Best Big Brother US Players

The 10 best players to ever play the US Version of Big Brother.

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1 Dan Gheesling - Winner - Big Brother 10 Dan Gheesling - Winner - Big Brother 10 Dan Gheesling is an American reality television personality who appeared on the Big Brother 10, which he won.

Dan's resume:
- In 2 seasons of playing Big Brother, Dan had never evicted and had never had a vote cast against him
-so far Dan is the only player to have won by a 7-0 vote
-fun fact: in 2 seasons of playing Big Brother, Dan has been on the block 4 times. Of those 4 times, he was veto'd off the block 3 times and by 3 different house guests (Memphis (BB10), Jenn (BB14), Danielle (BB14)). Dan has never won the veto to save himself--he got other people to save him.
-Dan's funeral... Enough said ;)

The proof is in the pudding, folks. I think that Dan's performances in both Big Brother 10 and Big Brother 14 speak for themselves; he is the only player to have made it to final 2 twice and he accomplished this goal by employing 2 different strategies. In Big Brother 10, he was the nice guy who threw competitions in order to build a weak persona until he found the right moment to strike and never looked back. He was a master strategist from the beginning and that stigma was ...more

Dan played an overall "perfect" game. He was a much stronger competitor than Dr. WIll, and was very good at manipulating his peers. Dan had the toughest road to conquer due to an alliance that blew up in the first week. However with perfect strategy (throwing competitions to make himself look weak) and the ability to control his emotions, Dan's target quietly diminished. When need be, Dan backstabbed, lied, and dominated the big brother house. Dan Gheesling is the greatest Big Brother player of all time.

Dan is far and away the best Big Brother player of all time. Amazing social game, amazing strategist. Dan had a reason for everything he did in the game whether it be putting his ally on the block *twice*(to hide his alliance)or flustering Renny. (to throw her off her game) Dan managed to stay under the radar and became the puppet master of BB10. He won challenges when he needed and threw challenges when he needed. Even with all of this he managed to play the game respectfully and with dignity. Memphis played an amazing game as well, the hidden renegade alliance made move after brilliant move from the moment it was created. This is another reason of why Dan's unanimous win makes him the king of Big Brother.

He is the best player to ever play this game and always will be. He is a true mastermind that has and never will be matched. He reached the finals twice, which has only Been done by one other person(at least he won one of those times) and Dan’t funeral is the best move in big brother history. People say Dr Will was the best but he had an alliance member right away going into all-stars In Mike boogie while Dan had to start from scratch both times. Oh yeah I almost forgot he also never had an eviction vote cast against him! I can no longer continue because if I did this would be way way too long. In conclusion Dan is the best player ever hands down.

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2 Will Kirby - Winner - Season 2 Will Kirby - Winner - Season 2 William Kirby is a dermatologist, associate clinical professor of dermatology, medical textbook/dermatological journal article author, dermatology spokesman, and reality television personality. He is known for winning both the CBS reality show Big Brother 2 and The Price is Right.

The Evil Dr. Will is the best player in BB history hands down. In his first season he was outcasted right after the first eviction and at that time there was no point of view or special powers or game twists to save him the 20 million times he was on the block. In fact he was hated by his houseguests and America. And lets forget about his Chilltown alliance with Mike "Boogie" in this season, that was out the window by week four. It was his strategy of "everyone hates me so I could never beat you in the final two" that got him all the way to the end, when in fact after the seeing the season for themselves the houseguests decided to reward his master plan and crowning him the winner.

When he came back for All-Stars he was the only previous winner voted back into the house with the best of the best competitors and social gamers of the first six seasons, not a bunch of clueless newbies who watched one season before entering the game. The target on his back was ...more

The "evil" Dr. Will is by far the greatest player in Big Brother history. Anyone who disagrees likely hasn't watched his seasons or isn't intelligent enough to understand the fine tuning it took to make his amazing strategy work.

Both Dan and Will used other people to do their bidding. Dan played it smooth and won; Will intentionally got himself found out just for fun and still won. Both Dan and Will got a second chance to play. Dan got three pawns to shell off and a large part of his success was due to others making mistakes. Will entered as the biggest target/only winner with the greatest players to play the game at his time aiming for him and he still managed to make it fourth although most people agree he could have easily won if he put more effort into it (him and boogie had a deal to split the cash).

Will intentionally lost competitions to make himself look weak and would lose point of view's when he was on the block just because he was so sure of himself mentally. ...more

Easily the best BB player in history. While some put down his performance during HOH's and point of view's, that was the point of his game. He was behind the scenes and pulled off two miraculous come backs, Season 2 being dead to rights week after week being the #1 target of 10 people and then Season 7 being the only winner on the season and being the main enemy of Season 6 alliance, yet won Season 2 and got 4th on Season 7.

Very close 2nd to Dan amazing manipulator and won competitions when he had to. He was the OG big brother genius. - Ctrop14

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3 Danielle Reyes - Runner Up - Season 3 Danielle Reyes - Runner Up - Season 3 Danielle Reyes, is most notable for being a contestant on the 3rd and All-Star seasons of the American version of the CBS reality show Big Brother.

Played the best strategy ever used in Big Brother history. She created a secret alliance with the most likeable guy in the house. She acted as if she was in an alliance with one side of the house and Jason on the opposite side and fed each other info while no one discovered their pairing. If either side won HOH, they would convince them not to put the other up. She used the "keep your mouth shut and your ears open" approach and everyone thought she was a weak player, hence why she was never nominated. Had there been a jury, I know for a fact we would be talking about the winner of BB3.

Played a nearly flawless game. Would have won if there was a Jury House.

With Danielle losing BB3 to Lisa just shows poor sportsmanship because the houseguests hated Danielle for her ruthless acts and they forgot she did this all for her family. Lisa however didn't deserve a single penny out of that half million because she only did three things you can remember 1. She created peanut butter bikinis 2. She slept with Eric and 3. She floated. Picking a bartender over a mother is plain cruel. And her all star season her villainess status changed she was less villainous but still willing to win and made it to top 6

She the greatest contestant to have never won

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4 Janelle Pierzina - Third Place - Season 6 Janelle Pierzina - Third Place - Season 6 Janelle Marie Pierzina is an American reality show personality known for her appearances on the sixth, All-Star, and fourteenth seasons of the American version of the CBS reality show Big Brother.

