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61 Diane Henry - 3rd Place - Season 5 Diane Henry - 3rd Place - Season 5 Diane Nicole Henry is an American model most known for coming in third on Big Brother 5, a reality TV show broadcast by CBS in 2004.

She kept a balance between her alliance with Drew, and her group alliance with Nakomis, Will, Karen, and Adria. If someone in her group alliance won HOH, she was safe, and if someone in Drew's alliance won, she could talk him into getting his allies to save her. She could also talk him into getting out some of his own allies. She made a fatal mistake by sticking with Drew and Michael and getting rid of Karen and Nakomis, because she was out in third, and Drew and Michael got rid of the coattails they've been riding.

Diane would have gone down as one of the all time greatest big brother players if she hadn't spoken in her sleep that one night in the final three week with Drew by her side. Unfortunately as well, she was in a bad place in her personal life at the time of the All-stars season.

By far the best player of BB5. The only reason I see her being so far in the ranking is her poor performance in the all-star

Switching to drew and Michael got her place in the final 2 bit she was evicted in 3rd place because she told drew that I can never beat you in final 2

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62 Porsche Briggs - 2nd Place - Season 13

Only strategized when she needed to, won the crucial competitions, and played a good social game where she was never seen as the head of her alliance. Unlike Rachel, who only played based on winning competitions, she played all three strategies(competitive, strategic, social) and even Evel Dick admitted she played great. Unfortunately, others were too busy kissing veterans butt and helped Rachel take the win.

Same as the previous comment. Jeff said she slept the first 50 days. Why wouldn't she if she had the golden key? You saw what happened to Dani when she made a move while she was safe. And people are wrong when they say she was a floater. Think about it. She was with Rachel at the start, and flipped sides ONCE after Rachel screwed her. Once her allies were gone, she kept herself safe with the veto and made a deal with Rachel. If Rachel wasn't a veteran, Porsche would've won.

The queen of the "under the radar" strategy avoided being evicted and won the most crucial competitions when it truly mattered.

Had a lot of strategy and made a deal with Rachel for the final 2 and made it there with 50,000$. But hardly won anything sadly.

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63 Nicole Nilson Schaffrich - Runner Up - Season 2

Very under rated player. She positioned herself perfectly around top 6, and everyone felt as though they could trust her. Not to mention she was expected to be the first person evicted and was able to get herself out of that through pure manipulation.

She's forgotten now because of Dr. Will, but you have to give her credit for getting to the final two. She was the most hated house guest the first week and was nearly voted out, but paired up with the right person (Hardy) and made it to the final. Also without her Will never would've won.

64 Lisa Donahue - Winner - Season 3

While I agree Danielle was a much more deserving winner and Lisa only won due to a bitter jury, I also think she is an extremely underrated player. She was very observant and was the first to figure things out on multiple occasions. She knew what was best for her game and she did it.

How did she make the list at all, dumb luck? Please take her off the list

Doesn't deserve to be on the list

65 Kalia Booker - 5th Place - Season 13

She was by far the only new player who played in Season 13. She sent home one of the biggest threats in the game and until day 55 was the only newbie to have won HOH and she did it twice. She played harder than the 3 of the 4 people who were left in the game when she made her unfortunate departure. If there is an All-Stars 2, she earned her spot.

Awesome example of someone dominating from a minority alliance. Without the weird producer's twist which caused her to evict an alliance member during her HOH and spared both of her targets during veto, she probably wins this season.

Kalia might had screwed up her first hoh, but she made up for it when she when she put Rachel and Jeff on double eviction and sent fan favorite Big Jeff straight to jury house. She was without question Daniele's student but learned the game well from her as she placed 5th overall.

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66 Kathy Hillis - 7th Place - Season 12

Was able to pull the "Floater" card and even though I felt like she was the one who deserved it the most due to her life and what she had been through, she was also able to pull the floater card which anyone can however she did it so good that she was almost not even noticed in the house by fans. Sadly due to her being a floater she was the scapegoat to an eviction by Matt. :(

67 Libra Thompson - 8th Place - Season 10

She makes yays of yams!

68 Renny Martyn - 5th Place - Season 10

Loved her she was so funny

69 Erika Landin - 2nd Place - Season 7 Erika Landin - 2nd Place - Season 7

Dr Will himself admitted that he underestimated her, and it cost him his game

Strategic goddess in BB4 and super underrated.

Flew under the radar pretty well. Don't understand why people hate Erika. She deserved to win over Mike Boogie in S7. One of the most underrated players in BB history.

70 Adam Poch - 3rd Place - Season 13 Adam Poch - 3rd Place - Season 13

He made it not by winning but by making deals being with newbies and veterans.

