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1 Season 5

The show at it's best!

It's a tiara!

Shamy brings " The Realtionship Agreement" into effect.

Bernadette & Howard's wedding.

It's honestly one of the best seasons
There's so much character development here to be honest

2 Season 3

Man this season is amazing, the maternal congruence, the pants alternative, the lunar excitation, the starcaise implementation best season of all time.

My favourite atm

Panty pinata - strike one
Barbarian sublimation - strike two
Working song nanocluster - strile three
You are banished

3 Season 4

I love it because of the new characters that bring some sort of a fresh air in the show.

Season 4 will probably always be the best, although season 6 isn't far behind it! Season 5 is overrated, though.

The Toast Derivation is the best - Htown3ball

This is my favorite season, amy and berndadette are in the main cast now.

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4 Season 2

This season was the funniest, I loved the sexual tension Leonard and Penny had.

This season is the best! Penny's hair was the cutest on this season as well.

First 3 seasons were not bad then it went right downhill

This season was great except Bernadette was missing.

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5 Season 6

One of the best T.V. seasons in history, no duds. In my opinion. The cast are literally the best comedy actors in the world at the moment

6 Season 1
7 Season 7

Great season great episodes this season should be in top four or top 2 - mneilan

8 Season 8

I genuinely liked this season. I thought it was fun and cheery.

Worst season

9 Season 10

Awful season.

Tbbt gown downhill

10 Season 9

Really improved. I feel like the show is back to what we loved!

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11 Season 11
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