A few points I would like to make about why Janelle is the best.
1. The Queen Bee was a competition BEAST, 3 HOH's in six weeks bb7.
2. She Eliminated Dr. Will from season 7 (Despite he and Boogie believing they had her "wrapped around his finger")
3. She is the only one who deserves a spot in the top 4 who did not use manipulation as a strategy, she was pretty straight forward
4. She made it to the final three twice and I will go so far as to say that the only reason she never made final two was strategy on someone else's behalf as both people who voted her out knew they couldn't win against her in the jury.
5. Also I will brashly state that in bb7 had it not been for a technically in part 1 of the three part HOH comp she would have made the final two, taken Erika, and won.she would have single handedly evicted both Chilltown members.
6.She made the final three against arguably the strongest house in bb7 (dr. Will, Boogie, Kaysar, James, Danielle, Erika, ...more

The buxom blonde took the house by storm. Winning challenge after challenge, always speaking her mind, and giving the fans someone to root for.

Best competitor in BB history. Won more competitions than anyone in one season. In the All-stars, she won 4 HOH's and 5 POVs. She was always the target but managed to deflect it in both seasons! She made it to the final 3 in both her seasons and deserved to win them both

She has been on 3 seasons, the most out of any USBB contestants and 1/3 international BB contestants to be on over two different seasons.

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5 Dick Donato - Winner - Big Brother 8 Dick Donato - Winner - Big Brother 8 Richard Louis Donato, known as "Evel Dick" Donato, a bar manager from Los Angeles, California, is the winner of the reality game show Big Brother 8. He and his daughter, Daniele Donato, are the only family member pair to win the American Big Brother program's top two prizes in the same competition.

Terrible player. Used the loudmouth tactics to get what he wanted, yet at the same time kept putting a bigger target on his back. Wouldn't have won if it wasn't for the America's Player twist, and Danielle. Players like Russel, Amanda, and Zack who used this same strategy were not successful because they were not in a rigged season. This proves that this strategy is not good to use. - Tito1711

The loud mouthed father managed to get to the end with his daughter by his side. Something no other pair has ever managed to do.

1st season 8/ had to leave season 13. He was an good overall player good social game he was a good competitor and won over the jury even though he gave them a hard time in the house. Season 13 he made a good alliance had a great start could have won. Personally my favorite! - bones12_

The most hated player behind Jen, and had to fight against a five-person alliance just with his daughter. Even though he was less liked than his daughter, he still beat her.

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6 Derrick Levasseur - Big Brother 16 Derrick Levasseur - Big Brother 16 Derrick Levasseur is an American police officer from Providence, Rhode Island. He is best known for winning the reality television series Big Brother 16 in 2014.

Derrick is by far one of the best big brother players. No one realises that he is the one running the house and that he is behind almost all the reasonings for the nominations and evictions. He is at the moment the only person this season to not be put on the block and that is because everyone trusts him 100% in the game. He is playing with class and honesty and the alliances he has made have been well thought out in advance. Derrick Levasseur is one of the smartest game players to date. He is going to be seen as one of the best manipulators to ever play this game. HITMEN ALLIANCE FOR THE WIN.

Will was the self-proclaimed puppet master in season 2 and 7, but in season 2 he was actually the most targeted and hated player. Dan was never nominated because he was viewed as the low man on the totem pole and never a threat. Dan never "controlled" the house and was never making any decisions, but rather making the best decision for himself all game. Derrick has done something that no other houseguest has ever achieved. Derrick has single-handedly puppeted every single player this season, having a say in every single eviction and was NEVER nominated over the course of 55 combined nominations and renominations.

Derrick has not only played the weak card as Dan and Will did, he has played the mastermind, the puppeteer and the kingpin, but was never taken out by his own alliance a la Matt Hoffman, Kaysar and other alliance leaders. With Derrick winning BB16 he has solidified as the third member of tier 1 Big Brother players essentially playing a perfect game. - athletic1

Derrick had been manipulating the whole house the entire time while allowing either Frankie, Zach, or Beast Mode to think they were running it. He always got what he wanted, but allowed others to take the fall for it. He was able to complete the Team America missions while keeping that a secret, even from Cody. Whenever anyone started to see Derrick was truly the mastermind he would cause them to go out the next week. The entire jury reliesed that and that's why he won. Although he wasn't a competition beast like Beast Mode and Frankie, he was able to avoid being put up on the block by influencing the HOH to put up other people. Yes Dan was never voted against, but Derrick never gave people the option to vote against him. Derrick definitely deserve to be known as the best player ever, but if not that title than the only suitable one for Derrick is second place to Dan

Derrick was an amazing big brother player, he was running the entire house, made big moves and was friends with everyone in the jury. He got cody to get the blood on his hands and stabbed every single person in that house in the back, and they didn't even realise. Amazing.

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7 Daniele Donato - Runner Up - Season 8 Daniele Donato - Runner Up - Season 8 Daniele Donato-Briones, was a contestant on Big Brother 8, and Big Brother 13 along with her father, Dick Donato.

She carried her dad through the game. She ended up in the final two chair but lost to her dad even though she won 2 HOHs and 5 POVs. Personally I think she is one of the best house guests to ever play the game.

One of the best players to ever play Big Brother. Amazing competitor, great game player. She left too soon in season 13 but I hope to see her in an upcoming All Stars season.

Daniele showed superior gameplay throughout the season such as her alliance with the Late Night Crew, which she potentially picked them off one by one. It was a great move for her to gain the information of the alliance's plans and use that against them. Also, she carried her dad all the way to the end with the giant target on her back with those competition wins.

