Inspecting Long Lists #6 Buzzfeed's Top 193 Big Brother (US) Houseguests Part II

htoutlaws2012 Welcome back folks let's get rolling with the now top 100 greatest Big Brother houseguests.

#100 Renny Martyn: She's quite the old feisty one that season that was pretty entertaining.

#99 Sheila Kennedy: meh, season 9, next!

#98 Gerry Lancaster: Gerry is pretty underrated, although that is shattered immediately by Danielle seeing that Gerry did not wash his hands the whole time in that game lol.

#97 Lori Olsen: Should be much lower, she did not have much of a game really other than she stood out for being the one in the wash hands act that season.

#96 Nicole Schaffrich: Very underrated player, she was put up the first week, then changed the whole game around by aligning with Hardy, and made the final two. Wish she was back one more time.

#95 Jack Owens Jr.: Former FBI agent, and quite the funny old timer with one liners so good you can't help it. He never won any competitions which meant that he was playing a role like will which could have worked, but other floaters were just far superior that season.

#94 Alex Coladonato: I question anyone honestly from season that was in anyway near this high come on.

#93 Jameka Cameron: A African american christian who never won a thing, and managed to make it in the final four.

#92 Jessica Hughbanks: A cheerleader that knew how to play the game at least.

#91 Ragan Fox: I liked him only because of the fact he would literally fight with Rachel that season.

#90 Jase Wirey: Oh man this guy was something else, he could be funny, but dumb if you get what I mean. Go back to season 5, and you'll how so overconfident he was with the veto ceremony, and guess what he was the replacement nominee which meant he was the first houseguest to have been backdoored which this has happened in the later season as well.

#89 Natalie Cunial: Girrrr! Curse you season 9!

#88 Jessie Kowalski: She was the less of the super racists remaining houseguest that season. She was alright in comps, but just could not get people to really work with she was on her own.

#87 Amanda Hansen: Stop with season 9!

#86 Chicken George: He was probably the most ironic of his first season, and his bought back in all-stars was kinda surprising. He did do alright just for knowing a new style of game he adjusted to.

#85 Roddy Mancuso: Roddy found many ways to avoid being evicted everytime he got put up he was a big threat to Danielle, and eventually finally got evicted near the end of that season.

#84 Libra Thompson: She may have been in an alliance, then not so much, but she was quite a character that season despite winning very little some.

#83 Will Winkle: Ughh.... no, just no!

#82 Caleb Reynolds: Yes, beast mode cowboy! I thought Caleb was funny in the house, even when he did the whole stalk amber thing I thought was hysterical.

#81 Matt McDonald: Girrr, not another player from season that is not even should be anywhere this high.

#80 Ashley Iocco: Another one I do not agree being this high, all she did was get closer to one side of the whole just to be safe.

#79 Beau Beasley: The only time I fought he was remotely funny was when he fights with Janelle while drunk.

#78 April Dowling: Solid player that when just as soon as Libra did.

#77 Bryan Ollie: Good player with bad judgements that cost him the game.

#76 Andrew Gordon: He was partly annoying, but he had to go probably because of that.

#75 Kathy Hillis: Ugh.... did she know what to do at all? Every comp she sucked at, terrible player should near the end of the list. ridiculous!

#74 McCrae Olsen: He was my favorite player that season, but unfortunately he did not win the awful racist infested 15 was near the end of the stretch.

#73 Michele Noonan: Very underrated player that did kinda what Jordan did, just sucks to lose when your that close.

#72 Allison Nicholas: Ugh... not even worthy being this high up, season 9 need I say more!

#71 Brittany Martinez: She's only memorable for getting into a fight with Devil Devin that season, otherwise no one really remembers this Brittany.

#70 Shelly Moore: She played a oh i'm with you to I got to turn on you type of player which very unique, and different from most players of the game, unfortunately for Shelly she could not overcome Jordan, and she returns the favor for Jeff as the eviction was avenged.

#69 Diane Henry: She's a very smart player that was silently backstabbed by the what would win the game Drew, who she had a showmance with.

