Dan Gheesling - Winner - Big Brother 10

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Dan Gheesling is an American reality television personality who appeared on the Big Brother 10, which he won.


Dan was definitely a much better player than Dr. Will. First of all, he won his first season without winning a SINGLE HOH competition. Not one. Second, he didn't do any of the dirty work he needed to do to complete his master plans: he was one step ahead of the game, and knew how to convince anyone else to do anything at all necessary to carry himself further in the game. And if THAT isn't impressive enough, after having done all of that, with everyone seeing it at home as they watched season 10 on their own televisions, he did the same thing AGAIN on season 14. Even with people knowing what kind of player he was, and knowing that he could manipulate anyone, he was still able to yet again play/manipulate everyone in the game to carry him further for yet a second season. Dan Gheesling clearly is the best Big Brother player of all time. Even after winning a season, he went to the final 2 for a second time. No other player has ever done that in Big Brother history. Dan is the only player ...more

Dr. Will is overrated... He never won challenges because he couldn't win anything. Dan had a great strategic mindset and kept to it throughout the game. He never had a single vote cast against him throughout the game and he won unanimously. He was also America's player and played it to the tee. He managed to survive despite his allies being voted out first! Amazing game play!

The top spot on the list belongs to either Dan or Dr. Will without a close rival. Dan would be humble and say it belongs to Dr. Will but he can't escape the designation of "King of BB" so easily. Dan's game is calculated, intriguing, entertaining and intensely social as well as physical. He's easily the most engaging social player in BB history. He connects with other players on a level you wouldn't even imagine possible in a competitive setting like that. He instinctively knows when to play it cool and when to get highly active in playing game. He's one of the few players who seems to enjoy his time in the pressure cooker of the house at all times regardless of what's going on. Perhaps he was "playing game" all along in getting to know others so well, but it's impossible to completely fake sincerity when listening actively like he does. Did it help him in the game? Of course it did. But that's just part of being the dynamic player that he was. The #1 slot on this list is ...more

Dan is very well the best player in the game of Big Brother because he had an extraordinarily strong strategy and took complete control of this game, and played it to its fullest elements. When it was necessary for him to win competitions, he won them, and won very many of them at the end of the game. He lay low at the beginning, knowing he was in trouble, and that strategy alone got him to the halfway point. To win unanimously with another great player next to him and to never have been voted out requires extreme strategy. Outstanding player.

Dan played the perfect game. Saved himself from getting evicted in BB14 (he was basically the walking dead at the point) and flipped the house upside down and made an alliance with his arch-enemy, Frank. On top of that he won BB10 and played the game perfectly and won with a unanimous vote of 7-0. Not even Dr. Will wasn't even able to do that, and wouldn't be able to do what Dan did in BB14. Dan is by far the best player to enter the big brother house.

Dan's funeral was the greatest strategic move of all time. I thought Dan was done for the game. But Dan kept up his great strategies as he had his whole time on Big Brother. Off the top of my head I'm pretty sure that Dan is the only player to ever be in the house twice and survive every day. Most shocking player ever. I would hate playing against him. And also where is the love for Jeff Schroeder from Season 11. He may not have won but he was the leader of the strongest force in the house.

Dan is the best player to play this game. Yes, over the Evil Dr Will Kirby, the puppet master. Why? Dan played a game in season 10 as the good/fun guy and threw competitions so he seemed weak. He came alive late in the season when it meant the most and won competitions. Also, he formed a great and loyal alliance with Memphis. In season 14, he entered the game as a coach and became a player at the reset, in which the game was restarted with the 8 remaining house guests and the 4 coaches all now playing the game to total a new game of 12. This instantly made him a target, but used manipulation to stay around. He stabbed people in the back constantly and even hosted his own funeral of game play to get Jenn to use the veto on him. To one fault, he swore on the bible, which I felt took it to far. He also had one of the biggest blindsides in BB history in evicting Shane.
So is he better than Will? They both played the game twice, Dans stats are 1st and 2nd place while Wills are 1st and ...more - Its_JB_11

I think Dan's performance in BB10 alone makes him a top five player, and when you throw in BB14, he leaps to the top for me. I've never seen a player dominate this game in two COMPLETELY different ways. He has a "never say die" attitude, and even when it looked completely hopeless for him, he didn't throw in the towel like 95% of players do. I was in awe of his play during BB14 like no other season. Will is number 2 for me, which is not a slight at all.