Top 50 could be top 10 if she wasnt so rude to her dad

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8 Mike Malin - Winner - Season 7

Boogie is the bomb and has at times had the same drive to win just like Dr. Will, but him and Dr. Will had targets on their backs all season seven and still had Boogie win, he is definitely the best because he won all-stars. Winners have even thought he was a huge threat, hence why he didn't want to enter the house as a houseguest in season 14 and he was the only coach to not vote to join the game, he knew he was too big of a threat, Dan played a dirty game lying to everyone, Boogie is definitely the legend I would want to have on my alliance, him and Frank lasted longer in the house in season 14 than they should have. He is definitely the best player in the game ever

he won all-stars which put the best against the best!

The best. He won all stars with the best startegy hang behind will and jet in, this is an absolute abomination that he's not in the top three

Should be higher up in the list.

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9 Jun Song - Winner - Season 4 Jun Song - Winner - Season 4

Jun is an amazing player she is known for perfecting the floater strategy plus her game was nearly flawless she was never endanger of being eliminated. Using cooking in the kitchen to listen to others strategy was great and because of that she was always in a comfortable position. She also made a finale 2 pact with the most hated player that season to ensure her win. She was the best thing of BB4.

Season 4 winner Jun Song perfected the floated strategy and won by taking the least liked person to the finals.

Very intelligent player who executed an incredible social game. Used her cooking skills and information about the entire house in her hands that made her a very good player. Manipulated Alison into doing her bidding and realized that her only chance of winning was to sit with Alison at the end even though she hated Alison just because the jury was very bitter and hated Alison more than Jun. one of the most calculated games I've ever seen and she deserves way more credit than she is actually getting. My favorite player of all time!

She was the best person in bb4. Also shes really funny

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10 Eric Stein - 5th Place - Season 8

He honestly had the potential to be the best player of all time. The problem was that he had to do what America told him to do, and the remarkable thing about it was that no matter what he had to do, he found a way to not only make that happen, but keep himself in the game despite the target it put on him. He was able to flip alliances at any time to get America what they wanted, but unfortunately for him, at the top five, he was eliminated by the people America made him save, who he otherwise would've evicted weeks earlier.

I am 90% sure Eric would have won if he wasn't America's Player. The way he handled himself in the game, and thought every single route out, shows how genius his playing and tatics are. He had several chances to get the Donato's out of the game, unfortantly, he couldn't due to his AP statis.

I loved Eric! For sure my favorite player to play the game. He definitely had the potential to win the game with his smart tactics but unfortunately the America's Player ruined some of his potential. None the less, he was the master of persuasion and did the best a houseguest could possibly do in that position.

Would have won if he wasn't america's player, 100%. Great manipulator too and deserves a second chance

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11 Ian Terry - Winner - Season 14

How is Ian not in the top five? Ian eliminated one of the best players in Big Brother history (Mike Boogie).
His season was very difficult since it included strong players like Shane, Danielle and Dan himself yet Ian still survived. Ian had a target on his back since day one, people were scared and intimidated of him since he was a super fan and very intelligent. On top of that, Ian beat Dan in the finale. Dan is considered to be THE best player ever yet Ian still beat him, by six votes. Although many people do say that this was just because the jury was "bitter" that just proves my point. Dan played a dirty game and upset a lot of people. Ian played a clean, strategic game and managed to not piss any of the jurors off. That is an important skill and is why he won his season. Therefore, Ian does not deserve to be sitting at number eleven in this list, he deserves to be in at least the top five.

Survived an early scare, and then positioned himself extremely well going down the line. Ian was in a "golden" position from Day 4 all the way to Day 48 -- the only people really going after him were people that would never be able to win HoH (Jenn, Joe, Ashley), while the ones that could win comps and wanted him out were evicted very quickly (JoJo, Willie, Janelle).

Sure he was clueless of any voting dynamics from Day 62 onward, but that's only 13 days of game, and he had a very good grasp (if not the best) of voting dynamics during the first 62 days. Also, to his credit, it doesn't really matter, as he nearly won out from Final 9 onward. $500, 000 well-earned.

Some people consider Dan Gheesling (BB10,BB14) to be the best, but Ian managed to play the more effective game regardless even when he was put up against the "Best Big Brother Player of All Time". Ian made sure to keep the advantage that came along with being the "Good Guy" of the season and it allowed him to get people he wanted evicted and make sure that their relationship and gameplay guaranteed a vote in the F2. Dan played dirty and brute forced his way to F2 by getting lucky with an alliance with Danielle that was more valued to her than Danielle's own showmance, Shane.

Though this is more of a rant, Ian Terry would have been the second person in Big Brother history to receive a perfect Win (Next to Dan Gheesling of course) had Dan not been so lucky as to find the emotional wreck of Danielle, he wouldn't have been able to use her, lie to her, and trick her into evicting her own showmance yet blame Ian Terry for the entire thing.

Danielle's single ...more


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12 Hayden Moss - Winner - Season 12

Hayden was part of the best alliance in history and had a strong social game and made the correct decision in taking Lane over Enzo to the final 2 because he would not have won if he was sitting next to Enzo.

Hands down my favourite player in Big Brother! Personally I think Dan is the best but I couldn't vote against Hayden!

A decent winner, used a leader strategy to take the best alliance the show has ever seen to the end. - Tito1711

He looks like my mother!

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13 Vanessa Rousso - Big Brother 17

Vanessa played a fantastic game. She controlled nearly every eviction, from beginning to end. She won 4 Head of Household competitions, and 3 Power of Vetoes. She ruled the beginning portion of the game with her alliance called "The Sixth Sense." They were in power up until Week 6, when James put Shelli and Clay on the block together, causing one member to leave with Shelli following the week after Clay. She had deals with nearly everyone. Covering her almost with almost everyone. Making deals with whoever, and everyone she went to fell for it. Up until the Final 3, she was able to control decisions, save herself with the veto, and win extremely important Head of Household to make dire moves furthering her game. She was able to talk her way out of tough situations when she was practically out the door. Overall, she played a fantastic game, socially, physically, mentally.

