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1 Big Brother 7

Season 7 was the All-Star season! It was absolutely one of the best in terms of game play. It featured some of the greatest to ever set floor in the house.

Featured some of the Big Brother greats like Danielle, Chilltown, and Janelle.

2 Big Brother 10

Best player of all-time, best season of all-time.

Dan dominated this season.

3 Big Brother 2

Amazing cast, amazing final 2, and of course, and amazing winner!

Two words... Will Kirby

The season of the overrated Will Kirby.

4 Big Brother 6

The season featured two of the most iconic alliances in Big Brother history, The Friendship and the Sovereign Six. The two groups hated each other from week one all the way until The Friendship's Maggie Ausburn was declared the winner.

Who doesn't like to see a season-long struggle between two bitterly opposed sides?

Honestly, this is the most iconic season of Big Brother ever! Having the Nerd Herd (The Friendship) and the Sovereign Six fighting back and forth throughout a power struggle week after week! The epic fights between Janelle V. Beau: "polyester hair b*tch," and Howie V. April: Howie threatening to her dog Pepperoni. Janelle winning HOH after Jennifer evicts Kaysar and yelling to Jennifer "gimme the key b*tch! Gimme the key! " James the original Veto King who was eventually/finally backdoored after winning 5 vetoes. And who could ever forget: "What up, Kaysssaaar! " Maggie did deserve her win but I would have loved for Janelle to win BB6.

5 Big Brother 8

Simply the best season.

Even with the odds stacked against them, the Denatos (father and daughter) win the whole show. They literally kicked everyone out and took the whole cash prize.

Evil Dick is the best big brother player of all time

Evil Dick the Best!

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6 Big Brother 14

Every archetype in this season lived up to their expectations and were awesome. Also, there was a lot of great gameplay, especially with Dan, Britney, and Ian, and also one of the two best big brother moves in history with Dan's Funeral (Nakomis' Six Finger Plan is the other). This season should be the set example for seasons to come.

This season featured the best moment in Big Brother history: Dan's Funeral

I loved this one so much adorable ian they need to have another all stars

Dan should have won!

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7 Big Brother 11

The drama was off the charts and it was the most entertaining in my opinion.

Honestly the cutest television romance I have ever seen, and its real life

Honestly the most insufferably overrated couple in BB history. BB11 sucked.

Drama, alliances, showmance, chimas expulsion, and an underdog winner up against a villain. perfect. - davidthenurse

8 Big Brother 3

This season was the reason the jury house was invented. Danielle Reyes would have won if the evicted houseguests (jury) were not allowed to watch the DR's. The overly bitter jury handed Lisa Donahue the win instead, which is why they call Danielle "The Greatest Player Who Never Won"

9 Big Brother 12

Such a good season and every house guest where so funny

The queen of the diary room: Britney Haynes

I like this season the most

Yeah definitely because it had a great house, saboutour, pandoras box, diamond point of view, and brenchel, the brigade, and Brittanys funny dr sessions

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10 Big Brother 5

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11 Big Brother 4
12 Big Brother 13

Rachel is the greatest of all time and made this the best season ever.

13 Big Brother 17

I've watched every season since season 6 and the newest one is my favorite.

Only because of Liz...
Like Austin(who I can't stand) I too literally fell in love with this chick the first time I saw her.

It wasn’t the best season but it did bring great strong players such as Shelli, Johnny Mac, and of course Vanessa. I believe this season ended with a very weak winner in my opinion however.

14 Big Brother 18

Awesome season They brang Nicole and James Back!

15 Big Brother 16

Season 16 was amazing Derrick killed all of them

Derrick is a legend Hitman and bomb squad. Started watching season 19 but it's so boring and stupid. Decided to go back and watch some old bb seasons and this one is one to watch!

Derrick played amazing. The season of the hitmen

There were WAY too many floaters, pawns, and just plain unlikeable hosue guests. - Turkeyasylum

16 Big Brother 19

My favorite was paul josh shouldn't have won

It's a pretty good cast

17 Big Brother Over The Top
18 Celebrity Big Brother

So excited for this season!

19 Big Brother 9

Obviously not the best but super underrated. Easily better than 15-19. Probably doesn't help that the winner is terrible and that it followed 6,7,8 and preceded 10 which is the highest point of the whole series.

20 Big Brother 1

The classic BB season consisting of the first ever players in the season! Who wouldn't like this regardless of the quality? Without this season, the franchise wouldn't even exist.

21 Big Brother 15

BB 15 is honestly the most underrated season of all the CBS reality shows. I feel as if this season gave the audience what we have been asking for in this show, female strategists and Amanda and Helen, you have two early blindsides with David and Nick,two of the best double eviction episodes I have ever seen with the Judd blindside and Andy making probably the ballsiest move I have ever seen in the game and manipulating both McRae and Elissa to believe that he didn't betray Amanda was phenomenal. If you don't even think about the controversy in the season in which I must add the fans displayed as ugly of behavior for calling for these people to be fired from their jobs kinda classless, but anyway if you get through with the racism Big Brofher 15 is a good season of Big Brother with Andy being a really Great winner as that guy really showed us how to use social skills to win Big Brother.

How is this last place? Yes, there was racism. But the point of Big Brother is to be a social experiment and see how people from different walks of life interact with each other. I was disgusted with some of the comments spewed but guess what? People are racist or otherwise horrible. Anyway, racism aside, the gameplay was the best since BB11. Heck, I'd argue this is the best season since BB11.

This isn't even on the list

I liked this season, my favorites were Aaryn and gm

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