#68 Zach Swerdzewski: His a cool player that had no brain for a graphic dude, he was a class act though he he faced the Donato's I can respect that.

#67 Kalia Booker: Underrated player that did a mix of good social game, and also at comps as well so had a chance based on that.

#66 Joe Arvin: The loud mouth chef that won absolutely nothing that season just a comedy relief pretty much.

#65 Hayden Voss: No not from 12 he was awesome, this Hayden has a showmance with Nicole guess who went further, of course Nicole. Hayden physically was the bigger threat.

#64 Lisa Donahue: She actually a very great player that set herself up brilliantly, manages to sneak into the final 3, and beats Danielle, and not only wins, but won thanks to jury hating Danielle's guts when she didn't mean any thing of those goodbye tapes.
She was a smart player, even didn't vote for her showmance Eric back in instead voted for Amy we more players like this.

#63 Christine Brecht: Okay here's something that's funny I think I found the female version of Freddy Kruger yeah that's right that's you Christine based on how unappealing you look at the camera.

#62 Jenn Arroyo: Floated onto the end, and there went Jenn city.

#61 Nicole Franzel: Okay this list is a bit outdated, but she would be top 25 after watching season 18, and how well she redeemed herself that season.

#60 Eric Stein: Eric america's player solid choice for being the first he was pretty cool for what he did do for america. I'd give him another run why not.

#59 Adria Klein & Natalie Carroll: The two that were apart of the DNA twist in the 5, and that would be brought back in 17 which was also successful. The played alright just could not make any further so it was what it was.

#58 Nakomis Dedmon: Great player that started the backdoor plan, and how it worked on Jase, sadly did not win that season which I felt she should have.

#57 Jee Choe: He was a very good player that got beat by 3 masterful floaters in Erika, Alison, and jun.

#56 Robert Roman: I did not like him much, but he was a tough player to get rid of he made it to the final 3 which was an upset at the time.

#55 Judd Daugherty: His pretty funny, and a pretty good comp player. For most part you could understand a word he said he made it better.

#54 Amanda Zuckerman: I liked her at first, but once that season went she more nasty, and nasty which made her realize after controlling the house that nobody was gonna vote for her so she went thankfully for McCrae I felt bad for him.

#53 Helen Kim: She started off with good moves, but got overshadowed by then later winner Andy who was just a snake the whole time.

#52 Natalie Martinez: Majority of the fans did not want to see her win, well they got their wish in a big way.

#51 Joey Van Pelt: Maybe devil Devin was right about one thing she was a terrible player for admitting up front about the all girls alliance thus 51 is even more mind boggling should be 100 125 spots lower based on that little fact.

#50 Kristin Bitting: She was just a player used for a alliance's pawn that has to be sacrificed. Should she be barely top 50? I do not think so one bit.

#49 Jen Johnson: A great formidable enemy to the Donato's, yes she got annoying early on, but the whole fight with them is just awesome.

#48 Jocasta Odom: Not that great honestly, and at 48 doesn't seem right.

#47 Aaryn Gries: The mean girls queen herself the Regina George of the season. Went to extreme lengths to start up the whole rasict attitude to the point everyone started to go with which dumb her, and the one right next to her both lost their because of these slurs seen on live feeds.

#46 Ginamarie Zimmerman: The 3rd and final of the mean girls alliance and strangely made it all the way to the final two GinaMarie. She is the craziest one of them all, week 2 she went bonkers when Nick got evicted (the one she briefly had a showmance with) starts going on this weird obsession. She was very unstable at the time which made it even more shocking.

#45 Elissa Slater: She wasn't that great, but she's about where she should be. Never that great at comps, she was saved by rigged america votes proved that she could not be like her sister who was a far better player despite her annoyance.

#44 ''cowboy'' Michael Ellis: I felt that cowboy was a good player that deserved another shot, though his downfall was getting rid of Nakomis near the final four left.