Vanessa was a strong player she controlled the whole game I have never seen a target stay so long for the first couple weeks Vanessa and her alliance called "The Sixth Sense" which had Shelli, Clay, Austin, Liz and Julia they controlled the game but Vanessa controlled every vote and eviction until final three there alliance was broke when James put Shelli and Clay on the block together bye bye sixth sense after that Vanessa was even stronger she was making scary moves risking her game that could go to an end but it didn't until finally three which everyone wanted her to be sitting in that chair she finally was Vanessa is the strongest girl player in big brother history if you don't agree your a loser but she cried to much if she didn't get what she wanted go Vanessa!

Vanessa Rousso gets trashed on because of her annoying behavior but truth be told she is really one of the best Big Brother players to ever play this game. Her manipulation skills are right up there with Dr. Will and Dan. I'd put her #3 on my top female list behind Dani Reyes and Janelle. She's completely legit, I can see why she's a phenomenal poker player.

Vanessa literally ran the house, having something to do with every nomination and eviction! She would have won if Steve didn't evict her!

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14 Rachel Reilly - 9th Place - Season 12 Rachel Reilly - 9th Place - Season 12 Rachel Eileen Reilly Villegas is an American television personality, a talk show host, an actress, and a reality show participant.

Probably the only person in big brother history that was both an emotional train wreck and a very good big brother player at the same time. How she won Big Brother 13 was a little bit of luck (in the form of convenient twists) and a lot of heart and determination. Would not be surprised if the producers asked the red head to come back for a third outing.

A lil luck? The cat that wrote this article is so bias. That Pandora's box was put in effect just so she could win. The writer of this article clearly favors competition beasts. Because Rachel's social and mental game simply sucked. And had it not been for basically everyone else, we would have forgotten about her twice. Earlier you said lisa Donahue did nothing. What she didn't do is have the game given to her by the producers. Rachel wasn't even a good villain, she was annoying. She even said she was a target from the gate. Did she forget the game is on t.v. and everyone knows that's a lie. I'm sorry, but some of your picks aren't good at the game of big brother, but rather good at big brother competitions.

Greatest comeback story in reality T.V. History. Was the most hated houseguest in season 12 and at the start of season 13. Yet towards the end of season 13, America began cheering for her and was happy when she won.

She fought hard, yes she has some...Quirks. But I respect anyone who can play the game hard, her finale speech sayed it all for me

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15 Alison Irwin - Runner Up - Season 4

Although many have since tried and failed, Alison Irwin is the only houseguest in history to use her looks and flirting to take the Big Brother house by storm. Whether she was swapping spit with Nathan or climbing into bed and making out with her ex Justin, Alison had most of the guys under her spell at one point or another in the game and ran that house. Not to mention, she was a good competitor and won a number of competitions to boot. She only lost because the jury was bitter and didn't approve of her or the way she played the game, and she stands next to Danielle Reyes as the most robbed houseguest of all time.

Loved her! She used everyone for her dirty work, and if the jury had not been so bitter, she would have been the winner of Big Brother 4. I was appalled when she was first out of All-Stars

I hate how people base her off of all stars she is one of the best players ever she deserved to win season way more than anyone else I'd rank her in top 5 based off her flirting strategy, and great knowledge of how to play the game..

She should have won her season.

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16 Britney Haynes - 4th Place - Season 12, 8th Place - Season 14 Britney Haynes - 4th Place - Season 12, 8th Place - Season 14

Britney is one of the most underrated players in Big Brother history.

In her first season, she managed to convince her biggest enemies (Brendan and Rachel) that she was in their pocket and probably would have had their jury votes in addition to Matt and Regan. She was a fierce competitor, winning 4 POVs and an HoH, and was well liked by everybody. She was the underdog hero that probably won if it wasn't for the Brigade (and even then, if her or Lane had won the final four veto, she would have beaten Lane or Hayden in the final 2).

In her second time around, she wasn't as much a competition beast as a power broker. She had the entire house invested in her and still managed to keep the target off her back. It was only a combination of Dan's brilliance and Frank's idiocy that sent her home.

Finally, she's the undisputed QUEEN of the Diary Room. Enough said.

Dan Gheesling himself, in his website blog, wrote "As if the combination of being able to win challenges and having a pulse on the entire house wasn't enough, she was able to wrap people around her (tiny) fingers. Britney had Shane locked down until his showmance got in the way. She also had Ian on a very tight leash (pun intended) and what was more impressive, is that Ian seemed to enjoy doing her bidding at any time...because of all these reasons is why she scared me most in this game and earned the #1 ranking amongst all the houseguests this season."

It was a treat to see her she was the good witch of big brother 12. She constantly made fun of Brendan and Rachel which is ok with me and I think she knows who America hates which is probably why people love her because making fun of the people who America hates is awesome. Thank you Britney you're a goddess at the game

How is Britney 20th! Sheshould at least be top 10! She played a phenomenal game in bb12! She is very underrated! She has one of the most amazing social games of all time! She is also so much fun to watch!

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17 Mike Boogie - Winner

Such a mastermind, came back in season 14 but had his fate sealed by a 23 year old Chemistry student, Ian.

Just so y'all know, Mike's on this list twice.

He had a beast social game for his first two seasons and was a beast in physical comps in all 3 he is one of the best to ever play and always will be.

Yall really don't know his real name? he's placed twice on this list his real name is mike malin he's placed at 8

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18 Nakomis Dedmon - 4th Place - Season 5 Nakomis Dedmon - 4th Place - Season 5

Nakomis, in my opinion, is one of the best players ever to enter the Big Brother house. She was a very capable competitor, winning 3 Head of Households and winning the Power of Veto to save herself from the block. Not only that, but she had a strong alliance, of which she was the unspoken leader. The main reason I believe she is such a strong strategist and player, can be said in four words: the six finger plan. This plan was one of the most initiative and intelligent ideas ever conjured up in the show's history. And if it wasn't for her, we wouldn't have what is now considered 'backdooring'.

The Six Finger Plan was one of the smartest, most impressive moves in Big Brother history.

