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41 Keesha Smith - 4th Place - Season 10

Keesha had a fantastic social game. She made it to fourth place because she was able to flip flop sides in the house and kept herself out of the line of fire by aligning with people who had bigger targets on their backs (like Libra). She went from the outhouse to the penthouse on multiple occasions. Having been on one of the most intense seasons of the show, she proved what a great competitor she really is. I hope she comes back for an All-Star season!

She caused the house flip on Jessie and she made sure she had the connections with Renny Dan and Memphis so she wouldn't be voted out when it was her and Libra on the block. Also her move to get Angie out was actually really good. It destroyed an alliance of 8 and she came off free.

Besides Dan and maybe Memphis she played the best game in BB10. Her being a recruit makes it all the better.

42 Shelly Moore - 6th place - Season 13 Shelly Moore - 6th place - Season 13

Played both sides (newbies vs. the vets) beautifully the first half of the game, and then turned on the vets at the right moment, trying to make a big move and keep Daniele. Unfortunately, Adam was too spineless to make a big move. However, she then helped evict the biggest threat left in the game, Jeff. She would have made it even further if it wasn't for that stupid Pandora's Box twist. - janiepierzina

Good strategy of playing both sides of the house. - Tito1711

I actually liked Shelly! Yes did she help breakup America's favorite couple and ruin Jeff's shot at 500k - Hell yeah! Jeff thought Shelly would be taken to F3 with he and Jordan and Shelly would settle for 3rd place. I understood her betrayal, she was handing the power couple 500K. She placed 6th place, but had not been for Porsche opening Paradox's Box who knows if Rachel would had won.

Lol just met her in person

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43 John McGuire - Big Brother 17

Johnny Mac actually broke the record for being on the block repeatedly and winning the most vetoes to save himself in bb history... He was a loyal player and did anything his alliance told him to even if it meant putting a huge target on his back! If he was in final 2 he would have won hands down and I don't know how James won favorite houseguest and not him...

He's not a good player but he's hilarious. GO JOHNNY MAC!

He was a pretty good player not to mention the fact that he was hilarious. "How come I always end up with a bunch of idiots!? " ~ Johnny Mac. Also at first you thought him and Steve would be great Allies but his comments thought otherwise "Steve is an AWFUL ALLY! " Love you Johnny Mac

Love John McGuire!

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44 Shelli Poole - 11th Place - Season 17

Shelli played a fantastic game early on, she won competitions, made moves, and was not afraid to get blood on her hands. Had she not been in a showmance she could have easily made it through the game, with her winning two head of households week 2 and 4, put a target on her and clay. Making them the power duo that James took out. Had she waited a little longer or not been in a showmance she could have been one of the best players.

45 James Huling - Big Brother 17 James Huling - Big Brother 17

He's so bad. Every time he has an opportunity for a good game move he turns it into gossip. Plus I found it hilariously stupid when he and Meg were thinking "we shouldn't tell Vanessa about that deal to keep me save because it might piss her off..."

What I have seen from James is that we have a player that is not afraid to make a big move and the two people he got out, Jace and Clay, was in my mind two smart moves. He is also the main reason that the High Rollers are still alive in this game and we don't get to see the annoying Clelli get to the end

He is amazing

I thought he definitely improved in BB18 and put up a respectable game socially

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46 Sharon Obermueller - 4th Place - Season 9 Sharon Obermueller - 4th Place - Season 9

She played the perfect pawn role. Stayed out of the line of fire. She was able to tell when someone was lying and that got Matt out. She was screwed at the final four hoh competition.

How is anyone from season 9 on this list

Very underrated player, I honestly think she would have won if it wasn't for that ridiculous question in the F4 HOH

Was able to tell Matt was playing her, had a great social game, and should've won that final 4 HOH. Very underrated.

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47 Michele Noonan - 4th place Big Brother 11

She was the nerdy girl nobody expected to do well, and yet she made it to the final four by winning competitions, staying under the radar and making the right deals with the right players.

Shes right up there with Danielle Reyes that could had won her season! I liked the fire in her as competitor and was able to make moves in the game. Liked her a lot.

I fell like this is Michelle Meyer from s18! I love her!

48 Ragan Fox - 5th Place - Season 12

Very good player, only one actually to fight back with Rachel

49 Austin Matelson - 5th Place - Big Brother 17 Austin Matelson - 5th Place - Big Brother 17

Yes, he was not a fan favorite by any means and for good reason if one watched the LiveFeeds and episodes. Yet I can't knock he had a good social game and didn't get nominated til week 11 (that's saying something). He did a good job keeping the huge targets twin sisters, Liz and Julia, as his shield and protected them at all cost in the game. He was able to rope and build trust with one of side the house to keep himself safe til Meg and James were ultimately evicted. Had potential to win the season then he was ultimately blindsided by one of the best gameplayers of the season Vanessa (whom he aligned with in Day 2) in a 2-1 tiebreaker vote that sent him to jury barefooted. - BlackDiamonds

Best guy in the games felt sorry for him rock on Austin

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50 Jozea Flores - Big Brother 18 - 15th Place

Absolutely not

51 Kaysar Ridha - 10th Place - All Stars Kaysar Ridha - 10th Place - All Stars

How on earth is he on this list

Most strategic his powerful gameplay was his downfall

52 Judd Daugherty - 5th Place - Season 15 Judd Daugherty - 5th Place - Season 15 V 2 Comments
53 Hayden Voss - Season 16

Without a doubt the hottest contestant in big brother. Nicole and Hayden are the perfect couple and season 16 went so downhill when he was evicted.

In my opinion Hayden was the best big brother player in history. His physical, strategic, and social game were all flawless.

If he had voted to evict jocasta instead of zach, he could have gone a lot further in the game

Vosser is a beauty

54 Jessica Hughbanks - Season 8
55 Howard Overby - Season 15
56 Dustin Erikstrup - 9th Place - Season 8 Dustin Erikstrup - 9th Place - Season 8

The photo beside was probably the best face I've ever seen in when someone was evicted

I'll feel so good to see dick evicted! Put me up next to him so it's a slap in the face! Gets evicted himself...

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57 April Dowling - 8th Place - Season 10
58 Sarah Hrejsa - 11th Place - Season 6
59 Natalie Cunial - 5th Place - Season 9

Love her or hate her, Big Brother 9's resident Jesus loving skank led one of the series most successful alliances before being cut by the same people she protected.

This bubbly, numerlogist was a great competitor! Once Matt left house she put her big girl pants on played to win. Loved her.

60 Sheila Kennedy - 3rd Place - Season 9

She caused the most pivotal move of the game bu bringing a highly successful alliance later to be run by Natalie, and then organized Natalie's eviction five weeks later, and managed to get to the top three with two of her closest allies. Unfortunately, the winner of the final HOH was neither her, or her partner Adam, and she was evicted in third place, just shy of the final jury vote.

Split the house in half by getting Ryan to put up James instead of Matt, putting her on the stronger side. - koenbertens

Very good social game and knew how to get herself out of sticky sessions that made her a target (eg - Allison being her lesbian lover). She was also entertaining to watch and took no bs. - BlackDiamonds

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