#43 Danielle Murphee: This Danielle was something else, crazy obsessed showmance with Shane, but also being coached by Dan her emotions were all over the place. Its funny she had a chance to make history to have the first showmance couple be the final two, but we didn't realized how dumb she was was by not saving Shane, and backstab Dan and potentially beat Ian if that happened.

#42 Hardy Hill: The tough guy bouncer who was the physical dominator of season 2 that got beat by the Dr. Will that never won a single comp.

#41 Memphis Garrett: His pretty good player that adjusted from potentially be forgettable being apart of one of the best duo teams ever alongside Dan who would win that season.

#40 Lane Elenburg: Honestly the brigade was the best alliance to never get caught once by anyone that whole season. Lane would probably be the lowest of the members, but he was just as good as the others.

#39 Enzo Palumbo: The funny man of the dominant alliance the brigade.

#38 Brendon Villegas: He is good when it counts, but kind of just gets tossed out because of being a legit threat in the house.

#37 Andy Herran: Andy was the only remaining non-racist houseguest left, and so he won based on who would not have the most backlash is the way I look at it.

#36 Amber Borzotra: She may have won a bit of comps, but she was not that great thanks to beast mode cowboy trying to score with her for the most part.

#35 Shane Meaney: ''The knight and shining armor'' he was one heck of a comp player, but got beat by Dan's funeral which was brilliantly done.

#34 Chima Simone: Okay Chima, the one that went off of production because Jessie got evicted to a new twist the coup d'etat. She may have been a decent player, but come on she's higher than both Jeff and Jordan get real.

#33 Matt Hoffman: He was the brains of the alliance that was evicted to make it not obvious they were all going to take each other in the end. Matt did have a great chance of winning it so the 3 decided to cut him loose.

#32 James Rhine: Here we now we get into the classic players, James was a Veto king in the two seasons he was in. He was almost impossible to get rid of in season 6, and all stars.

#31 Hayden Moss: A great player that was able to win season 12, evicting Enzo was probably the smartest move because knownig Enzo he was good on everyone. He later went on Survivor which was interesting, but not as great as his Big Brother run.

#30 Howard Overby: Funny how even I barely remember Howard from that season, thus not deserving to anywhere this high, nor the 100 range no less.

#29 Amy Crews: She's a very underrated player who had that what if factor. What if Amy was in Lisa's spot. Pretty much did what other future second return players would do.

#28 Cody Calafiore: Aside from swaying the female votes what more did Cody do, other than ride coattails with yes Derrick.

#27 Derrick Levasseur: He should be top 10, maybe top 5 based on strategic gameplay, and winning when it counts. He never got put it at all in the nominations he clearly dominated Big Brother 16.

#26 Drew Daniel: He played a good game, and all, but the aftermath is very sad. Attacking a random person, and gets arrested what when wrong?

#25 Frank Eudy: Very overrated player, he was a beast in his season, but his emotions got the best of him thus is not that great, and should be at the very least bummed out of the top 50 I'd still put him near that side of the list.

#24 Jennifer Vasquez: Tough comp player, that just had to go as the friendship alliance went on the battle against the sovereign six.

#23 April Lewis: Played a good, but kind iof could not control emotions, and was sent as Maggie, and Ivette went on against the blonde bombshell Janelle.

#22 Howie Gordon: Tough comp player, funny guy, and a classic player.

#21 Maggie Ausburn: The lesser of the two in the not sure, but I think of who should have made it to the end, but alas.

#20 Keesha Smith: Great player that got out beat by Dan of course played the whole house in his favor.

#19 Candice Stewart: I really do not get this one at all, yes she left very soon, but was she really anyway that great? No, and the fact she's top 20 makes this unjustified.

#18 Alison Irwin: She was great in Big Brother 4, but in all stars took an early exit.

#17 Donny Thompson: Cool old timer that I think deserves another shot. If Nicole got another run so can Donny. The equivalent of Duck dynasty making a comeback right? Oh wait it ended too soon!