The gothic chick that no one expected to do well came charging out of the gate with one of the series' best strategic moves - The six finger plan.

She came up with the backdoor strategy! Should be higher on the list

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19 James Rhine - 7th Place - Season 6 James Rhine - 7th Place - Season 6

Best veto player to step into big brother. Changed the way big brother ran the veto competition by having random draw rather houseguest choice. James is the king of veto and should be ranked at least in top 10.

He was one of the more level-headed players in the 2 seasons he played.

Holds the record for the most point of view wins in history. He was a target throughout Season 6 because of him playing both sides of the house. When he tried aligning himself with Ivette he all but ruined his chance at a half million. Still a great competitor in my book.

He was the boy

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20 Maggie Ausburn - Winner - Season 6 Maggie Ausburn - Winner - Season 6 Margaret Ausburn is an American known for winning the reality TV show Big Brother 6, broadcast by CBS in 2005.

If people were objective Maggie would be at the top of the list. She was a master manipulator and did an amazing job of controlling her alliance. She got them to do all of her dirty work while she sat back and made the next moves. Also, how can anyone rank Janelle ahead of Maggie? Maggie totally outplayed Janelle when it came to strategy and that's what counts most in BB. No one is going to win just being a good comp player. In one brilliant move Maggie started the chain reaction that led to the demise of the Sovereign Six. That move was convincing Howie (HOH at the time) to put up two of his own people. For being such a great strategist Kaysar wasn't even in the same league as Maggie. Maggie is the best to play this game with Dan, Dr. Will and Danielle Reyes (in no particular order) being very close behind. People like Janelle don't deserve to be in the top 10.

A very underrated winner. Was the star of the season 6 not Janelle. Right after her partner leaves and she is the next biggest target she wins HOH and makes an alliance with people she could trust. Then throughout the rest of the game she plays a smart game by staying under the radar by keeping her mouth shut even when attacked by the other side of the house. She tries not to be the one in that alliance that shines the most through her words and actions. Maggie was very loyal to the friendship and ended up having the least target out of anyone in that group. She doesn't get a lot of credit for perfecting the collaborator strategy. - Tito1711

Maggie is an underrated winner. After losing her secret partner, Cappy, she created one of the most notorious alliances in the history of the show: The Friendship. She was the unspoken leader of this alliance and manipulated them to do her dirty work. Possibly her best move was to convince the other members of her alliance that if they betrayed The Friendship, no one would vote for them to win the money. Maggie was the best alliance leader in Big Brother history and one of the most deserving winners.

Maggie did what Derrick did but wish smarter players and half the house wanting her gone. She didn’t have to rely on competitions and was able to use relationships she formed with Ivette and April to get to their partners Beau and Jennifer to carry a majority throughout the endgame

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21 Matt Hoffman - 7th Place - Season 12

Most strategic player in his alliance, The Brigade. Played most of the house into being his allies.
Created a lie about his wife being sick for sympathy, could have worked very well if he got to the end. Probably could have won if he hadn't lost the Brigade's trust. - koenbertens

He's held one of the most precious possessions in big brother the diamond power of veto I was afraid he was about to go home in that eviction then Brendan the idiot was shocked and thank god that phony Kathy went home before he did

One of favourite players not bias here but he has played a good game

One of the most underrated players in BB history. Matt was loyal and got stabbed in the back by his alliance. Up until the point he went home he carried his alliance. He won HOH every other week ensuring safety to his alliance members and made big moves to keep them safe.

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22 Drew Daniels - Winner - Season 5

Flipping on his alliances and booting some of his closest pals helped this quiet guy win Season 5. Being likeable, handsome, and under the radar didn't hurt either.

The dude was not afraid to get blood on his hands and had an amazing well rounded game.

Drew played probably one of the best games to play
1) He was selected for every Veto competition and back then the HOH and nominees selected the competitors for veto.
2) He was never a final nominee for eviction. Meaning he never faced the chopping block.
3) He was the first Houseguest to set the records for most HOH's (4 and this record has only been tied not broken)

He played an amazing game. - BladedCrypt

23 Frank Eudy - Big Brother 14 Frank Eudy - Big Brother 14

Frank is a great Big Brother player, beloved by the fans. Week 1, he got screwed by a scheming liar named Willie Hantz. Luckily, Boogie and he convinced the house to keep him over Kara, someone who wasn't a threat at all. The next week, he won HOH and after that, his arch-nemesis Willie was expelled for being violent. So, he nominated Britney's team and eventually evicted Jojo. In Week 3, he nearly got out, but he was thankfully saved by the Coaches twist. In the next week, he formed an alliance called the Silent Six, consisting of him, Boogie, Danielle, Dan, Shane, and Britney. They blindsided a huge threat Janelle. The next week, he wins HOH again! He nominates two floaters and one of them gets evicted, so he gets respect for that. Then, Shane won HOH and nominated him. He won point of view like a boss, but his closest ally was evicted. Then, the Fast Forward happened and he won point of view, throwing Ian's plans in the trash. But it caused his showmance to be evicted. This left ...more

One of the best competitors in Big Brother History. Target since day 1. Only got to cast a vote twice through 64 days in the house because he was either HoH or on the Block. Helped get out on the best players of all time Janelle. With the help of his Chilltown partner Mike Boogie.

I agree that Frank was trustworthy and an animal during comps, Dan went too far with some of his deception. YOU should be able to LIE without swearing on the bible, on your wedding ring, or on your children. That becomes tasteless, & classless.

Absolutely love him! The best competitor other than Janelle.

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24 Memphis Garrett - Runner Up - Season 10

Memphis was very underrated he had a huge target on his back after winning the car and still made it to final two. I think Memphis and Dan had an equal part in getting the renegades to the end.

