Best Contestants On Big Brother 12 (U.S.)


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1 Britney Haynes Britney Haynes

Most entertaining both in DR sesions and on the live feeds. Got totally screwed by the "Bra-gade", deserved to win!!

So funny. YES QUEEN. She's grown up a considerable amount now, but I very much wish she hadn't because she was hilarious and amazing and made season 12 my all time favorite. I stopped watching once she was evicted and didn't watch BB again until I heard she was back on BB14. Without a doubt my favorite player, and she makes me want to go on the show. I also liked how in jury on BB14, she basically the only one mature enough to put aside her personal feelings about Dan and actually look at his game play even though she voted the other way.

She was very funny and a great player.

She was a good player but her DRs that led to her high likeability makes her an all time great

2 Matt Hoffman

Matt was by far the best contestant. He was smart, funny, nice, and a great player. Unfortunately, that made him too big of a threat.

No, this guy sucked. Most smug face on television. "I'm a certified genius! " like yeah I bet, just like how every self absorbed ass is a genius. Lie about cancer all you want "genius", because it's not gonna save your ass from coming in 7th. Say hey to the Brigade for me pal!

3 Lane Elenburg
4 Enzo Palumbo Enzo Palumbo

I agree that Enzo could take credit for the Brigade. He formed it, gave the nicknames, had his other three men make a secret alliance to control more votes. Enzo from Week 1 had the majority of the votes and it stayed that way. He may have sucked at most competitions but he never really needed to win them.

5 Hayden Moss
6 Ragan Fox
7 Rachel Reilly Rachel Reilly Rachel Eileen Reilly Villegas is an American television personality, a talk show host, an actress, and a reality show participant.


Burn Out Bitches!

8 Brendon Villegas Brendon Villegas
9 Kristen Bitting
10 Monet Stunson

She was very nice

The Contenders

11 Kathy Hillis
12 Andrew Gordon
13 Annie Whittington
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