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1 Big Brother USA

This is the only edition that is based on skill and not just popularity
The houseguest have to use there brains to try manipulate others, make smart alliances and they chose who to evict

Um... actually based on strategies.
A perfect combination of social, strategical, and competitive gameplay - janiepierzina

2 Big Brother Canada

I actually prefer bb can over the American version. There are still strategists and actually good genuine players. Big brother us is so rigged

3 Big Brother UK
4 Big Brother Philippines

This is the most controversial franchise in the history of Big Brother. First time ever that a housemate got over 1 million of total votes for the final night. - hatcher234

This franchise is the best since they've shown the ethical way of living and how people should react on an environment where the world sees whatever you do. - hatcher234

Big Brother Season 1, THE BEST! Hahaha! I'm one of there Housemates. I LOVE PBB! Season 1. Miss you all guys! Good luck to the new batch of housemates.

Family values. They make sure that everyone is at their best behavior. - hatcher234

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5 Big Brother Brazil
6 Big Brother Africa
7 Big Brother Bulgaria
8 Big Brother Germany
9 Big Brother Italy
10 Big Brother Mexico

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11 Big Brother Netherlands

First big brother ever, created by John de Mol. Also, sex right away in like the second week. Pretty shocking back then.

12 Big Brother Australia
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