"Played a good physical game, and a pretty good social game too. Also him and Dan made one of the best alliances ever"

Memphis is a great lover

25 Jordan Lloyd - Winner - Season 11 Jordan Lloyd - Winner - Season 11

Did not play the game, however it was her personality in the house that helped her win the game. Won for 3 reasons. First she had Jeff who was a bigger target than her, and at the same time it was tough to get him out. Second of all, she is probably recognized as the most nicest person in big brother history so who would have anything against her in the house? Third of all, she was a weak player and competitor so everyone would want to take her to the final two. - Tito1711

One of the best social games ever. Everyone gives her crap for having no strategic game and say she made no moves. She tricked Kevin into evicting Michelle instead of her and told Kevin that she would take him to final 2 and that was a lie that ended up winning her $500,000. Very smart girl with a great social game. Very good big brother player, almost won twice for a reason.

Worst winner ever. Would have been evicted without Jeff being handed by production the coup de tat

Riding coat ails was part of her strategy and she tied to make moves when she needed to she would have become the 1st 2 time winner had Rachel not reformed her alliance with Porsche and she is good at quiz comps and golfing comps

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26 Andy Herran - Winner - Season 15 Andy Herran - Winner - Season 15

I'll never understand why people consider andy a floater or a bad player. He was able to work with both the nicest and most evil houseguests and whoever he wanted to go home went home. He had a hand in taking out so many of his houseguests he masterminded the game. The only person who actually saw through him during their time in the house was Elissa and she didn't have power to do anything too dangerous to him. Had he bought Spencer to final two there is a very strong chance that he would have won with a unanimous vote.

He's one of the most underrated players of all time. Like someone said, much of the hate he got (and still gets) isn't based off of the game at all, but rather for personal reasons, and since many fans don't know how to separate gameplay from emotion, he gets ranked very low in terms of winners.

Solid game play by playing both sides of the house. He aligned with people at the right time and dumped people at the right time, all to benefit his game, which worked. - Tito1711

Andy played probably the best Big Brother game of all time after Dan and Will. The dude was NEVER in danger, and he was both well-liked and trusted by everyone in the house. You can even tell before the jury votes that most of them are very happy to vote for him even though he backstabbed a majority of them.

Yes, he is a floater, but floating is an amazing strategy when it is utilized effectively, which is what Andy did. Easily the greatest social player ever.

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27 Jeff Schroeder - 7th Place - Season 11

Was a breast at chimps and protecting Jordan. Also had a great social game.

He played really hard and backdoored Daniele in season 13 but the clown shoe sealed his fait.

I don't get how when he was evicted in season 13 Shelli got death threats. That's a sign that he's too popular

Probably one of the best game moves in BB history was from him using the Coup d'état! Probably the reason why he stayed longer in the game. - Tito1711

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28 Paul Abrahamian - Season 18 Paul Abrahamian - Season 18 Paul Raffi Abrahamian is an American reality television personality, clothing designer, and musician born in Tarzana, California.

This dude goes in the house and is brutally honest, in your face, loud personality in general and goes to the end finishing 2nd. Then goes back the very next season and everyone knows who he is and knows how he plays and he goes to the end again by being very creative and convincing, constantly evolving his strategy to appease his houseguests. He ran the show his 2nd season, he was the show. He's not my favorite but he should have won once for sure, true fans would have respected his game play and voted him to win, victim of a bitter jury

Honestly, he deserved the win! I do believe Nicole is a good player, but Paul was good at everything; strategically, physically, socially. Even Julie wanted him to win (as she stated in an interview. She also thought Nicole was kind of disappointing, but she congratulates Nicole). He figured out the roundtrip puzzle first, chose the right one first as well! He won every single comp after Victor left, and won others before Vic was evicted for the last time. Paul even knew to join the other side after both Jozea and Victor were evicted (by the way, Victor comes back, if you were confused about Paul winning every comp after he was gone). He was a likable person, and if I was there, I'd definitely vote for Paul to win. (I still love Nicole so much, though. Respectable game.)

Paul should of won and I bet if he went up against derrick and Daniel Reyes he could win definitely over Daniel Reyes because she just floated her way threw the game and this year it was Paul's first time it was Nicole's second and also if Paul returns next year he should win because if Nicole can win after coming back Paul definitely can and Paul kind of dr will and dan so that's how good of a player I think Paul is ' one of the greatest of all time because there was some good competitors this year and he battled he was threw it. Great job paul

He should be much much higher on this list! He should be the only 2 time winner ever but he was robbed both times! In bb19 he played the best game I have ever seen, and in bb18 he played a pretty good game too. People say he would have been out by cody if he didn’t have the pendant of protection which is probably true. Cody was unfair though because Cody hated paul before Paul even came into the house and it had nothing to do with paul’s Gameplay, so I find this argument to be unfair. Paul’s achievements are never being nominated on eviction night in bb19. He made it to the final 2 twice. He made the entire house throw a competition to a girl with crutches, and he had an alliance with every single person with in bb19. I think he should be number 2 on this list with Dan gheesling being number 1 - Ctrop14

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29 Jason Guy - 3rd Place - Season 3

Remember, Jason was Never nominated. He was only evicted in final 3 by default. That alone is a remarkable achievement. The only other two house guests to have gone through an entire season without being nominated are BB legends Danielle Reyes and Derrick. His loyalty to Danielle undoubtedly helped make her the legend that she is. Danielle's game didn't go too far in All Stars when she didn't have her "Jason".

He kept his head and his alliance. Being able to stay loyal and stay quite got him and Danielle through season 3. Best alliance ever.

Great social game and worked with BB legend Danielle as they both ripped through the house in bb3. His golden boy charm got him to F3. - BlackDiamonds

The 1st truly big brother triple threat he had a excellent social game great physical gem and a master strategist and e would have win a gist Daniele ether way and trivia he's the 1st player to get HOH and point of view in the same week and every big brother season has had and HOH and point of view in the same week

30 Steve Moses - Season 17

While Steve did play a good game, he definitely is not one of the best players. Sure, his strategy of laying low and winning when necessary was great, but people give him to much credit. Separating Austwins in F6 was not that big of a move. He was aligned with John and Vanessa the most so going after them was not going to happen. He is top 10 winners, but not top 10 players.