#16 Mike ''Boogie'' Malin: He was the first player to indicate whoever got HOH first would not last too long in big brother 2. In all stars he was a really great player as if you watch he and will as ''Batman and Robin'' In this case the robin won that season. Yet that robin found himself to be labeled overrated when he came back as one of the coaches in Big Brother 14. He tried to do by himself without Will. Well it was almost like a repeat performance of how he started out, and man did that suck when your facing against Dan who I thought was the best of the returning players that season.

#15 Ian Terry: Some may argue Dan should have won 2 season, but I'm okay with Ian winning he played great as well forming the quack pack.

#14 Jason Guy: The virgin that worked for Danielle who played a good game, but ultimately should have won the final hoh to guaranteed Danielle's victory.

#13 Russell Kairouz: He was pretty awesome in Big Brother 11, #13 though... that is stretching a lot. I agree his a great player, but at the same time he'd be in the lower 25 if so.

#12 Monica Bailey: For really not doing much hardly until the end of the game she was fairly good, but of course a similar houseguest just played that much better.

#11 Zach Rance: His funny, kind of good at comps, but 11 is just a bit high. I like the guy a lot, but not that much.

#10 Dick Donato: To me without Evel I never would have even watch a single season of big brother. In his season he was just freaking awesome terrorizing the houseguests we need players like this. Although it was very disappointing he could not play in Big brother 13 hardly due to a mysterious disease he discovered beforehand.

#9 Kaysar Ridha: No way would have anywhere near the top, more less top 100 even he was a horrible player who had terrible judgement moves. Wildly overrated ironically finished 10th in both seasons he was in awful player twice in a row.

#8 Rachel Reilly: She gets on my nerves every time I see her on the screen, she has appeared just so little since arriving in season 12. She's a beast player that you either love or hate pretty much, i'm leaning towards hate, but i'll accept why she's in the top 10.

#7 Jun Song: Played a masterful floater game getting the convincing votes that season, won only won HOH, but just enough to back up the sneaky tactics, and its interesting she does no reappear after Big Brother 4 was done one time, and one time only I guess.

#6 Britney Haynes: I love Britney she was great to watch, just from her diary confession were just gold in season 12. You could not help but to like her for making fun of those we don't really like that much. Very underrated in Veto comps as well, when she came back as a coach, she was not quite as strong as she was two seasons ago. Six is a bit of a stretch, but i'm okay with it I guess...

#5 Daniele Donato: I'm sorry, but higher than her father? Daniele proved that with Evel there a nightmare of a duo, but as for turning on the veterans. You could tell right away she was making a mistake trusting the newbies. A tough comp player that might have played a bit too early in 13. Top 5 no way would I have her that high, and above Evel even.

#4 Janelle Pierzina: The greatest comp player ever, every time she would get put up she would rise to the occasion win, by win. Only to lose in the final three that just blows twice even. She was a coach in 14, but I knew right away she would be a threat if she started winning constantly if she wasn't gone that early.

#3 Dr. Will Kirby: The doctor everyone loves for his strategy was pure genius. Winning nothing, and intentionally lost all of them to the point where he set himself up to win Big brother 2. Came back in all-stars, and was just nearly there only to get evicted by Janelle.

#2 Dan Gheesling: Should be #1, Dan played arguably the best game ever. Manipulates the houseguests so well avoiding to get evicted even is amazing. He would at times win comps to make it as if his not way to like Dr Will, in a way where it was justified in his own way, in which he comes back in 14, and does the same thing. The only difference is we got one of the best things moments in history in Dan's funeral that pretty puts him over the top from others.

#1 Danielle Reyes: Played a great game not #1 to me though, top 10 sure its just never would fought Danielle would beat out everybody. Well she is one of the best to not win the game thanks to the most bitter jury in history. Danielle coul d have been the first black player to win Big Brother. Rightfully so she comes back in all-stars, and well she played a good game just overshadowed by Janelle, and Dr. Will for the most part.

That's the list, this was one of those really bizarre lists I just had to see for curiosity, and whole their were some biased choices. It did have the most some of the players where they should, but then there were just those others that don't seem to be where they should be at all. Hopefully you enjoyed this until next time.


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