Will Kirby - Winner - Season 2

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The true and original puppet master in Big Brother history. There have been those who attempted to emulate this style, though none have been as successful as Will Kirby.

Dr. Will is obviously the best Big Brother player. During his season there was no such thing as veto. When he was on the block he stayed there and still managed to escape eviction. Nicole and Hardy hated him at moments and he STILL was not evicted from the house. People will say that he did not win competitions but I can remember him saying in season 2 that he did not want to win. A person that can win competitions is great but someone who just has to talk to make their way to the end is simply magic to watch. He is the reason that Boogie won All-Star season (Personally, I don't think Boogie is a great player, sue me. ) I love Dan (2nd best) but Dan would not have gotten as far in either of his seasons without winning competitions.

Although he is put down for not being able to win competitions, this is part of his strategy. Not only does losing competitions make him appear weak, it allows him to rely more on skill with manipulation than luck with competitions.

Unknown to many, he has actually won $750, 000 on Big Brother, after swearing to split the money with Mike Boogie in Season 7, regardless of who the jury chose as victor. This (along with several thousand won in competitions during BB7) makes him the highest-grossing player of all time.

And what other player could convince an entire House to fast for 24 hours?

The key difference between Will and Dan's second game was that Dan only made it to the top two because he befriended some new players, whereas Will played against only other Big Brother Veterans, and still made the final four. The fact he was evicted doesn't damage his credibility at all (as Boogie went on to win), it's the fact he found a way to get there at all, as the only winner to ever get a second chance up to that point, that is truly impressive.

Dan's not bad, but his second season was too easy. Will had to use every fiber of his power to get through his. Also had he made the final two, he would've won again. Dan just plain didn't. Big Brother contestants aren't stupid, they vote for better players.

Dr will would have no doubt been the shows only two time winner if not for one little thing. During the final five double eviction when George and Erika were on the block, will planned to send home Erika. Erika was dangerous to keep this late in the game because she was more of a comp threat than chicken George and she had the info to blow up chill towns game, which is exactly what she did the next week. Will tried to win a comp for the first and only time in his bb career, and all he had to do to win was pull the veto symbol out of the rope he had already untangled as he was far ahead everyone else. However, for some reason the veto was caught and he broke his thumb trying to free it, allowing Erika time to win veto. After saving herself, the next week she convinced janelle to vote out will. Would George have done that? Hell no it would have been chilltown and janelle final 3 and boogie would have taken will to final two where he would have murdered the vote 7-0 no doubt

Dr. WIll is the clear cut best player in big brother history in my opinion. Dr. WIll created the strategy that Dan would emulate. One of the few things that Dan can really say he is better than Dr. WIll at is making close personal relationships with people in the house. But Dr. Will makes up for not being able to do that by being the cool kid in the house and everyone liking him. I also believed that Dr. WIll played against better players than Dan did. Season 2 has a very underrated cast and had some very strong players in it and in all stars will played against well all stars laugh out loud. Dan on the other hand played against one of the weakest cast of players in BB history during season 10. He did play against a pretty strong cast during 14 but they were mostly newbies compared to returning all stars that will played against. Most people who claim Dan is the best use the argument that Dan did better his second time by finishing second and really deserved to win. Well I can make ...more

The only two people really deserving of this crown are Will and Dan. You have separate arguments you can make for each of them. Dan made it to 2 finals and won comps when he needed to which in turn got him to 2 finals. Will on the other hand finished 1st and 4th giving an advantage to Dan. Another point to Dan for applying 2 different strategies to the game and making them both work. However, Will Kirby did not just dominate the game in Season 2 but, he made everyone else hate him as he did it. A perfect example is he started a 24 hour fast which everyone joined him in. In this fast people cheated which led to people turning on each other and he took the target off his back. Ingenious! Then he took what was supposed to be the smartest and most physically well put together cast of all time and made them look like amateurs in BB7. Had Mike Boogie put 2 and 2 together Will wins that season too. Why? If Mike puts up Will and Janelle on the block in the F4, Janelle wins point of view and ...more

The reason Will is a better player than Dan is because Will was the original puppetmaster. Dan simply modified Will's strategy from "everyone hates me so you need to keep me" to "I'm weak so you need to keep me". Without Will, there is no Dan. And sure, Dan should've won season 14 and become the two time winner, however, the only reason that Dan was able to do that (and this is something the Dan supporters forget) was because he was playing a season with a couple veterans, but mostly new players. Will's second season was against all stars and every one was a giant threat. Will survived a long time for entering the house as the only winner against all veterans. Dan didn't go in as the only winner.