Steve simply played an amazing game. He won comps when his life was on the line, and he did an excellent job at covering his bases with the powers in the house. Truly an excellent winner, I applaud Steve for playing a fantastic game.

Did absolutely nothing for the first 3/4 of the game and snuck out a couple wins in the last 2 weeks to keep himself in the running. Had no sort of power in any alliance and honestly wouldn't have won over most people in the house. The smartest move he made was getting rid of BB legend Vanessa before the final 2 so he was sitting next to Liz who did even less than steve.

Didn’t do anything and he sucked at the game. He was an absolute floater and he should not have won. - Ctrop14

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31 Enzo Palumbo - 3rd Place - Season 12 Enzo Palumbo - 3rd Place - Season 12

Enzo is the mastermind behind the greatest alliance in Big Brother history. Even though he did not win HoH competitions, he didn't need to because he had the votes from day one. If he made it to the final two he would have won because he had the best social game out of everybody.

A very good player. Didn't have to win comps to make it so far, because he had a really good social game. - Tito1711

Favorite big brother cast member.

How is he not in the top 10

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32 Cody Calafiore - Season 16


Played the game for Derrick, not for himself. Although he had a good strategy of flirting with girls to further his game, he was used as a puppet and is therefore a terrible player. - Tito1711

What made him a bad player.. Who do I take to the final 2? Derrick or Victoria? I'll take Derrick...

Cody, should have taken Victoria to the end not Derrick to be honest

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33 Keesha Smith - 4th Place - Season 10

Keesha had a fantastic social game. She made it to fourth place because she was able to flip flop sides in the house and kept herself out of the line of fire by aligning with people who had bigger targets on their backs (like Libra). She went from the outhouse to the penthouse on multiple occasions. Having been on one of the most intense seasons of the show, she proved what a great competitor she really is. I hope she comes back for an All-Star season!

She caused the house flip on Jessie and she made sure she had the connections with Renny Dan and Memphis so she wouldn't be voted out when it was her and Libra on the block. Also her move to get Angie out was actually really good. It destroyed an alliance of 8 and she came off free.

Besides Dan and maybe Memphis she played the best game in BB10. Her being a recruit makes it all the better.

34 Natalie Martinez - Season 11 Natalie Martinez - Season 11 Natalie Emilia-Romagna Martinez is an American actress and model. She is known as the spokes-model for JLO by Jennifer Lopez, and for her role in the 2008 feature film Death Race.

She deserve to be in BBAS. She is one of the best players in BB history and Her strategy was brilliant, I don't know why people hate her, they are dumb and can not understand that her immature behavior was part of the excellent strategy. That was perfect psychological game. She was totally underestimated by people, such a amazing strategy.

If I have to choose between Natalie and Dr. Will as a best player in BB history I will vote for Natalie. She did definitely more than well-known Doctor. She not only manipulated, lied, schemed, but also came to BB house will brilliant strategy. Acting as a 18 years old girl, which every houseguest treats like a little sister and not as a strong player, competitor. She was playing BB game 24/7, but unfortunately her effort wasn't appreciated by many fans (still can not understand a lot of haters).

She MUST be in BB All Stars, because it will not be All Stars without her.

If it is one thing that Natalie did well and right in the house, it was to LIE! It was unfortunate that the jury was bitter of that and chose Jordan instead. Should of won over Jordan because she played the game. - Tito1711

Natalie and Amanda both played strong games during their seasons, but got overshadowed because of their personalities.

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35 Liz Nolan - 2nd Place - Season 17

Sure, Liz was protected, but I personally think she was a better player than most. She played the game hard, and was very well a good Big Brother contestant (even if not as good as Vanessa) I personally thought she was a great player. Maybe not Top 10 worthy, but definitely Top 40-20. I agree with her placement, and I think she should stay right where she is with her placement.

She was protected, but that doesn't matter. What did matter was that she had amazing relationships with everybody which was why she wasn't nominated until the top 6. Vanessa played the game way harder than Liz did and that's why she went to the final two instead of Vanessa.

Liz was underrated her season, She did whats best for her alliances game, she was never the lowest on the totem pole by doing so getting her farther in the game.

Weak. And used a guy to protect her. Also very annoying.

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36 Victor Arroyo - Big Brother 18 Victor Arroyo - Big Brother 18

Victor was AWESOME, maybe he will be back in another season or another All stars, he totally deserves it, and on top of that, he is totally HOT

Competition Beast. Great social game. To bad he does not think for himself and play the game.

My favorite player, got in 3 times

He should be much higher then this! How are Devin shepherd and Adam Jasinski ahead of him! He got back into the house two time’s and was a competition beast. He also has a decent social game. - Ctrop14

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37 Michelle Meyer - Big Brother 18

Does not to deserve to be on this list at all - Ctrop14

Why is Meech on here she sucked on the show

Does not deserve to be on this list. - Ctrop14

38 Kevin Campbell - 3rd Place - Season 11

Barely got into conflict, and that's why he made it so far. - Tito1711

He was considered by legends like Danielle, Boogie, Janelle, and ED (Evil Dick), to be a great player

He and Natalie were able to orchestrate a plan to ensure Russell was evicted, made sure Michelle didn't see F2, and broke up the showmance with Jejo. Thought he kicked his game into high gear at the right time of the season. - BlackDiamonds

39 Nicole Franzel - Season 16 Nicole Franzel - Season 16

Nicole has played a fantastic social game this second time around and that is why she is so good at BB as well as winning crucial comps when needed. Yes she may be playing dirty this time around by lying and backstabbing some of the others but she still somehow finds a way to not be nominated week after week which is pretty impressive. The houseguests just keep trusting Nicole despite so many of the evicted houseguests being betrayed by her. In addition, she has been called out so many times by houseguests so it has made her a target throughout the whole season as well as being a veteran from day 1. Let's also not forget that she has had a hand in almost every evicted houseguest and she is almost always in the power alliance. Nicole knows when to lay low and when she needs to play for comps to win which is very important if you want to get far in this game. I personally don't like how she gets into a showmance every season, however Corey is literally her lap dog and she controls his ...more

She was the only person that realized Frankie was running the house, and turned the house against Frankie and Christine, two people that had a perfect road to the finals. She was the only person in her season that was brave enough to make a power move, and she deserves a lot of credit for that

Nicole could had went way farther in this season had not been for the stupid Team America twist that always saved Frankie from eviction. If there is an All Stars 2, she should be at least one of the 20 contestants up for consideration.

