the best Biffy album, that outro is so heavy. - tonirali

59 Picture a Knife Fight
60 A Day Of...
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