Dan is an amazing strategist, and the only one to win by a unanimous vote! Considering the amount of enemies he made in season 10 a unanimous vote was something amazing to pull off. Add that to the fact that he made a miracle save in season 14 and has an amazing ability to keep his head cool and his gameplay non-personal, and you have the best player of all time.

Stuck to his roots (throwing competitions and laying low) but when Dans in a corner can really pull out the big guns. I mean really... He mad the biggest power play ever! Causing the whole house to cry tears of joy, followed directly by absolute SHOCK and horror! And it saved him! He turned his biggest enemy into his rival. This demands nothing less then the best player. And that's only counting the season he didn't win (or has yet to)

This is basically if Dr. Will were good at challenges.

Played the most complete game in big brother history. Won challenges when he needed to, laid back when he didn't... Made strong alliances and then knew who to cut loose and when to do it. Is the only unanimous winner and it's not like he was sitting next to a tomato can in memphis

Dan basically did great during both of his seasons. He controlled both seasons and the players who he played against. Although I want Ian to win Big Brother 14, I think Dan deserves it more. He took out 86% of the jury. He went from having the least players on his team (during week 2 it was only him and Danielle) to the most players (its him and Danielle and Ian left in the game now)

He was the first and only person to win the jury vote unanimously. He has made it farther in his second season than any other returning winner. He made what will go down in history as the greatest comeback from certain eviction ever. And pretty soon, he will probably be the first and only person to win Big Brother twice. Will, Janelle and Mike Boogie combined have nothing on Coach Dan.

Dan is way better than Will. Close minded people only root for that cocky idiot because he is the original "puppet master". Dan basically rose from the dead and is controlling the whole BB14 house right now. In season 10 he did much better by laying low and being the swing vote every time.

Dr. Will was good in his season (s) but the game has changed since then. It has evolved and so has the player - Dan IS Big Brother through and through. He knows how to manipulate people when necessary, when to lay low when necessary and when to host his own funeral when necessary.

I have always known that Dan is a great player but Dan completely surprised me in season 14 when he back stabbed almost everyone else in the game. He masterminded multiple move such as hosting his own funeral to trick the house into keeping him in. GO DAN!

Won season 10, deserved to win season 14. Flawless strategies- deceiving everyone in the house, knowing when to win/throw comps, getting others to get blood on their hands for him. Just when you thought he was going home, he'd slither back into the game, and eventually make it to the end. An undeniable genius.

He was the most devious player without actually being devious. He made great plays when needed (screwing Ollie on their deal), and he won competions when he had to. He was only once in the seat on eviction night. He was never voted against. He won the game 7-0. He played the perfect game.

Dan took Dr. Will's strategy and perfected it. The only thing Dr. Will has on Dan is that he has charm/charisma. Other than that, I give Dan a slight edge due to his love for the game and being able to adapt to situations better than Will.

Replacement Nominee Roulette was beast he back door-ed Michele who was a great player. He stayed only to the Renegade alliance 2 times by taking Memphis and if he won he would've taking Ian. Dan got Britney, Shane, and Frank out of the house. Derrick copied a bit of his strategy. He should have won season 14. Dan's funeral was beast play AND he is the only player to win by a unanimous vote.4 people used the VETO on him as well. Plus he was a better manipulator than Dr. WILL. Dr. Will is overrated look at facts and vote for Dan.

Dan never received a vote against him in two seasons. He and Memphis hid there final two deal while running the house. In season 14 he was walking out the door had no way out and yet he survived his own funeral! Only once has he been on the block after the veto. Dan is the best in history. But give Doctor Will his due he played a game of strategy and manipulation that was unparallelled up to Dan but his own showmance voted him out and he never made it to the end with "Chill Town" while Dan did with "The Renegades".

Quite obviously the best player of all time in ever aspect. Him and Dr. Will would never allign because they both are so strategic. But if it came down to it. Dan is the far superior player, he shows us what it takes to win. Float for the first about 30 to 35 days, then take control. Dr. Will's tricks won't work anymore because of his ego & legacy

In bb 14 made probably one of the best moves in HISTORY by perfectly escaping the block and making everyone think he hates his last apprentice Danielle and making an alliance with his rival frank

The fact that Dan has played 2 seasons of Big Brother and has never been evicted I think says enough. Mastermind, equally as great as Dr. Will however I give Dan just a very slight more praise (by about 0.01%).