Nicole was one of the best players of all time. She played a great game, won comps and deserved the win.

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40 Jackie Ibarra - Big Brother 17

May not have been the strongest Comp wise but was definitely smarter than she looked. She was able to call out Vanessa and Shelli on having hands in every eviction and had a strong social game. If Liz hadn't won the BoB Jackie would've DECIMATED the Sixth Sense Alliance

All though she wasn't able to win some competitions, she was a pretty good player, she was able to get a good read of the house such as calling out Shelli for recommending Jason to go on the block and was one of the few people that knew Vanessa's game early in the game, if Steve wouldn't have evicted and she had won one permanent HOH she wasn't going to be afraid to make big moves

She saw through Vanessa's BS. Period.

Of course shelli and vanessa had their hands in those evictions, they were the hoh for 4 out of the 5 first weeks

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41 Aaryn Gries Aaryn Gries Aaryn Elizabeth Williams is an American reality television personality, YouTuber, entrepreneur, and former model from San Marcos, Texas. She is best known for her appearance as a contestant on the reality television show Big Brother 15.

It's true that she said some offensive things, but let's not act like almost everyone in the cast didn't say at least one offensive comment, let alone Aaryn being the worst of them all. Also, she deserves to be ranked higher because she actually improved her position in the house from the most hated houseguest to being considered as part of the majority, and she was a competition beast.

Even Though She Was Hated She Would Have Won In The Final 2 simply because everyone hated her and she still made it!

If Aaryn would have made final 2 she would have had many personal votes against her. Wouldn't see her winning at all

Umm... How is that thing good?

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42 Donny Thompson - Season 16 Donny Thompson - Season 16

Donny has a great attitude towards all of the houseguests that they all love him, making him a huge threat. If Donny makes it to the end it is almost guaranteed that he will get the money because of everyone's fondness of him. Without being in "the loop" Donny still knows everything going on and warning the houseguests and gaining there trust. If Donny doesn't win, I will be very upset. TEAM DONNY!

Big brother is a game of numbers, so if you are a beast socially and competitively but don't have an alliance, then you will be TAKEN DOWN! - Tito1711

We have the same last name he is my family pick for the win and the america favorite vote so pic DONNY so a TEAM DONNY

2nd Best BB16 player behind Derrick. He was a target since Day 1. Won a BOB by himself and never gave up

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43 Shane Meaney - 4th Place - Season 14 Shane Meaney - 4th Place - Season 14

Amazing Player, but are not smart enough to realise Dan's plan

Love him favorite player played amazing

Won lots of comps. Was in two alliances. Extremely underestimated.

I loved Shane with Danielle he was not my favorite player but was dating my favorite they are broken up😩

44 Shelly Moore - 6th place - Season 13 Shelly Moore - 6th place - Season 13

Played both sides (newbies vs. the vets) beautifully the first half of the game, and then turned on the vets at the right moment, trying to make a big move and keep Daniele. Unfortunately, Adam was too spineless to make a big move. However, she then helped evict the biggest threat left in the game, Jeff. She would have made it even further if it wasn't for that stupid Pandora's Box twist. - janiepierzina

Good strategy of playing both sides of the house. - Tito1711

Lol just met her in person

I think she’s very underrated. She played everyone so well in the early half of the game and made a really big move in getting Jeff out, sadly she didn’t mke it further.

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45 John McGuire - Big Brother 17

Johnny Mac actually broke the record for being on the block repeatedly and winning the most vetoes to save himself in bb history... He was a loyal player and did anything his alliance told him to even if it meant putting a huge target on his back! If he was in final 2 he would have won hands down and I don't know how James won favorite houseguest and not him...

He's not a good player but he's hilarious. GO JOHNNY MAC!

He was a pretty good player not to mention the fact that he was hilarious. "How come I always end up with a bunch of idiots!? " ~ Johnny Mac. Also at first you thought him and Steve would be great Allies but his comments thought otherwise "Steve is an AWFUL ALLY! " Love you Johnny Mac

Love John McGuire!

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46 Ragan Fox - 5th Place - Season 12

Very good player, only one actually to fight back with Rachel

47 Shelli Poole - 11th Place - Season 17

Shelli played a fantastic game early on, she won competitions, made moves, and was not afraid to get blood on her hands. Had she not been in a showmance she could have easily made it through the game, with her winning two head of households week 2 and 4, put a target on her and clay. Making them the power duo that James took out. Had she waited a little longer or not been in a showmance she could have been one of the best players.

48 James Huling - Big Brother 17 James Huling - Big Brother 17

He's so bad. Every time he has an opportunity for a good game move he turns it into gossip. Plus I found it hilariously stupid when he and Meg were thinking "we shouldn't tell Vanessa about that deal to keep me save because it might piss her off..."

What I have seen from James is that we have a player that is not afraid to make a big move and the two people he got out, Jace and Clay, was in my mind two smart moves. He is also the main reason that the High Rollers are still alive in this game and we don't get to see the annoying Clelli get to the end

He is amazing

I thought he definitely improved in BB18 and put up a respectable game socially

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49 Sharon Obermueller - 4th Place - Season 9 Sharon Obermueller - 4th Place - Season 9

She played the perfect pawn role. Stayed out of the line of fire. She was able to tell when someone was lying and that got Matt out. She was screwed at the final four hoh competition.

How is anyone from season 9 on this list

Very underrated player, I honestly think she would have won if it wasn't for that ridiculous question in the F4 HOH

Was able to tell Matt was playing her, had a great social game, and should've won that final 4 HOH. Very underrated.

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50 Chicken George - Season 1, 7
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