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81 Elissa Slater - 6th Place - Season 15 Elissa Slater - 6th Place - Season 15

Just want to mention I found it funny how she was consistently the most popular houseguest because she was related to someone who was once in an alliance with jeff

Even though she got MVP the first three weeks. She quickly made friends! Like Helen and Candice. Even though she's not so good at compitions, she played the game very well! She was very smart when she voted for Amanda to stay! It would have payed off if Mcray knew! And plus if Kathy is up here why is elissa! Over all elissa played a very good game!

Deserved America's Favorite. She was the house primary target because of her kinship with BB winner Rachel Reilly. She was never allowed to make game moves because bully Amanda and "It's too soon" Helen. However she was probably one of the few people in the BB15 house who absolutely hated the racism that flowed through the house. She was able to win 2 POVs and HOH (that sent her biggest rival/bigot Aaryn Gries off to jury house).

82 Zach Rance - Season 16 Zach Rance - Season 16

Zach is obviously one of the best players ever to play Big Brother, even though his life in the house was short lived. He talked people out of evicting him earlier in the game (just like Dan), and openly hated everyone without much consequence (exactly like Dr. Will). Zach was a great player, and definitely could've gone much farther in the game had he not really blown up towards the end. ZachAttack is way to much of a character for Big Brother to just "let go". I'm pretty sure we all know it's save to say, we'll be seeing much more of Zach.

I think Zach played one of the best games and by trekking the truth it kept him longer because he can't lie without getting caught and he can't keep a secret witch made people wanna keep him in longer I think it was getting so close to Frankie is what screwed his game up.

By far my favorite houseguest ever! Nicole, Zach, and Donny were the smartest and most entertaining people in a house full of big dummies and babies who refused to make big moves. Wish one of the three had won, but hopefully they come back for another Allstar season!

Enjoyed watching his DR's!

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83 Frankie Grande - Season 16 Frankie Grande - Season 16 Frank James Michael Grande Marchione (born January 24, 1983), usually credited as Frankie Grande or Frankie J. Grande, is an American dancer, musical theatre actor and singer, producer, TV host and YouTube personality. He is the older half-brother of singer and actress Ariana Grande.

Frankie has one of the worst games in the house because he got close to people and then screws them over lied to them and he told to many untrustworthy people what he did so now he's always the big back door possibly.

I loved Frankie! He was Ariana Grande's sister so he had a target, but yes he played a pretty bad game. I still thought he was glamorous and I loved his ninja stealth boy thing like that was hilarious. But when Cody started crying because he found out all the stuff Frankie had done before he had come into the house like that was priceless.

I'm not a big Frankie fan myself, but he definitely played a better game than most of his haters give him credit for. He was the only contestant in BB16 that was strong physically, mentally, and socially. To put it another way, he was the only person in the house that was playing to win other than Derrick. Yes, he's an unlikeable person, but how good or bad of a person you are doesn't dictate how far you progress in the game.

Frankie was a comp beast.

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84 Devin Shepherd - Big Brother 16 Devin Shepherd - Big Brother 16

Although his veto move cost him his game, he stirred up the house. He divided it where it needed to be. He was such a fierce competitor. If it wasn't for Donny, he would still be in the game. He could of easily defeated Caleb. If he didn't fall for Brittany's tactics, he would be in there. His pluses now: he was aggressive and everyone feared him. Everyone except Derrick and Cody. Beast mode Cowboy Caleb feared him. His head was in the game, he was just too out there. Watch his time in the Big Brother house and think about it.

Anyone who couldn't even make jury should not be on this list

He was terrible and made half of his game decisions without consulting with the members of his alliance

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85 Roddy Mancuso - 6th Place - Season 3

For Danielle - biggest rival. He was many times nominee and always survive.

86 Victoria Rafaeli - Big Brother 16 Victoria Rafaeli - Big Brother 16

Didn't play the game, however because she was so weak it helped her to remain as the last female standing. - Tito1711

She is so bad at every aspect of the game that everyone wants to take her to the finals. An assured 50k

She had the best floater game of ANYONE on Big Brother. She was really weak in challenges, and people kept her around because she was not a threat at all. - Turkeyasylum

... (those 3 dots were her game)

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87 Jameka Cameron - Season 8

Let her religion get the best of her in playing the game well. - Tito1711

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88 Brittany Martinez - 13th Place - Season 16

She was evicted way too early but it was only because the guys knew they couldn't manipulate her and they realized she was a force to be reckoned with if she stayed in the game

Yeah so the fact that she was seen as a threat that early made her a bad player

89 Jody Rollins - 16th Place - Season 14

She was the only one in the house that was a newbie who I could tolerate and of course she out in 6 hours if I was her I would because at them out

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90 Victor Arroyo - Big Brother 18 Victor Arroyo - Big Brother 18

Victor was AWESOME, maybe he will be back in another season or another All stars, he totally deserves it, and on top of that, he is totally HOT

Competition Beast. Great social game. To bad he does not think for himself and play the game.

My favorite player, got in 3 times

He's a competition beast, but unfortunately it looks like he's getting evicted this week. I wish he backdoored Nicole when he had been HOH instead of evicting Michelle.

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