Dr. Will wins this hands down. There has never been anyone as good. There is just simply no comparison. On top of playing the game like no other he never forgot either season that they were there to entertain us and entertain he did. He made live feeds so funny and has such a quick wit without ever jeopardizing his game. Not only is he the best player to ever play Big Brother but one of if not THE best person to ever play any of these type games such as Survivor.

Remember everyone, Dr. Will never won a competition and that led him to win season 2 and to come in 4th place in The All-Stars season. Dan would have never won season 10 as well as never place 2nd in season 14 without competition wins. This proves Dr. Will is a much better manipulator than Dan.

The only reason Will wasn't good at challenges was because he through them all. For those of you who think that he sucked at challenges, he even stated many times that he threw them, and didn't want to win anything. His strategy was twisting everybody's mind about how to play the game. Just watch the whole all stars season, he demonstrates everything perfectly in that season.

To all those people who say dan is the best player ever id like to remind you that in season 14 dan got a 4 week pass to do whatever he wanted. He got to make alliances and form bonds and never had the chance to go up. Dr. Will never had a week off he went in there and played from day 1 and had to play the whole way through. And the people who say Will isn't good because he didn't win comps, that's because he didn't try to win any comps period.

Was the Richard Hatch of Big Brother considered by Dan and Evil Dick to be the greatest big brother player of all time. Was a mastermind as well as entertaining. Original puppet master and often imitated never duplicated. Difference between him and Dan is that he back-stabbed and lied and never apologized for doing it. Came into Big Brother 2 told everyone he would lie and still people made deals with him.

If you disagree, or doubt for a second that he is number one, go reevaluate your big brother life. He created this crazy strategy of throwing competitions and manipulating players that can never be beat. He is the true puppet master and his alliance 'Chilltown' is the only alliance to ever win both seasons they played.

Best player ever purposely lost competitions and manipulated house guests to win the game

Greatest player of all time. Competitions are only 60 minutes of a 7 day week. The rest of the time its all about gameplay. There has never been a player who has single handedly been able to control a full season much less 2. His won the game being an underdog, and controlled the game being on top. He never won competitions because it made brilliant strategic sense. He is incredible and the Evil Doctor is a joy to watch.

Dr will is hands down the best big brother player ever. There wouldn't of been a season 3-15 if he wasn't on the show to make everyone love it and if there was no one would like it. He invented the bb ruthless strategy that amazing players like Dan Gheesling used to win. He controlled both his games and deserves the title best bb player ever

The evil (but lovable and hilarious) doctor single-handedly controlled nearly every eviction in his two seasons. He threw competitions to get rid of his target and ran the show behind the scenes. This master manipulator easily got into the heads of his housemates and got them to do his dirty work.

Will is the best player ever and it amazes me how everybody in season 7 (all stars) except for Boogie, didn't realize this. Will was the only person in season 7 to have already won once. And he made it to THE FINAL 4! SERIOUSLY? After season 2 where he was nicknamed the puppet master? It amazes me how stupid everybody else was.

The Greatest of all time PERIOD. Great alliance, greatest individual player of all time. He was the obvious greatest threat in allstars yet somehow got himself to the final four and his partner in crime to the title... Greatest... The Wayne gretzky/Michael Jordan/muhammad ali of big brother

Best ever. There isn't even an argument for Dan. Dan had terrible jury management. He made it to the end but had everyone so mad at him that there was nothing he could say to convince them to vote his way. Will was able to stab everyone in the back and still get the jury on his side. Put Will in front of any big brother jury and he will win the game.

Dr. Will is by far the greatest Big Brother winner of all time. he purposely lost competitions and he and Mike boogie manipulated the rest of the players like pawns on a chessboard. no one will ever be able to match his ability to manipulate people

If you watch bb7 you will see Dr Will and Boogie name were brought up on every eviction and they both made to final four. And Dan's funeral on bb14 was him trying to be like and his on version of Will "I hate all of you" speech

Everyone who ever played against Dr. Will (except Boogie) was a complete idiot. At first he was outcasted and only had one alliance partner, to then have the best alliance to ever be in Big Brother. Then he um WON season two and went on to season seven years later. He was given the name "the puppet master" and he made it to the final four in season seven! Everyone talked game about "Oh we're gonna get rid of him." But did it ever happen!? Well yea actually when Erika convinced Janelle to kick him out, but it took them a while! Also he was in the first alliance where both people won there own season! HE IS AMAZING!

Will invented the game in season 2 making him the Puppet-Master. Then how he when in to the Season 6 All-Stars being the only previous winner of BB making him a HUGE target and still puppet-mastering everyone! Janelle didn't even know what was happening until final 4. Also how Boogie played Erika classic! Even though he didn't win any challenges he was able the play Janelle who won everything like nothing. Making him the ultimate player of all time. - JaeDi