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71 Helen Kim - Season 15

She has the control over the right amount of people and is playing an impressive game where she is being nice and friendly to everyone, then taking in Aaryn and GinaMarie after all the chaos so she can still hold the numbers once a couple of people go.

She gave public speeches that almost hypnotized people to do whatever she said.

Ran the whole house at the beginning of the game, however her game got ruined by Andy. - Tito1711

No she bugged me bad

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72 Amanda Zuckerman - Big Brother 15 Amanda Zuckerman - Big Brother 15

Amanda's tactics are harsh and she is very aggressive and crude, but she successfully ran BB15. BB15 was Amanda's season, not just for her drama but because of the ease in which she had everyone doing what she wanted. She is the reason why almost everyone was evicted from the game. The way she managed the houseguests was so incredible that it became too predictable for the fans, and they turned on her. (That, and the way she ultimately became an opposing force to Elissa) You have to remember that this is the same girl who was a huge target on week 2 (by the moving company) and she went from the bottom to controlling the next 7-8 weeks. Bravo!

Love her or hate her but she is just controlling the house like only few others did before (Danielle Reyes, Chilltown and Dan). She deserves to be there

It's a shame that fans mix emotion with gameplay, because she played an All-Star worthy game, even if she only won one competition the whole season. At the very last, she should switch places with Cody on the list.

She should definitely be higher on this list. She had her part in every eviction, kept her social game super strong, and basically had everyone on her side. If it wasn't for Andy flipping on her, she would've won.

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73 McCrae Olson - Big Brother 15 McCrae Olson - Big Brother 15

McCrae got good strategy and says what's needed when needed, and calms Amanda down

The issue with him was that he was on season 15

Hands down the best stratagist in his season and certainly top 3 for the game. Baring his relationship with Amanda he wins his season

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74 Chima - Expelled - Season 13

I liked Chima! Was she loud and a diva, sure. But she was smart too! I felt she could had win this season if it wasn't for production Jeff favoritism that gave him a secret power to advance him in the game and ruined her chance getting a big target out the house in Russell.

I believe had not been for secret power that was given to Jeff, Chima probably would had been top 4. She was a tough cookie who didn't take no mess. I found her entertaining even though she throw her mic in the pool that cost her the game.

Yes, she will always be remembered for throwing her mic in the pool and being disrespectful to production, but her gameplay wasn't horrible. Production definitely made sure their precious Jeff was able to ruin Chima's hoh to get out Russell. Had not been for the twist she could had been top 5. - BlackDiamonds

Why is she this high on this list...

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75 Michelle Costa - 7th Place - Season 10
76 Adam Jasinski - Winner - Season 9 Adam Jasinski - Winner - Season 9 Adam Jasinski is the winner of the U.S. series Big Brother 9. Jasinski is a public relations manager from Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

What he's most known for is for starting a drug ring with 2 other contestants from his season

While he had problems after Adam played a good game he formed alliance and they got there enemy's out week after week and brought Ryan and Shiela too the final three knowing no matter who won he was in the final two

77 Brendon Villegas - 9th Place - Season 13 Brendon Villegas - 9th Place - Season 13
78 Spencer Clawson - Season 15 Spencer Clawson - Season 15

At the very least, move him up higher than Victoria. Spencer was a floater/pawn because he had no other options (if he won power, he definitely would've gone after Amanda), whereas Victoria was just there for the ride.

He's been in 2 alliances, moving company (nick, Jeremy, Howard, spencer, and Mcrae) and the exterminators (spencer, Andy, ginamare and Judd) and they took out Arryn, Amanda, Elissa, and Mcrae in that order with only Judd getting out of the alliance. If Andy wins the final hoh, he's taking spencer with him for sure because spencer convinced him that people from the jury will vote for ginamare.

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79 Aaryn Gries Aaryn Gries

It's true that she said some offensive things, but let's not act like almost everyone in the cast didn't say at least one offensive comment, let alone Aaryn being the worst of them all. Also, she deserves to be ranked higher because she actually improved her position in the house from the most hated houseguest to being considered as part of the majority, and she was a competition beast.

Even Though She Was Hated She Would Have Won In The Final 2 simply because everyone hated her and she still made it!

If Aaryn would have made final 2 she would have had many personal votes against her. Wouldn't see her winning at all

Umm... How is that thing good?

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80 GinaMarie - 2nd Place - Season 15

She's great she slid through when needed and made big moves at perfect moments she let her best friend go and got rid of 2 good players and also made a dominate alliance

Funny, out-going, and not afraid to make BIG moves

Even though GM was probably a racist, her breaking the tie and sending Amanda to jury was probably one of the best game moves since Allison Grodner became the executive producer of the show.

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